Best Piston Filler Fountain Pen

A fountain pen is a writing instrument that uses ink as its medium. Unlike ballpoint pens, which rely on a small sphere of viscous ink to transfer the color onto paper or other surfaces, fountain pens use liquid ink. These pens contain a reservoir or cartridge of ink that feeds into the nib, which is the metal tip that makes contact with the paper.

Fountain pens have been in use for centuries and were once considered an essential tool for writers and scholars alike. They are still widely used today by those who appreciate their precision and elegance. Fountain pens come in various styles and materials, including plastic, metal, wood, and even glass.

One of the main advantages of using a fountain pen is that it allows users to create lines with varying degrees of thickness based on how much pressure they apply when writing. This feature makes them ideal for calligraphy and other forms of artistic handwriting. So if you are a fountain pen lover, we have selected 5 of the top pens for you below.

Piston filler Fountain Pen INK

1. Noodlers FLEX NIB Fountain Pen, Piston Fill – Top pick

The Noodlers Flex Nib is the best fountain pen if you want something with both style and function. It looks cool and also writes extremely well. The nib is flexible and fits the flow of all types of ink.


Why use a fountain pen?

In the age of computers and technology, we have almost lost touch with the old ways of living. In particular, people are writing with their hands less often. For those who enjoy the pastime of writing, you may be interested in the best piston filler fountain pen. These are fountain pens with a built-in reservoir that holds ink with an integrated piston that draws ink into this chamber. It is one of many times of filing systems on a fountain pen with the others being eyedropper and lever filler.

If you enjoy writing with your hands or collecting fountain pens, you should definitely think about adding some piston-style filling fountain pens to your collection. Piston fillers are the most common filling system in a fountain pen today and have many advantages. It can store large amounts of ink, which basically means you don’t have to refill it often. They are also quite durable and last a while. Finally, these pens are easy to fill with ink when it is time to restock.

There are many piston filler fountain pens on the market and it is often confusing to decide which one is right for you. You should first and foremost look at the design and pick one you like. They can often be divided into vintage or modern designs. Then you should select based on weight and size. Finally, look at things like functionality and extra features.

Additionally, make sure the fountain pen fits on your hands comfortably and that it feels right. And most importantly, make sure it is precise and delivers the type of drawing system you like. This depends on the nib and the pressure delivery system, both of which you need to examine carefully before buying.

How To Clean A Fountain Pen Nib?

Fountain pens are a cherished tool for writers, artists, and pen enthusiasts alike. They offer an unparalleled writing experience that is hard to match with any other type of pen. However, caring for your fountain pen is essential to maintain its performance and longevity. One of the most important parts of cleaning a fountain pen is taking the time to clean the nib.

If you do not know this, the nib is the front part of the fountain pen that comes into contact with paper. This makes it one of the most critical components of your writing instrument. However, over time, ink can accumulate on the nib’s surface causing it to clog or skip while writing. To avoid this problem, you should regularly clean your fountain pen’s nib by rinsing it under cold water after each use. Here are 5 simple steps to clean your nib safely.

  1. Separate the filling mechanism – i.e., separate the barrel from the nib.
  2. Remove the ink cartridge.
  3. Clean the nib.
  4. Let it dry.
  5. Refill your fountain pen barrel.

1. Unscrew the section from the barrel

Just uncap your pen and then unscrew the grip section from the barrel (you should have two parts in your hands). The reason you need to do this is that it’ll help you while make handling your nib during the cleaning process.

2. Remove ink cartridges (or converters)

Now, it’s time to clear and clean your pen of any ‘bad dried and clogged’ ink. To do this, you need to remove the ink cartridge (also called the converter) and set it aside.

3. Clean the nib by flushing it (also soak the section and feed at the same time

This is the critical phase. You need to place the opening of your pen’s grip section underwater. You can choose to use a stream or just water in a glass. We prefer to use a stream of water to force out any clogged ink. Usually, this does flush any excess ink and residue out of your nib. However, if you prefer to use a glass of water, then place your nib in the water overnight. This should thoroughly clean out any ink leftover stains.

4. Let it dry

Now that your nib is clean, you need to let it dry for a couple of minutes (some prefer to leave it dry for an hour).

5. Refill your barrel

You can remount your pen, and fill the barrel with black ink (or red, green, or blue color). You need to let the ink work its way to the nib before using it. Note that you need to write a couple of lines before your nib is back to its best. You are now ready to use your favorite fountain pen as new.


The Best Piston Filler Fountain Pen Reviews

  1. Noodlers FLEX NIB Fountain Pen, Piston Fill – The cheapest option
  2. Mont Blanc Meisterstuck 149 Fountain Pen – Top Pick
  3. Pilot Vanishing Point Collection – Recognized Brand
  4. Black Luxyry Fountain Pen – For People who love luxury
  5. Wing Sung 698 Piston Fountain Pen – Good Value

1. Noodlers FLEX NIB Fountain Pen, Piston Fill – The cheapest option

Piston filler Fountain Pen INK

The Noodlers Flex Nib Fountain Pen is the best piston filler fountain pen if you want both style and function. The selling point of this fountain pen is that the nib feeds more ink as it is flexed. This makes the ink flow much better based on the small changes in pressure as you write.

Basically what this translates to is improved writing and flow. When you try the Noodlers Flex Nib out, you will know what we are talking about. It writes beautifully without skipping and can create various thicknesses in line length.

Basically, this is a flex pen that is pretty cheap and made by a very popular manufacturer. Noodlers pens have become very popular due to their cool style and excellent performance. This piston-filling fountain pen has a clear body and cap so you see through the entire pen. If you don’t like this style, Noodler’s has dozens of other styles and colors to choose from.

Our favorite feature is that it can be very precise to the touch. A small little touch can produce a hairline of ink. Because of the fully flexible nib, it can be adjusted to fit the flow of all types of ink. Keep in mind that some inks will flow slower than others. This means you can write in different styles such as victorian and fine shorthand styles.


2. Mont Blanc Meisterstuck 149 Fountain Pen – Top Pick

Mont Blanc Piston filler fountain pen

If you have an unlimited budget, there is no question that you should go with a Mont Blanc pen. The real question is which one? We think the Mont Blanc Meisterstuck 149 is the best piston filler fountain pen if you want a very large Mont Blanc Pen.

The 149 is also their flagship product and the iconic symbol of Mont Blanc that writes smoothly. You are probably wondering what the 149 number means and how it is different from 145 or 146 in the Mont Blanc Series.

The 1 is pretty standard which means it is the best tier of Mont Blanc pens. The 4 standards for piston fill. Finally, the last number refers to nib size with 9 being the largest. So the Mont Blanc Mesiterstuck 149 is quite an oversized pen. It is 144mm long when capped and 15mm wide.

In terms of performance, we have absolutely no complaints. Even after a few refills, it writes perfectly in almost every position. But the reason you pay big prices for this pen is not for the performance. It is for the look, the feel, the touch, and the symbolism. The Mont Blanc Meisterstuck is simply a collector’s item and an iconic one. It belongs in every serious collector’s arsenal simply because it looks gorgeous. There really is nothing that can come close to replicating this.


3. Pilot Vanishing Point Collection – Recognized Brand

Piston filler Fountain Pen

If you don’t have the bank account to afford a Mont Blanc or a Sailor fountain pen, don’t worry, you don’t have to settle for a cheap one. The Pilot Vanish Point Collection is the best piston filler fountain pen if you want something in between.

It is quite the gadget and is fully decked out in terms of functionality. The Pilot Vanish Point has a well-known history. It is known as the first retractable fountain pen that allows the nib to completely disappear when not in use. Others have tried to copy this design for years but this is still the original and the best.

The Pilot Vanishing Point is totally loaded with technology. Each one is assembled by hand and has a special trap door that prevents the nib from drying out when not in use and retracted.

The nib is also crafted in 18-karat gold for a great writing experience, of course. It is available in 3 elegant finishes from yellow gold to silver tone Rhodium, to black ion.

We also like the wide selection of barrel colors and finishes to choose from. They come in solid colors and patterns. The Vanishing Point comes in a nice gift box as well so it could be a nice gift to someone. This fountain pen comes with a blue ink cartridge but it also comes with a converter for your favorite ink.


4. Wordsworth & Black Fountain Pen Set, 18K Gilded Medium and Extra Fine Nibs, 6 Ink Cartridges and Refill Converter – A Luxury Fountain Pen

Piston filler fountain penIf you are looking for the best piston filler fountain pen that is cheap and elegant looking, try out the Wordsworth. This fountain pen really packs in a lot of value. It is luxury black colored and has an extra fine tip. There is also a nice gift box that comes with it and a professional booklet. Also, it just looks and feels like an expensive pen, even though it is actually quite cheap.

We think it looks pretty good for its price. The lack trim is a bit tacky at times, but we guess people really like it. It looks better than a plain plastic fountain pen. In terms of functionality, this fountain pen writes almost perfectly.

It floats seamlessly across the paper and has great precision. The nib is quite durable and holds well to pressure. Overall, this is a nice-looking flashy pen that writes well. Don’t be discouraged by the the price. We have tested a few of these and they are all quality.


5. Wing Sung 698 Piston Fountain Pen – Good Value

fountain penIf you are interested in a quality and cheap fountain pen, the Wing Sung 698 is definitely a good choice. It pretty much works as advertised with no false advertising. When we first bought it to test it out, we were a bit skeptical because it is a Chinese product. Later we learned that this brand supplies the best piston filler fountain pen to most working-class citizens of China.

We do not think it is by any means a cheap pen. It has a nice transparent finish and is made of some pretty durable materials. Let’s just say the Wing Sung 698 definitely didn’t feel like a toy when we were playing around with it. It is 142mm long and 14mm wide with a weight of 23.7 grams. Unfortunately at this price, it does not come with ink, although we are sure you can manage this on your own.

In terms of performance, we have no complaints here. It writes decently well with no skipping or leaking. We will admit, it definitely doesn’t feel or write like a Mont Blanc or Sailor, but it gets the job done for most practical situations. All in all, we think the Wing Sung 698 is a great starter pen for those who are on a budget.




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