Best Police Gloves

TurtleSkin Delta

The TurtleSkin Delta are the best police gloves because they provide full-scale protection for law enforcement. They have great resistance to cuts, punctures, needles, and even blood. Furthermore, these durable gloves are comfortable and flexible.

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Why do you need the Best Police Gloves?

Choosing the best police gloves is never easy. For surviving and law enforcement, police gloves should provide good protection. Generally, in order to protect you from knives, police gloves should be cut and puncture resistant. In addition, they should have reinforcement on the backs, palms, and fingers, to prevent damage from hitting or biting. Most standard police gloves have moderate cut resistance and many are built tough and durable. If you want something puncture resistant or even needle-proof, you should check turtle skin gloves.

Additionally, officers may need to drive, ride, shoot, search, and do a variety of other jobs, so it’s also important to maintain flexibility and comfort. For example, if you are a shooter, you should use fingerless gloves which are also called “tactical gloves” for pulling the trigger. Moreover, if you usually drive or ride, your gloves should be breathable and wear resistant.

After considering all of the aspects of a policeman’s job, we think good police gloves should be high-quality leather gloves with cut-resistant linings.

On the one hand, leather is absolutely tougher than cloth and latex, and is much lighter and more flexible than knitted metal. We recommend you use thin, stretchable leather like sheepskin or kidskin as feel is also quite important. Of course, you can choose cowhide if you prefer its toughness and durability.

On the other hand, the linings are to make up the protection and provide additional comfort. After years of market testing, Kevlare, Spectraa, and Razorneta have become the common choices for the lining. To get the best cut resistance, you can choose the most expensive Razorneta or the cheaper Spectraa. However, Kevlar is actually the most popular, because it’s tough enough and costs much less.

Finally, if you are not likely to get into deadly situations, we suggest you have something weather resistant. And you can pay more attention to their fitting and comfort since these gloves will serve for years.

Best Police Gloves

  1. TurtleSkin Delta
  2. StrongSuit 42100
  3. Touch Screen Police Motorcycle Gloves
  4. Hatch Armortip Glove
  5. FREETOO Tactical Gloves

1. TurtleSkin Delta

We highly recommend TurtleSkin Delta as the best police gloves if you need puncture-resistant gloves. They provide full-scale protection for your hands, making them perfect for law enforcement.

During searches, pat downs, or even fights, sharp objects may hurt you, and blood and bodily liquids are also great threats. We think the TurtleSkin Delta can decrease the risk to your hands to a very low level when facing these situations. Even in other tasks, these gloves are more trustworthy than their competitors.

While the TurtleSkin Delta look like traditional police leather gloves, they actually have a patented technology, allowing them to be very resistant to cut, puncture, and needles. The leather is solid and pliable but still maintains tactile sensitivity. The TurtleSkin Delta also add value as they have a nice universal fit for all hand shapes. There are many reliable choices when looking for needle-resistant gloves, so it’s reasonable that the TurtleSkin Delta is more expensive.

In addition, these gloves are tighter than regular gloves though they look similar. In other words, you should choose gloves a size up when purchasing the TurtleSkin Delta. These gloves are as flexible as those thin leather gloves, and the holes on the backs of your palms and forefingers make them breathable so you won’t feel uncomfortable.

Finally, you should be aware that these premium gloves should be used and stored following the instructions. They can be hand washed with mild soap, but should not be machine dried, dry cleaned, or stored in direct sunlight.

– Resistant to cut, puncture, and needles
– Flexible
– Tighter than regular
– Perfect for law enforcement

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2. StrongSuit 42100 Gloves

Best Police GlovesStrongSuit 42100 gloves are the best puncture-resistant gloves for the police. They are durable tactical gloves that provide nice cuts, punctures, and impact resistance. Also, they are very comfortable. All these features make the gloves perfect for law enforcement patrol.

To get high performance, the manufacturer uses quality leather and other materials like polyester, PU, and neoprene. On each glove, the leather covers the full palm and necessary parts of the backs of the hands and the fingers, allowing them to survive after being cut or punctured. In addition, there are high-density EVA pads protecting all of the knuckles and fingers. Basically, when wearing these gloves, there is nothing to be afraid of to catch a sharp knife. They also provide your hands protection when you are in a fight.

Moreover, the StrongSuit gloves are very flexible. After providing outstanding protection, these gloves still have high dexterity like standard tactical gloves. They are suitable for military tasks and are a very good choice for SWAT members.

In addition, officers love these gloves because of their comfort. They have a perfect fitting, especially at the finger parts as they are pre-curved. Also, each glove uses a cinch on the wrist which allows officers to adjust the tightness. Finally, these gloves are breathable, maintaining a comfortable feel even in hot environments.

– Best puncture-resistant gloves for police
– SWAT tactical gloves
– Full leather palm
– Great comfort

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3. Touch Screen Police Motorcycle Gloves

If you are a traffic police who usually rides a motorcycle, then a pair of duty gloves is what you need. The Hugger Glove Company provides a very good option for those who are often outdoors. These gloves are water-resistant motorcycle gloves, which are great for keeping your gloves on in the rain. Also, you can use them with your mobile phone without taking them off. They are touch screen friendly.

Unfortunately, these gloves are not cut-resistant tactical gloves, so you may not be the best for dangerous situations. But they are definitely durable and comfortable. First, these gloves can keep your hands away from the cold when riding your motorcycle on cold days. Second, on rainy days, they can keep your hands dry. This is also good for when you are patting people down. Finally, they have a perfect fit for most people, which is always quite convenient. . .

– Allows screen touch
– Water-resistant
– Durable and comfortable
– Great fitting

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4. Hatch Armortip Glove

For those who want the best police gloves that pass the NIJ test protocol, Hatch Armortip Gloves is the way to go. These gloves are cut and puncture-resistant gloves for searching. Also, they offer moderate resistance to needles, providing nice protection in disaster searching and rescues. But don’t take this too far and assume they can block a knife.

On the contrary, the Hatch Armortip provides trustworthy protection when dealing with static sharps like steel bars and glass. They are durable and can stand a few slashes, allowing them to hold performance after a year of hard use.

Another thing we like about these gloves is that they are warm and comfortable. Also, they are also stretchable so they fit pretty much hands of all sizes. These gloves also block cold air, rainwater, and snow, keeping your hand warm and agile.

– Cut and puncture resistant
– Durable
– Stretchable and nicely fitting
– Warm and comfortable

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5. FREETOO Tactical Gloves

You may have heard of FREETOO as it’s a popular brand name for sports equipment. You may be surprised to know that the company also produces good tactical gloves. Unfortunately, the FREETOO Tactical Gloves are not cut and puncture resistant like some of the premium police gloves. However, they can be the best police gloves because they have outstanding comfort and durability.

If you are in the wild and you need to climb trees or rocks, you would love the FREETOO gloves because they prevent your hands from abrasion and scratching and provide great dexterity. They also have dual-layer synthetic leather palms which are anti-skid and have double stitching to be durable enough for military tasks.

Each glove is fully breathable, making it comfortable in hot weather as well as in winter seasons. In brief, the FREETOO gloves are great outdoor gloves and can be used as tactical police gloves.

– Tactical gloves
– Tough and anti-skid
– Durable
– Weather resistant

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