Best Structural Firefighting Gloves

Protech-8 Fusion Structural Firefighting Glove

The Protech-8 Fusion Gloves are the best structural firefighting gloves because they are premium gloves that are quite affordable. They use quality materials and have a good design, and meet the official standards of NFPA, making them a very reliable option for firefighters.

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Why do you need the Best Structural Firefighting Gloves?

To directly battle a fire, structural firefighting gloves are used. These gloves are different from regular fire-resistant gloves since they use very premium materials and provide full protection from heat, flame, and cuts. Certainly, structural firefighting gloves have the highest performance compared with other gloves on the market. However, the downside is that they usually have higher prices. So as you can see, it’s not easy to find the best structural firefighting gloves as there is much to be considered.

Generally, good structural firefighting gloves should have the following features.

First and foremost, they should be fully fire-proof. People may use traditional leather gloves as they are cheaper and can withstand high temperatures. However, most of them are nonstandard firefighting gloves that will shrink and harden and finally become unusable after long-term heating. If you don’t have enough budget for premium gloves, you must make sure that the gloves meet the official standards of NFPA.

Second, they should be easy to use. Good gloves should have elastic cuffs so that they can reliably stay on your hands. Additionally, they should have rough surfaces and good shapes to help you hold onto tools like an axe or a fire extinguisher. Some manufacturers may use a spandex liner for improved flexibility.

Finally, they should be cut-resistant. The main reason is to prevent unexpected cuts while on the job. Besides that, it also helps firefighters search through trash without getting their hands dirty.

When purchasing structural firefighting gloves, we suggest you focus on famous brand names like Veridian and HySafety. The reason is that experienced manufacturers are more likely to find the right shape and thickness of the gloves, which directly transfer to fire resistance and dexterity. Even when using the same materials, brand-name gloves still have better craftsmanship, allowing them to have a longer service life and better fitting

Best Structural Firefighting Gloves

  1. Protech-8 Fusion Structural Firefighting Glove
  2. Veridian Fire Pro II Gloves
  3. HySafety 7888M
  4. Dragon Fire Alpha X
  5. Dex-Pro Leather Fire Glove (Large)

1. Protech-8 Fusion Structural Firefighting Glove

Best Structural Firefighting GlovesProtech-8 Fusion may be the best structural firefighting gloves as they use full Kevlar as the liner. This provides the gloves with more cut resistance, protecting your hand from dangerous sharp objects in the fire area.

The Protech-8 Fusion meets NFPA 1971 standards and has very good flame resistance. They also have multiple layers to reinforce vulnerable areas. We like the added knuckle guards which other gloves do not have. The fingers use Kevlar and Nomex to build sidewalls so that they get good protection and more dexterity.

One good thing which is worth mentioning is that these gloves do not harden after proper drying. However, it doesn’t mean they won’t get hard, so you still need to be aware not to throw them in the dryer.

Finally, these gloves have a defect that the stitching may not be strong enough to hold the structure after long-term usage. You should be gentle with them when breaking them in.

– Standard gloves
– Protective
– Stay soft after proper drying
– Full Kevlar liner

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2. Veridian Fire Pro II Gloves

If you are not on a budget and can pay top dollar, Veridian Fire Pro II Gloves are the best structure firefighting gloves for you. These are very premium gloves with top-grade materials and have better designs and details compared with competitive products.

While many gloves on the market copy the design of the Verdian Gloves, just know that this is the original. First and foremost, the shell of each glove is made of flame and heat-resistant cowhide suede leather. The cowhide suede leather has a smooth surface so that sparks won’t stick on the gloves, but still maintains enough friction for holding. Furthermore, it’s softer so firefighters can get more dexterity out of the gloves.

Next, the wristlet is made of Nomex which is lightweight, elastic, and high-temp resistant. The wristlet is 4’’ long, providing great protection and fitting. It also has a leather pull patch which makes the glove very easy to put on.

Finally, the liner is made of fire-resistant Modacrylic. It has much higher heat resistance than traditional cotton and also allows the gloves to be thinner so you can get more flexibility.

– Classic design
– Cowhide suede leather
– Nomex wristlet
– Modacrylic liner

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3. HySafety 7888M Gloves

We highly recommend HySafety 7888M as the best structure firefighting gloves on the market. The reason is that these gloves are premium products at an affordable price. They meet NFPA 1971-2013 standards, so they are very reliable for firefighting.

To cut costs and maintain high performance, the manufacturer uses quality heat and flame-resistant cowhide as the shell of the gloves. This adds some durability to the gloves because the leather is tough and stretchable. Unlike regular fire-resistant gloves with cheap leather, these gloves can block the heat better. They also have a rough surface, allowing you to hold your tools tightly.

The HySafety is specifically designed for firefighters and harsh conditions. To get cut a resistant surface, anti-slash protection is stitched across the palm and back of the fingertips. In addition, the knit cuffs are easy to break in and fit nicely to your wrists, providing nice protection from debris.

Moreover, these gloves have a standard shape and add a liner to get a better fitting. We think that you will love the touch and feel of these gloves. Each glove is also waterproof and maintains a breathable moisture barrier that adds to comfort. It’s also good that the bright color of the gloves is very easy to identify in the fire area.

The last thing we highly recommend is their durability. The stitching is tough and the leather is wear-resistant, thus the gloves can keep its shape after long-term use. It also makes the gloves very cost-effective.

– Premium gloves at an affordable price
– Quality leather
– Considerable design
– Durable

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4. Dragon Fire Alpha X Gloves

Best Structural Firefighting GlovesAs NFPA structural firefighting gloves, Dragon Fire Alpha X are the best gloves for firefighters who love something that is easy to maintain. They are pretty easy to use and sort of morph into the shape of your fingers after a while. As a nice little benefit, each pair comes with a versatile reusable bag and a Velcro glove strap.

Additionally, they have a very classic design and use normal structural glove materials. We like that the manufacturer paid a lot of attention to their dexterity when producing these gloves. This results in the Dragon Fire Alpha X having a very nice universal fit and makes picking things up very easy.

Also, it’s easy to insert or remove your hands even when they are wet or sweaty. After proper washing and drying, these gloves will stay soft and don’t lose flexibility. Best of all, they stay nice and soft throughout the shelf life of these gloves.

– NFPA structural firefighting gloves
– Classic design
– Extreme dexterity
– Management friendly

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5. Dex-Pro Leather Fire Glove (Large)

Dex-Pro Leather Fire Glove may be the best structural firefighting gloves because of their durability. They use very tough leather which allows the glove to stand 60+ TPP and have strong stitching.

We have to say the design of Dex-pro imitates other top-rated gloves. However, there are definitely improvements made to the standard design. Each glove has 2 layers of thermal protection, covering every inch of your hand. For this reason, the gloves have been made bigger than regular ones to maintain higher dexterity. However, these gloves may not be as flexible as other top-brand gloves since they are thicker. Despite this defect, these gloves are very good as they provide very good protection and have much longer glove life than their competitors.

– Super durable
– 2 layers of thermal
– Thick gloves with relatively high dexterity
– Long glove life

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