Best Bagged Mulch

Nothing says “home” quite like a garden. A well-tended garden is a beautiful thing, but it takes time and energy to maintain.

Mulch helps create a healthy environment for plants by raising the soil temperature, preventing weed growth, and protecting against frost damage.

There are many different types of mulch that are appropriate for different purposes. So how do you know which mulch is best?

Here, are some popular bagged mulches that can help you decide:

best bagged mulch

#1. Great North Forest Cedar Mulch Bagged Mulch

We really like the Great North Forest Cedar Mulch and think that it is the best-bagged mulch out there if you are looking for convenience, reliability, and affordability.

This bagged mulch comes from a reputable brand and it does everything that a traditional mulch is supposed to do like weed control and water retention.

It also just looks really nice in your garden and holds its color really well.

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Is bagged mulch any good?

A mulch is a protective covering for the soil that is used to reduce water evaporation, suppress weed growth, and regulate soil temperature.

Mulches are usually applied as a layer either on top of the ground or in front of plants. A bagged mulch is good because it stores the mulch inside a protective cover.

So when you have used the mulch you needed, you can still close your bag to keep the remaining for another job. Note that if you do not close the bag, then the mulch will deteriorate with time.

Best Bagged Mulch

best bagged mulch

#1. Great North Forest Cedar Mulch Bagged Mulch

For those who are interested in the best bagged mulch, we think there’s nothing better than the Great North Forest Cedar Mulch. This mulch is one of the better generic all-purpose brands on the market. We really like that this brand has been on the market for a really long time and is incredibly reliable. It is made from 100% natural quality cedar chips that don’t have any fillers.

It pretty much does everything that a traditional mulch would do like prevent weeds from growing in the soil and making sure the soil gets enough hydration, moisture and retains water.

Additionally, we like it because it is one of the better decorative items for your garden and the color maintains quite attractive for longer than many of its competitors.

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#2. Blommers Cocoa Shell Bagged Mulch

Next up, we highly recommend that you try out the Blommers Cocoa Shell Bagged Mulch, which is another industry classic that easily helps maintain your garden while having a nice brown color. The first thing that we should note here is that this stuff is made of the outside shell of cocoa beans and is 100% organic. It also retains water quite well and never makes your soil soggy.

One of the best things that it does is that it keeps those nasty pests out of your soil and garden as well as unwanted weeds, mold, and extra stuff that grows around your roots.

Overall, it is a pretty fair deal for this bagged mulch and you can easily have it at an affordable price. And this brand has been around for a while so we can definitely vouch for its quality.

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#3. Scotts Organic Bark Bagged Mulch

Scotts Organic Bark Bagged Mulch is a brand that we all know and something that you can easily rely on to perform well. So for bagged mulch, you really can’t go wrong with Scotts.

What we think makes Scotts stand out is that it does a superior job of retaining and maintaining proper soil moisture. It gives you that Goldilocks scenario where it is not too much or too little.

We can’t really say the same with other brands, which tend to make your soil a little too soggy at times. It also really helps insulate soil to aid root growth, which is crucial for yields.

This is definitely one of the better brands out there and is packaged and process without extra fillers. For bagged mulch, we think Scotts works for pretty much anything.

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#4. Oldcastle Lawn & Garden Cypress Bagged Mulch

The Oldcastle Lawn and Garden Cypress Bagged Mulch is a standard bagged mulch that is made of cypress pieces. We recommend it because it is effective as a mulch for pretty much any garden.

One of the standout features of this mulch is that it tends to stay in place and doesn’t just fly around everywhere in a storm. We wish we could say the same with other brands.

So this cypress mulch is considered no float and definitely helps retain moisture as well as keeping weeds out of your soil and garden. The company says the secret is in the way they tear the wood.

While we think the secret is simply just in the amazing quality and freshness, we would like to think the way the wood is processed actually makes a difference.

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#5. Ohio Mulch Cypress Bagged Mulch

Lastly, we have the Ohio Mulch Cypress Bagged Mulch, which like the Oldcastle Lawn & Garden mentioned above is a premium mulch cypress blend that works out for many people.

For bagged mulch, this is pretty nice and although it is a little more pricey pound for pound than other brands, we think that it certainly gets the job done better.

Believe it or not, quality does make a significant difference and this mulch simply retains moisture and prevents weeds better than most others on the market.

It also does a good job of protecting your roots and helping them expand and grow out better by regulating soil temperature through the winter and summer months.

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Conclusions on bagged mulch

Mulch is a thick layer of material, usually organic like compost, leaves, or wood chips, that is spread on the garden to conserve water, control weeds, and feed the soil. It can be purchased in bags or loose.

The type you buy will depend on your preference and what you have available.

Loose mulch needs to be applied with a spreader or dumped from a truck onto your garden.

If you have a lot of leaves and debris from last year’s cleanup, this method may be the easiest way for you to apply mulch.

Loose mulch is also good if you need to cover an area quickly and don’t have access to a vehicle with a large enough bed.

Bagged mulch is typically best to be used for small areas around a small tree or plant. These are really good when you have a couple of plants.

You just need to spread the mulch around your plants and when done, you just close your bagged mulch. It’ll definitely be preserved for a long period of time.

Note that the above different mulch have been selected carefully for your perusal. Just choose the one that satisfies your needs based on the information we provided you with.


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