Best 21 Inch Mulching Blade

best 21 in mulching blade

Maxpower 21 inch Universal Mulching Blade

The Maxpower Universal Blade is the best 21 inch mulching blade if you are looking for something sharp and durable with an universal fit. It has a larger cutting surface than most blades and gives you a nice uniform cut.

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Mower blades can often be a confusing term as there are many types and many popular terms for them. You often hear terms like 3 in 1 or high lift when trying to describe a lawn mower blade. We are here to clear up some terms and then help you find the best 21 inch mulching blade on the market for your needs.

Any way to put it, there are generally two major types of mowing blades. You have standard mowing blades, which are often referred to as 2 in 1 or high lift blades. These blades are designed to cut grass and perform simple lawn tasks. Then you have mulching blades, which are often called 3 in 1 or all purpose blades, as they are designed for mulching, discharging and bagging. These mulching blades have a more curved style and frequently include extra cutting surfaces along the blade edges.

There are definitely pros and cons to both 2 in 1 blades and mulching blades. Because mulching blades recirculating airflow better, they are less efficient at discharging grass clippings than standard mowing blades. So with mulching blades, you may experience some less than desirable cutting or discharging performance.

With mulching blades, you can install a mulch kit or baffle on the mowing deck, and circulate clippings beneath the deck and recut them into finer pieces. These finer pieces will tend to decompose quicker and release nutrients into the soil faster.

Best 21 Inch Mulching Blade

Maxpower 21 inch Universal Mulching Blade

best 21 in mulching blade
If you are looking for the best 21 inch mulching blade with an universal fit, Maxpower Precision Parts provides the perfect solution. This 21 inch mulching blade is designed to fit most brands and is made quite durable and tough. Also, we think that the blade actually performs better than most factory blades for both mulching and bagging. And other users can agree on this position.

However, please keep in mind that the quality of your final cut comes down to a lot of factors like your mower deck style, grass type, and the moisture content of the grass. But with the greater cutting surface of the Maxpower Gold Metal Mulching Blade, you have much better mulching. Also, the centrifugal air lift design is great for uniform chopping and a nice and even distribution of grass.

In terms of durability, the gold plating works well to preserve the blade for long term usage. We find that it lasts longer than most of its competition and won’t break if you accidentally hit a rock. Overall, this is a well made blade that performs well. Also, it fits most of the mowers we tried it on and we can’t really say the same for other brands.

– Great durability
– Performs better than most
– Universal fit
– Uniform chopping

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Arnold 21 inch Universal Mulching Blade

best 21 in mulching blade
The Arnold 3 in 1 is the best 21 inch mulching blade if you are looking for reliability and performance. This 3 in 1 mulching blade will provide an accurate fit with most lawn mowers on the market. It also has very reliable parts and accessories, as it is designed with professional precision. The blade wears down much slower than its competition and cuts through grass like silk. We really like the fact that it has a greater cutting surface than most blades and is quite uniform in cutting.

This blade comes pre-sharpened, so you don’t to worry about sharpening it or anything like that. It does a great job mulching and cutting grass into small bits. All in all, this is a solid 3 in 1 mulching blade with a great universal fit. It comes with sizing washers and cover washers and one 21 inch blade.

– Great universal fit
– Pre-sharpened
– Cuts through grass easily
– Wears down much slower

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Oregon Blade 3N1 Gator Universal

best 21 in mulching blade
The Oregon Gator 3N1 Gator Universal is the best 21 inch mulching blade if you are looking for an extra sharp blade that will last longer than other blades. Its standout feature is the patented fusion feature, which is basically embedded tungsten carbide into the cutting edges. This helps extend the shelf of the blades and keeps them sharper for longer.

Additionally, with the patented Gator feature, the Oregon 3 N 1 provides better bagging, mulching, and discharge. Compared to the average mulching blade replacement, the Oregon Gator performances significantly better. It even comes with adapters to fit most 21 inch walk behind mowers. Unfortunately, it does not fit Toro or Snapper. Finally, it is proudly made in the USA.

– Extra sharp blade
– Tungsten Carbide cutting edges
– Made in the USA
– Comes with adapter for universal fit

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MTD 21 Inch Mulching Blade

best 21 in mulching blade
If you are looking for a MTD mulching blade replacement, this MTD blade is the right one for you. It is the MTD original equipment part and features a 90 day warranty for any defects. Also, it works on all MTD and Yardman mowers dated 1995 or newer. You may find that this 21 inch mulching blade is also compatible with other brands like Troybuilt.

We like this 21 inch mulching blade because the metal is very hard and requires less sharpening than the original. It does a better job than the original in maintaining form after many passes on your yard. It cuts nice and evenly and is quite fast. Overall, it is clearly better than the original MTD mulching blade and we highly recommend you switch over if possible.

– Works on all MTD mowers
– 90 day warranty
– Requires less sharpening
– Cuts nice and evenly

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Poulan Pro 21 Inch Mulching Blade

best 21 in mulching blade
The Poulan Pro 21 is a premium 21 inch mulching blade made for Poulan Pro branded walk behind mowers with 21 inch decks. It is also compatible with some sears and craftsman models. Perhaps our favorite feature about this blade is that it is extremely sharp. It comes pre sharpened and we found that it takes a long time for the blade to go dull.

Also, this replacement 21 inch mulching blade is built like a rock. We tried running this blade through some hard objects like rocks and roots, and it stayed functional. Of course, there were some small nicks and damages, but nothing major. If you have a Poulan branded mower, this is the best 21 inch mulching blade for you.

– Fits all Poulan branded mowers
– Extremely sharp
– Durable
– Well priced

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