Best DMX Controller

The best DMX controller is a must-have for those interested in the art of light shows.

With this controller, you’ll be able to adjust all aspects of your lights and make them as dynamic as possible. If you’re trying to achieve a professional-looking light show then you should consider investing in a DMX controller.

This will allow you to create an even more dynamic look than just using presets.

We have reviewed a large number of controllers so you can make an informed decision when it comes to purchasing one. The below breaks down the best DMX lighting controller reviews into two categories, for simple applications and some for professionals and DJs.

#1. CHAUVET DJ Obey 3 Compact DMX Controller

The Chauvet DJ Obey 3 is the best DMX for LED lights because it strikes the right balance between performance, functions, reliability, durability, and value.

It is the one controller to rule them all if you are on a budget and still want something nice sound and lighting around.

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What is a DMX controller?

First, let’s describe what DMX means. It is an acronym for Digital Multiplex.

In simple terms, it is a global standard used in the digital communication world. It provides the ground for the different communication protocols used to remotely control intelligent lighting fixtures.

In other words, a DMX Controller is a system that can control sounds and lights.

DMX controllers are often used for theatrical productions and large-scale events, as well as in smaller settings like nightclubs.

This device can be accessed by software or hardware, and it has many settings and configurations that allow for different options for the user to manipulate.

The user interface of the DMX controller is up to the designer but it usually consists of buttons, sliders, and LCD displays.

What is the best DMX lighting controller?

Below are the five top brand DMX controller you can find on the market.

CHAUVET DJ Obey 3 Compact DMX Controller

#1. CHAUVET DJ Obey 3 Compact DMX Controller

We think the Chauvet DJ Obey 3 is the best DMX controller for LED lights because it is compact and loaded with useful and efficient features.

The three channels come in red, green, and blue only. Additionally, we like the fact that there are variable fade times for all playback modes as well as variable strobing whenever you want at 2 Hertz to 33 Hertz.

Perhaps the most standout feature is the ability to increase flexibility with 3 playback modes and to be able to access fade effects with the adjustable blackout button.

Finally, change or fade between colors with 9 different preset colors. Also, you can easily create the strobe effects with an adjustable strobe function.

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CO-Z 192 DMX Controller

#2. CO-Z 192 DMX Controller

The CO-Z 192 best DMX lights Controller is pretty great for those looking to control the lighting in any entertainment setup. This device lets you control max 12 lights with 16 channels each.

There is a built-in mic and the unit allows you to run the lights in sound active mode. Additionally, it comes in a durable metal housing and LED display monitor.

We really like how there is a slew of functions and effects to spice up your party like light selection, channel selection, speed selection, function selection, scene switching, and page selection.

Finally, the entire controller is very efficient and has low energy consumption. Also, it provides stable performance and won’t crap out on your mid-set.

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#3. ADJ Products 19″ DMX Controller

The ADJ DMX Operator 384 is the best DMX controller for lighting effects for those who want a premium device. It is a 19-inch rack-mount DMX hardware controller that doubles as a midi trigger.

With this DMX controller, you can control up to 12 lighting fixtures and 32 DMX channels each for a total of 384 channels. Also, you have 30 programmable scene banks 240 total programmable scenes.

This controller is just loaded with features. You have an assignable joystick giving you better programming control, 8 control faders w/ 4 channel banks, and even a fog machine trigger. You can also add a keyboard.

All in all, if you have the funds, you should definitely splurge on this DMX controller. It is a bit pricy but it definitely comes loaded with features.

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#4. MARYGEL DMX Controller, 192 CH DMX Console for Dj Home Party Ktv Pubs

The MARYGEL DMX Controller, 192 CH DMX Controller Console for DJ Home Parties does a great job of controlling many different lighting effects simultaneously with little effort. You can use it to control up to 240 scenes.

The unit is cross-compatible with all DMX-led stage light cans and is midi compatible. It is also a good balance between features, cost, and ease of use.

With this affordable DMX controller, you can easily customize the lighting effects for any venue or party you are hosting. It is also suitable for clubs, pubs, restaurants, weddings, etc.

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The EMB Professional DMX Controller is a great little DMX controller for those who are starting out using DMX controllers. There are plenty of buttons and sliders with straightforward and easy to program controls.

This is a great 16 channel DMX controller and works very well as expected. Additionally, it has a very solid and durable build and has never glitched on us in our tests.

This intelligent lighting controller can control 12 fixtures x 16 channels and up to 240 programmable scenes. Also, there are six chase banks that can contain up to 240 steps containing saved scenes.

Everything on this controller is made for easy use. There are 16 universal channel sliders, scanner & scene buttons, and an LED display indicator to go through controls and menu functions.

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Final word

A DMX controller is a hardware device that allows you to read and write data that is used in lighting. It’s used to create the show by sending information to the lights.

The two main types of controllers are stand-alone controllers and software-based controllers. Stand-alone controllers are often cheaper, but only provide a limited number of channels. Software-based controllers are more expensive but provide what the industry calls “unlimited channels”.

For me, the top DMX controller brand is the Chauvet DJ that utilizes a compact and lightweight design for easy transport.

The knob on the face of the controller makes it possible to change speed effortlessly while the LED display provides visual feedback on what is happening with audio.

In addition, this affordable controller also has a built-in sound card that can be plugged into any audio system to get instant feedback on how each effect is being used.

I think the Marygel is also great with all of the different configurations you can have. Don’t get me wrong, I like the Chauvet for its price tag and easiness to use. However, when you get really used to all of the buttons and gadgets on your controller, then you’ll want a controller that provides you these.


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