Best Stick Welding Gloves Reviews

US Forge 403

The US Forge 403 are the best stick welding gloves because they are premium gloves at an affordable price. They are safe, flexible, comfortable, and durable, making them perfect for any welder. We highly recommend the US Forge 403 because they perform as well as other top-brand gloves, but have much lower cost.

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Why do you want the Best Stick Welding Gloves?

Stick welding is a traditional welding process that uses a consumable electrode to provide arc stability and protect the weld puddle. Compared with TIG and MIG welding, stick welding has a higher risk with heat, molten metal, and electric arc. It goes without saying that gloves for stick welding should provide full-scale protection.

Standard stick welding gloves should be leather gloves with cotton lining and Kevlar stitching. To protect welders from heat, all of the materials should be heat and flame resistant, and the gloves should be thick. Besides that, they should have long cuffs to protect you from splashing molten metal. In addition, premium gloves have smooth surfaces so that the sparks can quickly roll off rather than stick on and burn holes.

When choosing suitable gloves for stick welding, you can easily see the difference between the leather parts. To produce premium gloves with smooth surfaces, manufacturers use top-grain leathers, which are available in elkskin, cowhide, and pigskin. Elkskin is the softest and best for heat resistance, but it is really expensive. So, the toughest and most durable cowhide is more often used. For people who work in wet and oily environments, pigskin gloves are the best option because they are breathable.

On the other hand, if you want something budget-friendly, you should choose cowhide split leather. There are three grades of split leather with different strengths, ranking from high to low: side, select shoulder, and standard shoulder.

Another point that is worth considering is the lining. The wool lining is the best as it provides the most heat resistance. However, it is thicker and more expensive, so only premium gloves may use it.

Instead, cotton/foam lining is the most popular choice of manufacturers because of its good value. It has a great balance among heat resistance, dexterity, moisture absorption, and cost. Finally, the cotton lining is also widely used, as people prefer its dexterity. On the contrary, we can’t expect its heat protection since it’s really thin.

Best Stick Welding Gloves

  1. US Forge 403
  2. Caiman 1878-5
  3. Lincoln Electric MIG/Stick
  4. Revco 850L
  5. Welder’s Trust Gloves

1. US Forge 403

The US Forge 403 are the best stick welding gloves for those looking for high performance at a reasonable price. When looking for the best stick welding gloves, there is no need to focus on extremely expensive gloves. They are usually overpriced and not worth it. Stick welding has a high operating temperature and produces a lot of sparks, making the process a glove-eater. You will eventually have to replace your gloves anyways, so why burn your money?

The US Forge 403 are perfect gloves for high-temp welding. They are 18 inches long with cuffs that protect you from flying sparks. Also, the US Forge 403 has a balanced thickness so that it can block heat while keeping pliability. They also have outstanding softness, which comes from the top-grain leather and the deluxe lining, translating to a comfortable and easy operation when welding.

In addition, the manufacturer adds reinforcements on the frictional areas to make the gloves more durable. The sparks won’t stick on the gloves since they have smooth surfaces, and if you do not directly touch the hot metal, the leather won’t be shriveled and hardened. In other words, these gloves keep long-term dexterity if properly used.

For starters of stick welding, the US Forge 403 is affordable and convenient. They provide a sensitive feel, making them very suitable for learning how to weld. Some experienced welders may prefer more premium gloves since they can still feel the heat when wearing the US Forge 403, but it’s just a matter of opinion.

We think it’s good that these gloves essentially warn you of the boundaries for safe operation without causing heat damage. After all, we can’t ask for more as they have good protection like other top brand gloves at a relatively low price.

– Long, soft gloves for high-temp welding
– Premium Materials
– Durable and flexible
– Budget-friendly

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2. Caiman 1878-5

If you are looking for very premium welding gloves providing perfect heat protection, the Caiman 1878-5 are the best stick welding gloves for you. These gloves use quality materials and have a considerable design, providing over-standard safety and durability.

Since the Caiman 1878-5 are designed for stick welding, the manufacturer poured a lot of money into making these gloves secure and durable. These gloves are the only gloves on the market that have a length of 21 inches. To provide extreme heat resistance and dexterity, each glove uses genuine American deer split leather at the palm. The rest of the parts such as cuffs, reinforcements, and patches are made of boarhide leather, which is tough but breathable. All these parts are sewn with Kevlar thread, making each glove a very solid piece of protection.

Although these gloves are quite long, they are not hard to break into, and can perfectly fit your hands. All those reinforcements and patches add extra safety to these gloves but also made the gloves heavier and thicker than regular gloves. Since beginners may not feel the heat and directly burn the gloves, they are more suitable for experienced welders.

– Premium material
– Designed for extreme safety
– Long gloves with many reinforcements and patches
– Thick

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3. Lincoln Electric MIG/Stick

If you are an experienced welder, you definitely have good operating habits to prevent your hands from hot molten metal. When looking for the best stick welding gloves, you should pay more attention to durability than heat resistance. We highly recommend the Lincoln Electric Welding Gloves, because they are traditional high-temp welding gloves with great durability and an affordable price.

The leather of the Lincoln Electric Gloves is cowhide, which is solid and pliable. This also explains why these gloves are heat resistant but also cheap. To achieve better comfort, the manufacturer adds a full sock lining, allowing resistance to hand sweat. In addition, the Lincoln Electric gloves have nice craftsmanship. The cuffs are designed to be integrated with the palm so that each glove is a solid piece and has no unnecessary seams. Moreover, these gloves have additional thumb pads in high-wear areas. All these features increase glove life and make the gloves comfortable and safe.

Finally, we remind you that these gloves are not invincible or indestructible. Just like other leather products, they will shrivel and harden if overheated. Although these gloves provide good protection, you shouldn’t let your guard down when you weld.

– Cowhide gloves
– Full sock lining
– Long glove life
– Heat resistant

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4. Revco 850L

Revco 850L is the best stick welding glove if you like comfort. The leather used is grain elkskin which is the softest and most heat-resistant. In addition, this feature allows these gloves to have a smooth surface, which quickly rolls off those hot sparks during the welding process. The lining is also very quality as it used flame-resistant Nomex. Finally, you can see their nice craftsmanship from all the sewing and reinforcements.

However, the cuffs of the Revco 850L are not long compared with other top-brand gloves, nor are they seamless. The gloves are easy to break in and have a good fit However, they may wear and tear after long-term usage. Nevertheless, they are trustworthy welding gloves but require good welding operation practice and maintenance procedures.

– Premium elkskin gloves
– Smooth surface
– Flame-resistant Nomex lining
– Good craftsmanship

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5. Welder’s Trust Gloves

We highly recommend Welder’s Trust Gloves as the best option for welders who have a low budget. These gloves have the right design for high-temp welding and use low-cost but rather reliable materials. This gives you a good balance between high performance and low price.

These gloves are designed for multiple tasks which require operation in high-temp conditions. They are long and heat resistant, so they are suitable for stick welding. But they are thinner than those top brand products, so you may feel hot after welding for a period of time. We can’t ask for more since they are good for the price and hold up the heat quite well. Besides, you can get your money back in 90 days if you find them not suitable for your work.

– Low cost
– Multi-task gloves for high-temp operation
– Typical design and reliable material
– 90 days money back warranty

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