Best Black Fountain Pen Ink – Top 5 Black Inks

For any fountain pen enthusiast, finding the perfect type of ink is essential for a good writing experience.

Black ink is a classic choice for many writers, and there are dozens of brands available on the market.

But which black ink works best with your fountain pen? In this article, we’ll explore some of the top choices and explain why they could be the perfect fit for you.

#1. Montblanc Ink Bottle Black

For those who are interested in the best black fountain pen ink, we have to give it to the Montblanc Ink Bottle Black Ink. This is the gold standard when it comes to black fountain pen inks and is a quick-drying ink that does not bleed through. It has an incredibly smooth flow and is great for all styles of drawing and writing.

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Best Black Fountain Pen Ink

Why use Black Ink for Fountain Pen?

When it comes to writing with a fountain pen, choosing the right ink color is just as important as selecting the perfect pen. Though there are various shades of ink available in the market, there’s nothing quite like dark black ink for fountain pen users. In fact, black ink has been a popular choice among writers for centuries, and with good reason.

Firstly, black ink is known for its ability to create clear and legible text. The deep black color stands out on paper and enhances readability, making it an ideal option for those who prioritize clarity in their writing. Additionally, black ink offers excellent contrast when used on white or light-colored paper, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to your written work.

Secondly, fountain pens are often associated with tradition and old-school charm. So if you want to write a letter to your loved one, then this black is the color to go for.

But third, people like drawing cartoon characters with fountain pens, and they usually use black. So, whether you like writing with style, drawing cartoons, or just like to have great contrast on paper, black ink may just be what you need.

What does well-behaved fountain pen ink mean?

Well-behaved ink is a term used to describe the quality of ink that flows smoothly and consistently on paper. It refers to ink that doesn’t feather, bleed or smudge, making it an essential requirement for professional fountain pain users (and printing companies like newspapers). The importance of using well-behaved ink cannot be overstated because it guarantees that your printed materials will look crisp and clear without any unsightly streaks or blurs.

Good well-behaved ink is especially important when dealing with high-quality printing writing projects such as cartoons, letters to your special one (like a spouse, best friend, etc.), or documents with fine details. In such cases, any imperfections in the ink can ruin the entire project, rendering it unusable. This is why most fountain pain users and professional printers use only high-quality inks that are known for their well-behaved properties.

Why do I need water-resistant ink for my fountain pen?

Fountain pen enthusiasts are always on the lookout for new ways to improve their writing experience. A crucial aspect of this is the type of ink they use. In recent years, water resistance has become a key feature that many writers look for in their fountain pen ink. And there are mainly two simple reasons for this.

Waterproof or water-resistant ink can protect your written work from accidental spills or exposure to moisture, ensuring that your words remain legible and intact even in damp environments. This makes it an essential choice for anyone who wants to keep their writing safe and secure.

Apart from offering protection against spills and moisture damage, waterproof or water-resistant ink also provides greater durability and longevity to your written work.


#1.Montblanc Ink Bottle Black

If you are interested in the best black fountain pen ink, we have to give it to the Montblanc Ink Bottle Black. First of all, it is Montblanc, which is a world-renowned brand.

This high-quality ink is really quick drying and best of all it does not bleed through. Also, we really like it because it has a lot of smooth flow and just flows more consistently than other brands.

Additionally, the Montblanc Ink is good at not clogging the tip of your pen. We also like the functional design of the jar, which lets the ink gather directly below the opening. This makes it easy to refill. Finally, we just want to mention that the Montblanc Ink is perfect for all styles of writing and drawing and is also the perfect gift idea for someone who likes to use fountain pens.

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#2. Waterman 50ml Ink Bottle Intense Black

Next up, we have the Waterman 50ml Black Ink Bottle, which is the best black fountain pen ink for those looking for a nice and durable workhorse ink that has great value.

In fact, we think this is precisely the selling point of the Waterman. It is just really good quality ink and good bang for the buck because it is clearly cheaper than the premium Montblanc brand.

The intense black color is basically as it is described, pretty intense and black. It has a pretty good flow and like the Mont Blanc, we think it does a good job of not bleeding through. Although the Montblanc is clearly a better quality ink at every level, the Waterman certainly holds up quite well, and more importantly, it is just better value and cheaper.

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#3. Parker Quink Ink Bottle Black

Another great option when it comes to the best black fountain pen ink is the Parker Quink Ink Bottle Black Ink. This is the ink refill for Parker fountain pens as well as many other fountain pen brands.

All in all, this is a quick-drying, richly pigmented ink that is quite vivid looking when on paper. It also writes quite smoothly, but not as smoothly as the above-mentioned brands.

While we do think that we like the above brands a bit more as an overall package, we do think that there are definitely times and places where the Parker Quink shines. If you need a really cheap ink that is also great quality (but not necessarily the top quality) this is probably it. It is the poor man’s black ink.

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#4. Pilot Iroshizuku Ink Bamboo Charcoal

Lucas is a well-known brand in this industry and definitely makes a really solid fork oil. This stuff does a great job of preventing foaming and reducing thermal expansion.

It also leads to more responsive handling and prevents seal hardening and static friction. Furthermore, we think that it does a good job of preventing oil thickening and oxidation.

Next, we just want to say that basically anything that Lucas puts out in the auto industry turns to gold and is something you can trust. They are a long-established name. Without even trying it out, we can tell you it is going to be quality because Lucas is simply the kind of company that you can rely on.

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#5. Noodler’s Fountain Pen – Black Ink Proven to be Water Resistant

Lastly, we have the PJ1 Fork Tuner Oil, which is a high viscosity index formula that exceeds all OEM specifications and increases handling and traction for a much smoother ride.

One of its standout features is the fact that it does not really fade. It is also very durable up against extremely hot or cold conditions. Basically, it won’t break down even under the most stressful riding conditions.

Additionally, this stuff contains a synthetic anti-seal swell additive. This helps to keep seals soft and to guard the seals against total leakage.

But what we like about it is that it is water-resistant. So if you have just finished handwriting your novel, and drop some water on top of it, you’ll not lose all of your hard efforts. The ink can also be used on all types of paper. All in all, if you are not really satisfied with the above-mentioned brands or just want to try something new, it is good to know that the PJ1 is always there to save the day.

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Final words on best black fountain pen ink

There’s not much to say really. Black ink has been and will always be the preferred color for drawing, writing, and publishing. So this ink has a long life ahead of us.

The above 5 top black fountain pen ink are all really good to use. We only chose very strong brands because ink is an important part of writing and drawing. We provided some waterproof inks, and all of the above inks are also well behaved. So you are safe to choose any ink from the above restrain list. We have tested them and they all perform really well.



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