Best Tower Fan

best tower fan

1. Honeywell Fresh Breeze Tower Fan

The Honeywell Fresh Breeze is the best tower fan for those who want a respectable tower fan that is quiet, energy-efficient, powerful, and full of features. It has an air filter, temperature control, remote control, 3-speed settings, a breeze mode, and an oscillating setting. And all of this comes at a very reasonable price.


Why do you need the best Best Tower Fan?

If you are looking for a sleek and stylish fan with great airflow, you may be interested in the best tower fan. Tower fans are a type of portable fan that is much taller than it is wide. They usually stand at least a foot or two tall and definitely not so wide.

Because of they stand like tall buildings or towers, they are referred to by most people as tower fans. And for those of you who are not aware, fans do not cool air itself but instead increase the speed of air in an area, which cools you via the process of the evaporative cooling of sweat. Most tower fans are cross-flow fans, also known as tangential or tubular fans.

Without getting too technical, a motor turns an impeller in a circular motion and the main airflow moves transversely across the impeller with forward curved blades and out of the housing. Tower fans are known to be quiet and cover a large area as they have blades that can oscillate 90 degrees from side to side. They deliver air in a concentrated area due to the small space it actually pushes air out of. The best tower fan will have special features like ionization, which basically cleans the air out before passing it over to you. This is suitable for a posh office or commercial setting.

Tower fans also help minimize dust and debris as they tend to trap dust molecules inside the fan instead of blowing it out to you. And because they are a lot cheaper to run than air conditioning, tower fans present a great choice for those looking to cut costs. We have put together a buying guide below to help you better understand the pros and cons of the various tower fans available on the market today.

Best Tower Fan Reviews

  1. Honeywell Fresh Breeze Tower Fan (Top Pick)
  2. Lasko 4000 Air Stik Ultra-Slim Oscillating Fan
  3. Dyson Air Multiplier AM07 Tower Fan
  4. Ozeri 3x Tower Fan
  5. Arctic-Pro Digital Screen Oscillating Tower Fan

1. Honeywell Fresh Breeze Tower Fan HY-048BP

best tower fanIf you want the best tower fan that is a bit more than a basic model, the Honeywell Fresh Breeze Tower Fan is one of the better choices. This 3-speed oscillating tower fan comes with a slew of features like a 1-12 hour timer to auto shut off and a programmable thermostat.

Perhaps the most useful accessory is the remote control with a built-in flashlight. This remote gives you full control over all of the functions of the Honeywell Tower Fan HY-048BP which becomes really convenient if you are already sitting on your couch or bed.

We like the fact that there is an air filter that is washable, so you don’t have to breathe in air filled with dust and pollen particles. The buttons on the unit are quite sturdy and lit up with LED so you see them at night. Basically, the Honeywell HY-048BP is the upgraded version of the Lasko 4000. It delivers very nice air flow with its powerful Turbo Wind blades that pushes more area per square meter than other fans.

You have everything from breeze mode for a gentle win to full blast, which is great for instantly cooling you down. The fan is quiet in low and medium speed settings, but we admit it does get a bit loud on high settings. We found that the temperature setting was a bit useless but nevertheless, still a decent feature to have. It goes between 74 and 81 degrees, but we have no idea how this correlates to the actual temperature of the air you feel.


2. Lasko 4000 Air Stik Ultra-Slim Oscillating Fan

best tower fanThe Lasko 4000 is the best tower fan if you want an economical fan that is quiet and powerful. This is a 2-speed fan that stands 14 inches tall and looks quite modern and sleek.  It comes fully assembled so you don’t have to put together any parts.

The Lasko 4000 is quite simple to operate and only has two buttons: power and oscillation. It is also pretty cool to see these buttons lit up via LED at night. The oscillation degree is about 60 degrees and is quite slow in swinging around.

The power button triggers two speed settings: one low and one high. But don’t let the slow setting fool you as even the slow speed moves enough air to keep you cool. In terms of noise, we think it is pretty quiet compared to the rest of the competition. And contrary to some of the people we have talked to, we actually love the size. It is not too big and definitely not too small.

It is the perfect-sized tower fan that delivers tremendous airflow and allows you to transport the unit easily. In terms of durability, ok we admit that it doesn’t feel like the most expensive unit out there. The Lasko 4000 also doesn’t feel cheap either. But for the price, we think this fan offers tremendous value.


3. Dyson Air Multiplier AM07 Tower Fan

best tower fanFor those for want the best tower fan and are willing to pay top dollar, the Dyson Air Multiplier is the right model for you. For starters, the Dyson Air Multiplier is a bladeless fan, so it eliminates the dangers associated with blades as well as gets rid of the issues of having to clean the blades and the risk of getting dirt and pollen on yourself.

Furthermore, the Dyson Tower Fan eliminates the issue of having blades that chop up the air. Instead, it draws in and pushes air at high velocity toward you through an annular aperture. As a result, it is much more energy efficient than bladed fans, and nearly 60% more quiet.

A cool thing you can do with this fan is you can mount it anywhere in your room. It has a remote, 10 airflow settings, and oscillating. It is also very easy to store for the winter as it is extremely lightweight and you can simply put the ring around your arms to transport it around. And lastly, it is modern and minimalist, so it looks really nice in any room or office. It looks professional and expensive and fits right along with your Apple products. Although it is much more expensive than the average tower fan, we think the energy cost savings will more than makeup for the difference.


4. Ozeri 3x Tower Fan with Passive Noise Reduction Technology

best tower fan

The Ozeri 3x Tower Fan is definitely an impressive device. It has three independently controlled fans, each offering three different fan speeds. This means you get 9 levels of cooling and various ways to customize the airflow that you want. The Ozeri Tower Fan is a rare breed and really one of a kind in the tower fan industry. We have yet to come across a tower fan with the same kind of technology. Most tower fans come as one single unit.

When reviewing the Ozeri Tower Fan, we have to at least mention the noise reduction technology. This tower fan is engineered in a way so that the blades themselves generate opposing sound waves. These sound waves are in phase and out of phase and end up canceling each other out. What you end up with is a very soothing sound and virtually no harsh or loud fan sounds. This is pretty amazing for such a simple tower fan.

Another amazing feature of the Ozeri Tower Fan is the fact that it is very thin. The fans themselves are three inches thick, which makes them very nice in overall appearance. It also helps you save space in your room and allows you to set it up in tight spaces. Adding to the aesthetics is a nice glass base. The case that encloses the entire unit is also nicely designed and could even pass for a work of art. At the very least they can be mistaken for high-end speakers.

Finally, in terms of programmable features, there is plenty to keep you busy. You have a touch LED control panel as well as a remote to control all of the settings you want. There are three reprogrammable airflow patterns as well as a timer to auto shut off. This fan needs to be plugged into a standard 120V AC outlet to run. The cord provided is long enough to find an outlet in most situations.  In terms of warranty, you get a one-year warranty that is solid and honored. All in all, we really love the Ozeri Tower Fan. There is virtually no sound and the airflow patterns are quite good with three different fans with controllable airspeeds.


5. Arctic-Pro Digital Screen Oscillating Tower Fan

best tower fan

The Arctic-Pro Digital Tower Fan is a nice-looking fan with a good slew of features. First and foremost, it looks way more stylish than your standard tower fan. There is a cool LCD display at the front of the fan. Also, the entire unit is made in a sleek way and looks professional. The dimensions of the Arctic-Pro are quite pleasing to the eyes and follow golden ratio proportions.

Now that we got this out of the way, let’s focus on features. This tower fan oscillates 80 degrees, which is more than enough to circulate air in the room. This oscillation is completely silent, which is important. There is no clicking or whirring. The Arctic-Pro also has three speeds that create nice airflow at whatever speed you want. The low setting tends to be a bit too low for our tastes, but the mid and high settings are just perfect. It is also quite quiet, so it won’t feel like the fan is having a stroke in the highest setting. There is a remote control that you can use from afar. Also, there is a night mode where the LCD screen will be turned off at night.

Please note that the Arctic-Pro does not come pre-assembled and you will have to put it together yourself. But don’t worry, it only takes a few minutes. Overall, we really like the Arctic-Pro Tower Fan and do not hesitate to recommend it to you. It has a nice and stylish design and a powerful motor that is also silent. What more can you ask for in the best tower fan?


Best Tower Fan – A Buying Guide

best tower fanTower fans not only help you keep cool during the summer and save energy, they can also help you sleep at night. Some tower fans act like white noise machines and provide a soothing sound to help you sleep better.

When looking for the best tower fan for your needs, you need to consider a lot of different factors and features. There are some stats that you must compare and contrast with the other brands and models out there to help you hone in on the right tower fan for your home or office. Please see below for a detailed list of things to consider as well as explanations for each feature.

Air Circulation/Cooling Power

The most important feature is probably the amount of air the tower fan can push in a given unit of time. Each brand has its own way of measuring this and it is usually in cubic feet or cubic meters per minute or simply expressed in airspeed at a certain distance ( mph or kph). Obviously, higher airspeed or air circulation means the tower fan will be bigger, more powerful, louder, and probably more expensive.

However, it will keep you cooler at greater distances away from the device and will cool a larger room. The distribution of air circulation is also an important number to look at. Some tower fans will cool in a larger area at any given time and some will only blast air in one concentrated area at any given time. The area of cooling at any given time is important if you want many people who want to enjoy the tower fan at the same time. In general, tower fans have pretty low cooling distribution, meaning they can only blow an area in a small strip of concentrated area at a time.

Energy Consumption

While this is not an extremely important factor, it should nevertheless be neglected. Different tower fans have different levels of power consumption, with the general rule of thumb that bigger units require more power. However, this is not necessarily true as some tower fans are very efficient at conserving energy. In the grand scheme of things, the amount of power consumption variance between tower fans is negligible compared to running any kind of air conditioning unit.

Noise Level

The noise level is a big concern for some people and just a minor nuisance for others. You need to figure out how much noise you are willing to tolerate in a fan. Luckily, tower fans are usually built pretty noise free. However, with higher fan speeds and bigger units, you may get louder fans.

Cord Length

This matters when you want some portability and be able to move your fan around to different rooms in your home or office. Also, if you are limited to wall outlets, it may be convenient to buy a tower fan with a respectable cord length of at least a few feet. Otherwise, you have to use an extension cord, which could get annoying.

Remote Control

Having a remote control will make your life much easier. Usually, the best tower fan will come with a remote control that will allow you to conveniently control the fan speed and power it on and off. Do yourself a favor and go for the remote control. It will make your life much easier.

Oscillating Degree

Certain fans can oscillate. Others don’t and you have to move the fan angle manually. The degree of oscillation is also an important feature to consider as it determines how big of an area the tower fan can cover.

Fan Speed Settings

It is nice to be able to have many different fan speeds and the more choices you have the better. You should also pay attention to the lowest and highest speed setting as they determine the bounds at which the air will flow.

Additional Features

Some tower fans have add-on features like built-in mp3 players or a radio. The best tower fan will have an air ionization feature that cleans out the air before pushing it to you. Some tower fans can even run on battery power and sit on your work desk.


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