Best 2-Cycle Oil

best 2 cycle oil

Husqvarna Low Smoke 2-Cycle Oil

The Husqvarna Low Smoke 2-Cycle Oil is the best 2-cycle oil because it leads to a very noticeable reduction in exhaust smoke. It also includes a fuel stabilizer and it produces no odor when burning, making it a perfect 2-cycle oil for tools like chainsaws.


Two-cycle oil is a kind of motor oil, which is specially used in crankcase compression two-stroke engines. Two–cycle oil also can be called ”two-stroke oil”, ”2T oil” or “petrol.”. Oil products of this kind can be used in vehicles, gardening equipment, chainsaws, and any other devices using two-stroke engines.

Generally, two-cycle oil is a mixture of oil and gasoline. It’s normal if you find excess smoke or special odor after using two-stroke oil, as the oil burns together with the fuel. Based on the demand for different engines, manufacturers use different oil-base stocks such as petroleum, castor oil, semi-synthetic or synthetic oil, and mix them at a fuel-to-oil ratio ranging from 16:1 to as low as 100:1. It goes without saying that using the right oil will help you get better performance of your device.

However, it’s not easy to find the best 2-cycle oil. For garden equipment and chainsaws, your oil should contain synthetic oil to prevent oiling problems such as high emissions and oily deposits on spark plugs. OEM engines with pre-injection systems (also known as “auto-lube”) can have a wide operating range from a 32:1 to 100:1 ratio, but the oils must meet or exceed the following typical specifications: TC-W3TM, NMMA, [API] TC, JASO FC, ISO-L-EGC.

Although “Racing” oil and castor-based oil are more lubricous, you shouldn’t use them for racing because they quickly smoke, leading to very frequent degradation of your devices.

Finally, you should be aware to use 2T-specific oil in your two-stroke engine. Regular lubricating oil has a much higher ash content and may turn into gum if mixed with gasoline and not immediately consumed. Furthermore, some less standard two-stroke oil is compatible with “auto-lube”, but is stickier so it may not pass through the system smoothly.

Best 2-Cycle Oil

Husqvarna Low Smoke 2-Cycle Oil

best 2 cycle oil

The Husqvarna Low Smoke 2-Cycle Oil is the best 2 cycle oil because it’s a premium low-smoke oil. It delivers exceptional performance above and beyond the average performance of its peers and has a noticeable reduction in exhaust smoke.

The first point we want to get across is that this 2 cycle oil exceeds not only the current APITC Spec requirements but also the latest oil specifications for JASO-FD and ISO-EGD. What this tells us is that the Husqvarna Low Smoke is extremely reliable and trustworthy. It is not just made by some mom-and-pop manufacturer with low-quality ingredients.

Additionally, the Husqvarna Low Smoke includes a fuel stabilizer, which helps reduce engine failures. It also improves lending with a wide variety of fuels and in particular high octane fuels. Furthermore, you get reduced fuel oxidations and improved lubricity. We think it’s hard to find another two-cycle oil with all of these characteristics.

Another good thing is that the Husqvarna oil is very easy to use. You can use it in your chainsaw, snow blower, or any other device driven by a two-stroke engine. For each gallon of gasoline, you need exactly one bottle of this oil, and then you get a typical mixture of 50:1 translating to the best performance. You don’t need to frequently tear down your devices to do the cleaning because this product hardly cokes in your devices.

  • Low smoke product
  • No peculiar smell
  • High performance
  • Easy to use


Lucas Oil 10115 2-Cycle Oil

best two-stroke oil

The Lucas Oil 10115 2-Cycle Oil may be the best two-stroke oil because it’s very cost-effective. As a manufacturer of oil products, Lucas Oil is very experienced, and most of its products have a great balance between high performance and cost.

The Lucas Oil 10115 comes with a huge, standard one-gallon bottle, so you definitely need a measuring tool to get a mixture of the recommended proportion. Also, you don’t need to worry about the storage, because the bottle is solid, and the oil has quite a long shelf life.

It’s very commendable that the Lucas Oil 10115 has good performance. It mixes well with gasoline at all temperatures and can be used in air and liquid-cooled engines. This product meets the standard of low smoke oils, and it has lower ash content than other oil products. In other words, it’s a very clean product. This semi-synthetic oil is perfect for small engines for devices like chainsaws because it leaves fewer oily deposits on spark plugs after burning.

Finally, the Lucas Oil 10115 is recommended to mix with gasoline at a ratio of 1:50. Of course you can add more Lucas Oil 10115 as it does no harm to your engine. Also, you should know that you may not get enough lubricant if you use a mixture that has a ratio lower than 1:50.

  • Cost-effective
  • Low smoke
  • Wide temperature range
  • 1:50 recommended


Red Line RED40605 2-Stroke Racing Oil

best 2-cycle oil

If you are a racer and you are looking for the best 2-cycle racing oil on the market, the Red Line RED40605 is our only recommendation. This oil maintains its lubricity even when being mixed with gasoline at the ratio of 1:100 since it contains ester base oils. Furthermore, it has very stable performance at high temperatures, preventing deposits on parts like combustion chambers, exhaust ports, upper ring, and piston crown.

The Red Line oil is very popular in racing because it provides more power over longer runs. Generally, after using the RED40605, the power of your engine will get increased by 3-5 percent or more, based on the amount you used. Even in snowmobile racing, this oil performs as well as it has a wide operating temperature range.

Unlike racing oils of other brands, the RED40605 is suitable for daily use, because it is specially designed to have lower carbon residue. It’s compatible with reformulated fuels and works well in premix or injection systems. Such a clean, high-performance product is definitely the best choice for any two-stroke engine user, though it has a higher price.

  • Two-strike racing oil
  • More power gains
  • Super high performance
  • Clean product


Star Brite Premium 2-Cycle Engine Oil TC-W3

best synthetic 2 cycle oil

Star Brite Premium 2-Cycle Engine Oil TC-W3 may be the best synthetic 2-cycle oil because it provides maximum performance at an affordable price. The Star Brite oil may not be very popular, but most of its customers left great reviews after using it.

We really like the Star Brite 2-cycle oil because it is very reliable. It maintains very high performance even in extreme conditions. For example, you can use this oil in your boat if it uses a two-stroke engine. Another reason why we recommend it as one of the best 2-cycle oils is its outstanding performance in coker tests.

In addition, the Star Brite oil is easy to use. The manufacturer printed a form on the back side of the bottle, which lists the fuel amount you need to get a typical mixture of three different ratios.

  • Synthetic 2-cycle oil
  • Suitable for boats
  • Affordable price
  • Easy to use


WoodlandPRO Synthetic 2-Cycle Engine Oil

best 2 cycle oil for chainsaw

WoodlandPRO Synthetic 2-Cycle Engine Oil is a good product with a focus on high performance in the lumbering process. It can be the best 2-cycle oil for chainsaws and trimmers.

The WoodlandPRO manufactures a great series of lumbering products. This synthetic 2-cycle oil is specially designed for chainsaws. Each bottle of this product contains oil of the right amount for 5 gallons of gasoline.

Furthermore, this oil makes an outstanding lubricant. Woodcutters love this product because it’s a low-smoke oil. You should not mix it with other brand-name products, and it produces no stinky odor after burning.

All in all, the WoodlandPRO Synthetic 2-Cycle is a very reliable product and can be used in other 2-stroke engines. The price is quite reasonable, and we think this product is absolutely worth a try.

  • Specially designed for chainsaws
  • Synthetic 2-cycle oil
  • Easy to use
  • Low smoke and no stinky odor



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