Best Paint Markers

1. Uni Posca Paint Marker Set

The Uni Posca Paint Marker Set is the best paint marker for those who want a really well-made product that has vibrant colors. These paint markers can write on most surfaces and are rather waterproof and non-toxic.

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Why do you need the Best Paint Markers?

Paint markers are great for those who want to create permanent writing on all sorts of surfaces from paper to metals, glasses, stone, and even walls. The ink that comes from paint markers is oil-based paint, so they usually require shaking before use. They can be used to create lush custom signs and restaurant specials to be displayed outside. You will notice that they give off a bit of a cozy glow with a beautiful custom finish.

Paint markers are used by all sorts of people from street and graffiti artists to restaurant owners. They are a bit different compared to ink markers, which tend to be thinner than paint markers and dry up more quickly. Paint markers tend to produce heavier and more opaque marks. Keep in mind that paint markers can be toxic if they contain compounds like xylene or toluene. We strongly urge you to check the VOC content or volatile organic compound content. Also, you should wear gloves and a mask when using paint markers.

If you are looking for the best paint markers, you should be glad to find out that there are many different types. First, you have pen brush sizes, which can range from extra fine to bold. Then, of course, there is a wide range of colors to pick from. We highly recommend you buy paint markers in a set, as you get a variety of different colors. Also, you should look for paint markers that are quick drying with low levels of odor and those that are relatively non-toxic.

Best Paint Markers

1. Uni Posca Paint Marker Set

Best Paint MarkersThe Uni Posca Paint Markers are the best paint markers for those who want a very well-made Japanese product. This is a set with 22 standard and 7 natural colors. We really like these pain markers because they can virtually write on any surface. Also, the paint markers are pretty vivid and opaque and the paint colors really pop out.

When you apply it on porous surfaces like paper, the paint color is pretty permanent. However, this stuff can be scraped off if you apply it on non-porous surfaces like glass. The paint in this marker is water-based and waterproof and non-toxic. Also, they do not bleed, unlike alcohol-based markers.

Please check online for a list of the colors, as we are not going to mention all of them here. We like these paint markers because they have a pleasant smell and dry quickly. In terms of thickness, they are 0.7mm thick, which is decently thick. However, Uni Posca also makes different sizes including extra fine.

– Well-made Japanese product
– Vivid and opaque
– Can be scratched off the glass
– 0.7mm thick

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2. Sharpie Paint Marker 43 Color Set

If you want the ultimate collection of paint markets, the Sharpie Paint Marker set is the way to go. These are the best paint markers for those who want an encompassing set that includes all sorts of colors and sizes. We like these markers because they are AP Certified, which means it comes with a slew of stable features. They are non-toxic, quick drying, and water and abrasion resistant.

Additionally, the Sharpie Oil-Based Paint Markers can write on any nonporous surface such as metals, glass, wood, stone, and plastic. You can also use it on glossy and coated paper, although some colors may not show up well on regular non-coated dark papers.

– 43 Color Set
– All sorts of sizes
– Write on all nonporous surfaces
– Quick drying

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3. Uni-Paint Markers, Medium Point

For those who want the best paint markers, you may want to give the Uni-Paint Markers a try. This 12-count set of assorted colors is great if you want medium-point markers. These are oil-based paint that is great if you need a permanent solution to your projects. Additionally, they are AP non-toxic and water and abrasion resistant.

We like the Uni-Paint Markers because they can write better on all sorts of surfaces better than their competition. You can write on pretty much anything including rubber, stone, wood, glass, and metal. Finally, these markers are pretty quick drying and show up opaque and glossy on both light and dark surfaces.


– 12-count set
– Medium point
– Oil-based paint
– AP non-toxic

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4. MozArt Supplies Perennial Paint Markers

The MozArt Supplies Perennial Paint Marker Set is the best paint marker for those who want reliability and high performance. These are oil-based permanent paint markers that are long-lasting and stay longer than their competitors. Perhaps the best feature of these paint markers is that they are pretty weather resistant, so feel free to use them outdoors. They are waterproof and will maintain their color over long periods of time.

In terms of color and finish, these paint markers are quite vibrant and leave an opaque and glossy finish. Keep in mind that these are medium-tipped markers that are about 3mm in size. They strike just the right balance because they are fine enough to allow to you be very detailed and wide enough to cover any area easily.

Additionally, they can be written on most surfaces, including strange ones like pottery and leather. For a list of colors, please consult the information online.

– Oil Based Paint Markers
– Opaque and glossy finish
– Medium-sized tip, 3mm
– ASTM Certified

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5. Beric Paint Marker Set

We really like the Beric Paint Marker Set because they have great outdoor durability. The standout feature is that they are extremely weather resistant. This means you don’t have to worry about near-term fading due to rain, snow, and heat. The Beric Paint Marker Set is a multi-pack box set that comes in 12 different colors. Also, it does a pretty good job with writing on most surfaces including glass and rubber.

Another pretty nice feature is that it has amazingly bright inks. The colors really just stand and pop out and just seem more vibrant than most other paint markers. Additionally, they are safe to use and are non-toxic so don’t worry about your kids or pets handling them.

– 12-color set
– Very bright inks
– Non-toxic
– Weather resistant

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