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best lip primer

NYX Cosmetics Lip Primer Nude

The NYX Cosmetics Lip Primer is the best lip primer to help make your lipstick last much longer as well as revitalize the wrinkles and lines on your lips. It creates a thin smooth layer on your lips and fills in the uneven spots, which both revitalizes your lips and well has present a even surface to easily apply lipstick.


best lip primerFor those of you who like to wear lipstick, you may also be looking for the best lip primer. Lipstick can really make you stand out, in a good way or bad way. If you know how to apply lipstick correctly, it will look fabulous and transform you from ordinary to stunning. However, if applied incorrectly, it can turn into a disaster. But don’t be afraid, with the best lip primer, you can create long lasting color and ensure smooth application of your lipstick.

While lip liners and exfoliators help in lipstick feathering and help mend dry lips, lip primers lock down lip color and helps stop fading and bleeding. With a good lip primer, you can wear your lipstick much longer and build the proper foundation for your lipstick to lay on. Think of lip primer as glue for your lipstick. While it is not entirely necessary, it definitely saves time in the long run by allowing you to wear lipstick for longer. It applies a thin layer of foundation on your lip and smoothes out any bumps and imperfections on your lips so that lipstick will just glide on easily. Lip primers are not all created equal: some actually help lipstick stay on your lips while others don’t really work and are a complete waste of money. Please see our buyers guide below for some more details on lip primers.

Best Lip Primer Reviews

NYX Cosmetics Lip Primer Nude

best lip primerIf you want the best lip primer that offers great value, you should NYX Cosmetics Lip Primer. NYX cosmetics strikes a great balance between performance and affordability and this is why we like their lip primer so much. It creates a very smooth canvas for your lipstick to last longer. This lip primer also enhances the texture and color of your lip primer. The NYX Lip Primer glides on velvety smooth and prevents lipstick color from fading or feathering, which is a common occurrence when applying lipstick without a primer.

This product is in the shape of lipstick and glides on easily just like lipstick. It fills in creases and lines on your lips and has a rather neutral color so it can blend well with all lipstick colors. This lip primer is especially helpful for those who will be eating and drinking, since the lip color fades quickly. We can’t really think of anything bad to say about this product and at most it doesn’t work for you and your lipstick will last as long as it would without the lip primer. We can guarantee it will never make your lipstick look worse or shorten the wearing period.


Cargo HD Picture Perfect Lip Primer

best lip linerCargo HD Picture Perfect is the best lip primer if you want a high end primer. It is both a lip primer and a moisturize in one. The Cargo HD Picture Perfect smooths out your lips as well as make them more 3D and stand out. It hydrates your lips as well so that they don’t dry out and start cracking or peeling.  And of course you apply it before wearing lipstick to help your lipstick stay on longer. In terms of longevitiy, this lip primer works better than all of the other brands we have tried.

It makes your lipstick stay on all day, while most other brands will only extend the life of your lipstick for half a day or so. Also, it prevents bleeding and feathering. If you have wrinkles or creases on your lips, this lipstick will help you heal and revitalize your lips. The Cargo HD picture Perfect really helps improve the fine details on your lips and gives it a more plump look. As advertised, it will make your lips HD ready by filling and smoothing out the imperfections. You should definitely wait a few minutes for the lip primer to dry before applying lipstick. Overall, this is a great lip primer for those who want the moisturize their lip as well as make their lipstick last for a very long time.


Mary Kay TimeWise® Age-Fighting Lip Primer

best lip primerIf you are looking for the best lip primer that also has anti-aging effect, get the Mary Kay TimeWise. It is a .05 oz primer that comes in the form of a pen and looks pink white in solid form. When you apply it to your lips, it goes on clear and helps you fill in any lines and wrinkles you have on your lips. It also gives you a much smoother canvas to work with when applying lipstick and drastically extends the wear time of your lipstick. It goes on very smooth and is very light and thin. It also does not dry your lips out and leaves them feeling soft and moisturized.

Also it helps reduce feathering and bleeding of lip gloss and lipstick. Most importantly, it has very good anti-aging effects by drastically imporving fine lips on your lips as well as the appearance of wrinkles in the lip area. While it does help your lipstick stay on longer, we think the main benefit of this lip primer is that it actually heals your lips and makes them look young and fresh again. All in all, if you have damaged dried out lips, apply a layer or two of this without or without lipstick to help protect and heal your lips.


Best Lip Primer Buying Guide

Applying lip primer before lipstick is a great way to ensure that your lipstick lasts longer. While it is not necessary, it certainly helps lipstick hold and smoothes out any bumps and crevices on your lips. Lip primers can come in many forms, including tubes, lipstick type primers, or pencil/pen primers. You should apply lip primer after exfoliating your lips and generally wipe it all over your lips like how you would apply lipstick. Be sure to cover the borders/corners and outline your lips as well.

If it comes in tube gel form you can apply it using your fingers. In general you should be applying it in a thin layer, so better err on the side of caution. You don’t have to cover your entire lips if you are trying to wear a bold lip color to avoid feathering. If you lipstick smudges easily, you should definitely fill in your lips with primer. Lip primer should be applied before lip liner, lip gloss, or lipstick. You need to wait a few minutes for the lip primer to completely dry first before applying lipstick. We have outlined some other things to consider below before choosing the best lip primer for your needs.

Benefits: There are many benefits of using lip primers, and not many negatives. First and foremost, the best lip primer will help smoothen your lips by filling in the fine lines and recreating a plump look. It is will create a thin layer of base so that your lipstick so just easily glide over it. Think of it as a thin coating on your lips before laying down the heavy lipstick. And of course, the obvious benefit is that it helps your lip color stay for a good 8 hours longer. You will have smooth creaseless lips with lipstick staying on for longer with the best lip primer.

By using a good lip primer, you can definitely help hide uneven wedges and lines on your lips as well as prevent smudging and creasing of lip color. Finally, you can prevent feathering as many bold colored lipsticks tend to feather out at the edges. In terms of cons, wearing lip primer doesn’t really do your any harm. The only negative thing we can think of is that you wasted a few bucks and a few minutes of your time by putting on bad lip primer that doesn’t do anything. Let’s just say it won’t negatively impact your lipstick and make it wear out sooner than expected.

Color/Material: Most lip primers are clear to neutral colored to match the color of your lips. A majority of the best lip primers will come in lipstick form, so in other words you would apply it just like you apply lipstick by gliding it on. Lip pimers have the consistency and texture of regular lipstick, but just without the intense color. There will be some primers in liquid or gel form, in which you have to apply with your fingertips, but these are less common than pencil/pen lip primers.

Added Features: Some primers include added benefits such as moisturizes, so that your lips staying nice and wet during the day. Other cool features include fragrance and some lip primers have some nice smelling scents. Some lip primers even have vitamins and minerals embedded so that they enrich your lips and make them look healthier.


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