Best Erasable Pen

#1.Pilot FriXion Clicker

The Pilot FriXion Clicker is the best erasable pen because it’s the most trustworthy and convenient writing instrument for daily use. With this pen, you can effortlessly write, erase and rewrite documents. In addition, it allows your writing to be consistent until the last stroke.

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Why do you need the Best Erasable Pen?

An erasable pen is a pen using a special ink, which can be erased under certain conditions. They are convenient instruments for daily writing like keeping dairies and doing homework. There are various erasable pens using different ink and points, which transfer to different performances during storage and usage.

According to your requirements, the best erasable pen for you can be very different from someone else. There are two kinds of erasable pens on the market. One of them uses thermochromic ink, which shows up on paper when it’s cool, and disappears when heated by the rubbing between the eraser and the paper. The other uses liquid rubber cement, which glues on the surface but does not penetrate into the paper, and can only be rubbed off before it gets totally dry.

The thermo-chromic ink can restore its color when cooled below a specific temperature; all its color-changing reactions are always effective. So, it’s more convenient for long-term works that often need to be modified, such as novel writing. The thermochromic ink also can be used for privacy keeping, since you can forwardly eliminate your writing and restore it whenever you like. However, it could be troublesome when used in written examinations or document signatures.

Unlike thermochromic ink, rubber cement ink won’t lose its color when accidentally heated by something like a cup of hot coffee, so it’s the better option for short-term work. And the writing won’t disappear after drying, so it can be used for writing which requires long-term storage. Additionally, both inks can be easily eliminated by washing with solvents like medical alcohol or using special pens.

This feature has widened the use of erasable pens as they can be used in fashion designs, surgical marks, and children’s arts. Other features such as writing fluency and length would be more like a matter of cost because the market competition is so fierce, that those with unreasonable prices quickly die out. If you still find it too hard to get the best, we hope the following article can help you.

Best Erasable Pen

Best Erasable Pen

#1.Pilot FriXion Clicker

Pilot FriXion Clicker is the best erasable pen for daily handwriting. It writes smoothly just like a normal gel ink pen but allows you to erase like a pencil. We highly recommend this pen because of its above-average durability and clear footprint. Additionally, the Pilot pen is very convenient to use.

The Pilot pen uses thermo-sensitive gel ink, which disappears with heat from eraser friction. You can effortlessly erase your writing without any abrasion to the paper. As the heat quickly disappears, you can immediately rewrite the part you erased, saving time for your work. The ink dries quickly, preventing it from being smeared by your hand or your wrist.

We also like the fact that it keeps the writing rather permanent; even if it disappears after being heated, in a hot car for example, you can restore it by putting the document in a freezer for just a few seconds. Next, each Pilot pen has a wear-resistant nib. This nib has a 0.7mm Fine Point and can keep consistent writing over long periods of time. We don’t have any problems with its durability over the long run. In addition, the eraser at the top is pliable and tough and never leaves crumbs behind.

As it keeps its original shape even after the ink runs out, it’s very handy for those who often make mistakes. Better yet, the eraser doesn’t smear ink, so there is no risk of messing up your document. Finally, the Pilot provides many colors for options, allowing you to make identifiable notes or paint pictures. These colors had been used to create children’s toys; each of them is vibrant and keeps fresh after long-term storage.

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#2.Chalk Markers

Chalk Markers are the best erasable pens for children’s arts. They have 8 bright colors which are popular with children, and drawing with them would provide a lot of fun. These pens are also safe products for users of any age, which is the most important reason why we highly recommend them.

The Chalk Markers have used liquid chalk ink which can be used on all non-porous surfaces. In other words, they can be used on boards, windows, mirrors, labels, stickers, or any other surfaces. These pens help to deepen family ties as they can be shared for various uses. They also allow you to teach your kids things like how to draw and write with their hands instead of fingers and phone.

The ink is completely dust-free, and it’s quite easy to clean even after being dried for a long time. If on a non-porous surface, you can easily wipe the ink off with a dry cloth. If it’s on a porous surface, don’t worry, no residue or traces would be left behind, though you may need a wet cloth. As we mentioned above, these pens are super safe. Firstly, they don’t have any sharp ends or toxic components. Secondly, the parts of these pens are so thick and long that they are impossible to be swallowed, eliminating the risk of choking. Finally, they have no pungent smell, which may harm the respiratory system.

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#3.Paper Mate EraserMate

Paper Mate is one of the most famous manufacturers of writing instruments. One of their newest product is called “EraserMate”, which may be the best erasable pen on the market. This pen can write continually and provides quick corrections. In addition, it costs much less than other competitors.

The ink cartridge of the EraserMate is pressurized, allowing you to write from any angle. It goes without saying that you can effortlessly write on a vertical wall. This feature also helps prevent broken lines when writing, making it perfect for daily usage. Unlike regular “clicky” pens, the EraserMate has a cap, and the eraser has been built into the cap.

When you are going to write, you should mount the cap at the top end of your pen. The cap provides better storage as it prevents the drying of the ink. In addition, it has a tough structure. If you don’t press too hard when erasing, the cap won’t break. The ink of the EraserMate is not thermo-sensitive, so it never fades, even if in extreme heat. However, it would be hard to erase if it got totally dried. The ink smears a bit when the weather is humid. In conclusion, this pen may be a bit troublesome for kids but can be perfect for office usage. Considering the price, companies can save a bunch of money if they purchase the EraserMate as their office supplies.

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#4.LEONIS 5 Water Erasable Marking Pens

LEONIS 5 is the best erasable pen for sewing products. With this pen, you can draw very fine thin lines for dressmaking, and you can easily remove the marks by washing them with plain water or rubbing them with a wet cloth. The color of the pen is bright blue, which is easy to recognize on fabrics. It hardly bleeds, so the marks can be very accurate. The ink works on all kinds of fabrics, and it won’t fade.

Unlike using air erasable marking pens, you don’t have to draw repeatedly to get clear marks, and you can keep the marks as long as you like until you remove them. In addition, this product has a small size for storage. It’s convenient for management and is perfect for the sewing, quilting, embroidery, and craft industries.

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Best Erasable Pen

#5.Dritz The Fine Line

The Fine Line produced by Dritz is the best erasable pen for fashion designers. It is an air-erasable pen that can be used to draw very fine lines. The ink will vanish in hours when exposed to the air, so it saves time as you have no need to wash the fabric. The color of this pen is bright purple, which shows clearly on the fabric.

Also, the lines coming out are really thin so that you can make the most accurate marks for sewing. However, you need to be skilled to do a quick job, because the ink quickly disappears in about 2 hours. Certainly, you can prolong the time up to a day and a half by drawing repeatedly. As you no longer need to wash the fabrics, the Fine Line is still more convenient than its competitors.

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