Best Double Bass Pedal

best double bass pedal for the money

Mapex P500TW Single Chain Double Bass Pedal

The Mapex P500TW is the best double bass pedal for the money because it is the perfect medium between quality, performance, and price. It is cheap enough to fit most people’s budget but not too cheap as to steeply sacrifice quality.


At some point in every serious drummer’s career, he or she will throw around the idea of adding another bass drum or a double bass pedal to the drum kit. It is especially important to have a double bass drum or a double bass pedal for genres like metal, as you can’t possibly hit some of those beats with a single pedal.

While you can achieve similar sounds with both a double pedal and a two bass drum set up, there are definitely pros and cons to each. The main pro of a double bass pedal setup is that you don’t
have to carry around two bass drums. This is especially great if you are a gigging drummer. Also, double bass pedals are easier to get a more consistent sound because you are using the same bass drum head. With two bass drums, you’d have to perfectly tune both the same. Finally, you only need one mic for a live setup or recording.

The argument for a two bass drum setup is that since each drum is separate, the bounce of the head on one drum will not affect the sound for the other. Also, two bass drums will generate a bigger sound than one. Finally, you can setup a pan for each bass drum separately when recording.

For all intents and purposes, if you are practical, you would opt for a double bass pedal setup. This includes two footplates and beaters. Each footplate is responsible for triggering one beater, allowing you to creating complex beats by alternating steps with your foot.

Finding the best double bass pedal is definitely a challenge. Once you decide that you need a double pedal, you should pick a weight. This impacts the amount of resistance you feel when you press down on the pedal. You should also pick a speed for your double pedal. The presence of springs and cams will definitely have an impact on playing speed. Keep in mind that some people like a lightweight fast pedal while others prefer heavier slower pedals.

Best Double Bass Pedal

Mapex P500TW Single Chain Double Bass Pedal

best double bass pedal for the money

While the Mapex P500TW Single Chain certainly isn’t the best double bass pedal if you want to judge solely based on quality and performance. However, if you take into account price and value, it is a clear winner, beating out double bass pedals that are 10 times the price. You should know that you can spend a ton of money on double bass pedals, but the return in quality and performance isn’t always perfectly correlated. In other words, we are saying that the Mapex is the best double bass pedal for the money.

We recommend the Mapex P500TW for all beginners to the double bass pedal setup and the experienced drummer who is on a budget. It can also works as a nice backup pedal if you already has a really expensive one.

The most important part of the Mapex P500TW is that it is reliable and durable for the price. You can definitely find cheaper, but you sacrifice a lot in quality. You can also find a lot more expensive double bass pedals with better quality, but you pay exponential more for a slight upgrade. In other words, the Mapex P500TW strikes that perfect sweet spot on price and performance.

In terms of features, the Mapex P500TW comes with the gold standards such as a single chain drive, reversible beater, and adjustable spurs. We like its single chain drive mechanism better than its competition, as it just seemed more sturdy and durable. Additionally, you can make little adjustments to these quickly and easily. The reversible beater is always nice too if you want a softer sound.

– Excellent value
– Good for beginners and pros on a budget
– Single chain drive
– Reversible beaters


DW 3002 Double Bass Pedal

best double bass pedal for metal

The DW 3000 series is your entry level product into the professional world of drumming. DW is a well known brand name in the drumming community and they are known to make some top end drum pedals. Those of you who are avid drummers probably know about the DW 5000 and 9000 series. The DW 3002 is their sort of entry level product when it comes to professional equipment.

In terms of features, the DW 3000 series has no shortage of selling points. It has a dual chain turbo drive with a bearing spring rocker assembly. This means you get a nice response and recovery. Additionally, the DW 3002 is built durable so you can jam out all night. It has a steel base plate and heavy duty all metal construction.

Furthermore, we like the single post casting, which provides a closer position to the hi hat than a normal double kick pedal. And don’t worry about the unit sliding around – the adjustable spikes are nice and sturdy and prevent any slips. All in all, if you want entry level pro gear, the DW 3000 series is the best double bass pedal for metal or all kinds of different genres. It is also very competitively priced.

– Entry level professional grade pedal
– Name brand
– Nice response and recovery
– Competitively priced


Pearl P3002D Eliminator Demon Drive

best double bass pedal

It goes without saying that Pearl makes some of the best drum equipment in the world. The Pearl P3002D Eliminator Demon Drive is a double bass pedal done right and built for the long haul. You will swap drumsticks and drum heads frequently, but if you are going to spend top dollar on some drum pedals, you better make sure they last. The Pearl Eliminator bass pedal series is not cheap, but you definitely get your fair share of quality and performance.

What separates the Pearl P3002D from the rest of the pack is its ultra tight responsiveness and its ease of control. This is because it offers a direct drive known as Z-Link technology. Unlike traditional and belt driven pedals, Z- link gives the Demon Drive zero lag when there is slack in the system. In other words, when you step on the foot pedal, there is zero hesitation or delay. There are no false movements and inconsistencies in response.

Additionally, the Pearl Eliminator Demon Drive has Ninja bearings in the axle, which helps everything roll smoothly. These bearings helps the entire unit cut down on friction and even ensure everything is aligning correctly. This is especially important when your foot is off axis. Finally, this pedal has something for everybody as the direct link is adjustable and lets you change the angle of your attack.

– Legendary brand name
– Built to last
– Tight responsiveness
– Zero lag


Costzon Double Bass Pedal

best budget double bass pedal

If you are looking for the best budget double bass pedal, the Costzon Double Bass Pedal is certainly a good option. This is a ultra cheap double bass pedal that is presentable. We say presentable because it certainly doesn’t make the cut as a professional grade double bass pedal. However, it is a sturdy double bass pedal that works and is easy to use.

The entire unit doesn’t come preassembled, but don’t worry, because it is very easy to assemble. In terms of features, it is a single chain drive pedal. It is made of painted iron and weighs about 8.5 pounds. Additionally, there is a nice triple spring tension and 3 position stroke adjustment that can fine tune the smoothness of the pedal and the timing of the rebound.

The main thing that makes the Costzon Double Bass Pedal cheap is that it saves cost on material costs. It is clearly made of cheaper materials than a Pearl. Also, compared to a Pearl Demon Drive or even a DW 3002, the Costzon is no where close to being as responsive and smooth. However, the Costzon is definitely functional and is great if you need a double kick pedal to learn on.

– Very economical
– Single chain drive
– 8.5 pounds
– 3 position strike adjustment


Yamaha DFP-9500D Double Pedal

best double bass pedal for metal

Yamaha is definitely a name brand that we trust for getting quality drumming accessories. The Yamaha DFP-9500D is certainly a nice mid tier drum pedal. It is not crazy expensive like some Pearls or DWs, yet it has the solid trademark Yamada construction and craftsmanship. The stand out feature of this double bass pedal is definitely the direct drive, which is just ultra responsive and really fun to play around with. It is really suited for metal applications and we think it is the best double bass pedal for metal heads, hard rock, jazz, fusion, and punk.

The best way to describe the direct drive is that it feels like you are playing on air. These pedals are frictionless, super smooth, and show little signs of latency issues. As a cherry on top, there is a 5 year warranty. Our only complaint is that you need to do a bit of fine tuning with the slave pedal to match the responsiveness of the master price. But once you have this down, you are gold.

– Great brand reputation
– Direct drive
– Smooth responsive pedal
– 5 year warranty



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