Best Heat Protectant

best heat protectant

1. HSI Professional Thermal Protector

HSI Professional is the best heat protectant for those who want superior heat protection as well as a great-smelling moisturizing conditioner for their hair. It is loaded with argan oil and other nutrients to keep your hair silky, smooth, and shiny.  HSI professional works with all hair types, including permed and dyed hair.


Why do you need the Best Heat Protectant?

best heat protectantIf you find yourself constantly styling your hair and using tools like straighteners, curling irons, and blow dryers, you will need to invest in the best heat protectant in order to prevent your hair from becoming damaged. So why is heat bad for your hair? It turns out that when your hair is exposed to heat higher than about 260 degrees Fahrenheit, your hair will start doing some abnormal things. Your hair’s moisture will go away, the part of your hair that absorbs and reflects light (chromophores) will break down, and your hair shaft will start cracking and breaking down.

Also, the pigments of your hair will start changing colors and the keratin proteins that make your hair elastic and strong will break down. Long story short, this means that your hair will end up looking frizzy with split ends. So then comes heat protectants, which are designed to prevent all of this from happening when your hair is exposed to high temperatures. There have been a few heat-protecting ingredients that have been researched and studied.

The results of these studies prove that ingredients like PVP/DMAPA acrylate copolymer, quaternion 70, and hydrolyzed wheat proteins do indeed work and reduce hair damage by as much as 20%. Out of all of these ingredients, PVP/DMAPA seems to work the best. In general, these ingredients work by forming a thin film on the surface of hairs that slows down the transfer of heat and distributes it more evenly, therefore sparing a burst of concentrated heat on any particular hair particle.

Best Heat Protectant Reviews

  1. HSI PROFESSIONAL Thermal Protector (Top Pick)
  2. Arvazallia Heat Protectant
  3. ArtNaturals Thermal Hair Protector Spray

1. HSI PROFESSIONAL Thermal Protector 

best heat protectantThis is the best heat protectant for those who want a product that will not only heat damage but also hydrate your hair. This heat protectant by HIS Professional uses argan oil to penetrate deep down into the hair shaft. It keeps your hair hydrated and gives it the essential moisture to make it look silky smooth without looking heavy and greasy. It will add a bit of gloss to your hair, but it definitely won’t look too crazy.

The active ingredient is quaternion-91, which is a powerful compound that forms a protective layer around your hair roots and slows down the transfer of heat to your hair. In terms of fragrance, it has a bit of a coconut smell, although it is nothing crazy strong. HIS works with hair of all types, whether it is dyed, permed, regular, straight, or curly. It really does a good job of taking the frizz out of your hair and also makes it smooth and silky.

The Argan Oil and vitamins really do a good job moisturizing your hair and giving it the much-needed nutrients. But just remember, it is the quaternion-91 that actually protects your hair against the heat. It doesn’t mean you can take a hairdryer and blast your hair for hours, as the heat protection is at best 20%. Overall, the HIS Professional Thermal Protector is a great product for those who want some good protection for their hair as well as much-needed moisture.


2. Arvazallia Heat Protectant

best heat protectantIf you want the best heat protectant that acts like a leave-in conditioner, Arvazallia’s product is perfect for you. The active ingredients are Cyclopentasiloxane, dimethicone, trimethyl siloxy phenyl, and simethicone which are all silicone-based compounds that do a great job forming a thin protective layer around your hair roots. This layer distributes heat over a larger area and also slows down the distribution of heat in general. What this leads to is that your hair follicles will simply get less heat per area, which leads to less breakdown of proteins and hair.

Arvazallia is also infused with argan oil, which is a conditioner that also moisturizes your hair and leaves it shiny and silky. Don’t worry, you are not just dumping loads of oil on your hair. This product makes your hair feel smooth and healthy and loads it with essential vitamins. We recommend you use this product on dry hair since wet or damp hair may drain out of your head and carry with it some of the ingredients in this heat protectant.


3. ArtNaturals Thermal Hair Protector Spray

best heat protectantArtNaturals makes the best heat protectant for those looking for a solution to fixed breaks and split ends in their hair. Although it is filled with a bunch of natural organic ingredients, the active ingredient is quaternion-91 and hydrolyzed wheat proteins, compounds that form a protective shield on your hair roots and slow down the transfer of heat. Keep in mind, this is not a foolproof solution, as it only slows down heat transfer and reduces the amount of damage heat does to your hair.

There is no 100% damage-free solution on the market, so you still need to be careful with the ArtNaturals product. And of course, it is loaded with argan oil like all the other heat protectants to give your hair moisture and this lustrous silk smooth shine that everyone loves. We would apply it to dry-washed hair and really rub it into the scalp. Let it sit for 5 minutes or so before attempting to style it. We really like this product because it is loaded with all sorts of nutrients and vitamins, more so than its competitors.


What to Consider when Buying the Best Heat Protectant – A Buying Guide

best heat protectantApplying extreme heat to your hair is the best way to style it without using styling gel. It is also a great and convenient way to dry your hair fast. Unfortunately, many people don’t think much about the consequences of exposing your hair to heat for long periods of time. Fortunately, the best hair protectants will lessen the damage that heat does to your hair.

They won’t make your hair completely immune to heat but they certainly reduce the amount of damage. There are actually quite a few shampoos, conditioners, serums, setting lotions, and blow-out foams that contain some ingredients to help protect your hair from heat. There are a few silicones approved by the FDA that can be safely used on your hair by covering it with a protective coating. We have outlined below some things to consider when shopping for the best heat protectant.

Active ingredient

Heat protectants work with silicone that is activated. Two of the most common silicones are Cyclomethicone and dimethicone. Cyclomethicone is a clear silicone that adds smoothness to your hair and evaporates quickly, releasing oils and nutrients into the root of your hair. Dimethicone makes your hair less tangled and works much like a conditioner. These silicones cover your hair with a thin waterproof layer to protect it against heat. However, if you really want to get into the nitty gritty, the chemicals PVP/DMAPA acrylate copolymer, quaternion 70, and hydrolyzed wheat protein really work well on your hair by reducing damage from heat. They work well in low concentrations and can reduce heat damage by 10-20%. Out of all of these ingredients, PCP/DMAPA acrylates copolymer works the best so be on the lookout for this on the ingredients list.


Many heat protectants also have that will leave your hair fresh and smelling great. Be sure to pick a smell that is not too intrusive and overpowering. There are scent-free heat protectants out there as well, so if you don’t like the idea of having scented heat protectants there is an option for you.


Most heat protectants also have other formulas included, namely moisturizers and conditioners. These ingredients will help leave your hair healthy, smooth, and with a full shine. Some may use various oils to provide essential nutrients to your hair all while leaving it silky and soft.


Many of the best heat protectants also have anti-frizz and detangling agents included. These help improve your hair’s flexibility and make your hair much more manageable. Ideally, you should look for heat protectants that have this included because excess heat damages the roots of your hair follicles and makes them frizzy.


You want a heat protectant that can work on all hair types, whether you have straight hair, curly hair, permed hair, dyed hair, wigs, or extension. If you have permed hair or dyed hair, you want the heat protectant to be adaptive enough to not reverse the effect of these chemical treatments. The worst thing that can happen is that you just paid a lot of money for a perm and then used the wrong heat protectant and your hair became straight again.


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