Best Adult Diapers

best adult diapers

Depend Real Fit for Men

Depend Real Fit for Men makes some of the best full coverage adult diapers on the market. A great benefit of using the Depend Real Fits is that since they are meant to be worn like highly absorbent underwear, you can easily convince yourself that you are not even wearing adult diapers at all.


best adult diapersIf you suffer from severe bladder control problems or incontinence issues, it maybe time to look into getting the best adult diapers or the best disposable diapers. Don’t worry, you are not alone. It is reported that over 50 million people in the world have bladder control and incontinence issues. Wearing an adult diaper is a safe and comfortable solution to feeling confident when you go out in public. When you are looking for the best adult diapers, you should take the following factors into account: absorption level, comfort, and odor control. First and foremost, you want to make sure that your diaper can absorb for the entire duration you are out. If you have serious bladder control problems, you definitely need to get an adult diaper with heavy padding and a high absorbency level. Next you need to think about the comfort level, since you will be wearing them for at least a few hours. Finally, you want the best adult diapers to absorb a lot of odor so that it will not be so obvious to others what you just did. We sorted out many adult diapers on the market and have reviewed what we think are the top brands. We hand tested these diapers by applying different levels of liquid and solid waste on each and recorded the results. We then further polled and interviewed professionals and long-time patients to further understand the products we are reviewing.

Best Adult Diapers Reviews

TENA Serenity Male Guards, Moderate

adult diapers tenaWe think that Tena makes some of the best adult diapers on the market for men and highly vouch for their Serenity Male Guards. The diaper itself is quite light and fluffy when you hold it and when you put it on it fits perfectly. It is not too tight and not too loose. The material it uses really works well with the skin and is made to fit regular underwear or jeans over it. Tena uses super absorbent microbeads to absorb liquids and specifically urine. There is more material in the middle and the sides funnel into the center, as the diaper predicts there will be more traffic in the center area of the diaper. While the diapers are quite thin, they pack in a lot of punch for how thin they looks. Basically what we are saying is the ratio of the diaper’s absorbency to its thickness is very high, which is pretty rare in adult diapers.

On another note, we really like how the adult diaper does a great job blocking out odor, which is a commonly overlooked attribute. You can have as much absorbency as you want, but if people smell it on you, then there’s nothing you can hide. The Tena Serenity Male Guards has a pH balancing proprietary way on handling the odor issue. We don’t really know what it is but we love it. And while not a maximum absorbency adult diaper (moderate absorption), the Tena more than makes up for it with superior odor control and comfort. Overall, these are the best adult diapers if you want more comfort and odor control.


Depend Real Fit for Men Incontinence Briefs, Maximum Absorbency

best adult diapersIf camouflage is the name of your game, these are the best adult diapers for you. Depend Real Fit for Men makes some of the best full coverage adult diapers on the market. In fact, they are meant to be substituted for briefs entirely. While most adult diapers require you to wear briefs on top of the diaper, Depend has an all in one solution.  A great benefit of using the Depend Real Fits is that since they are meant to be worn like highly absorbent underwear, you can easily convince yourself that you are not even wearing adult diapers at all. We can all admit that most of the reason why people wear adult diapers in the first place is to avoid embarrassment in public. Having a psychological benefit is always a plus.

Furthermore, let’s not forget that the Depend Real Fit for Men is some of the highest absorbent adult diapers sold today.  While there is a bit of sacrifice for comfort, it is also not the worst feeling adult diaper in the world. In terms of odor control, we think it does an average job on a side by side comparison with many other competitor products. Where these adult diapers really shine is in the ability for them to feel like real underwear.  This is also why we think the Depend Real Fits are the best adult diapers out of all the diapers we have reviewed.


Poise Incontinence Liners, Regular Length, Very Light Absorbency

adult diapers poiseIf you are a women with mild incontinence issues and want an adult diaper that is extremely comfortable, Poise’s line of products are the best adult diapers for you. Keep in mind that these adult diapers are really only liners, so they absorb the least amount of urine. However, comfort makes up for this as well as great odor control. Unlike traditional maxi pads, Poise Incontinence Liners offer way more absorbency and protection. They are even thinner and more comfortable than maxi pads. In fact, you can just wear these instead of maxi pads when you have your period. If you want more absorbency, Poise actually has 6 levels of protection with the same line of liners.  We think the very light absorbency is a nice sweet spot that is both absorbent and comfortable.

The Poise Very Lights have a cool flexible design that bends with the shape of your body and perfect for when you are undergoing any kind of rigorous activity.  And for women, we really think it is the best adult diapers for odor control. It is offered in two convenient lengths: regular or 7 ½ inches and long or 8 ½ inches. If you want a line of adult diapers that is mildly absorbent but extremely comfortable with great odor control, Poise maybe the right brand for you.


Depend Silhouette for Women Incontinence Briefs, Maximum Absorbency

Depend for women adult diapersSince we have already reviewed the Depend Incontinence Briefs for men, it is only fair that we do the same for women. And to no surprise, they are pretty much very similar, with the women’s brand being a bit different in the hip and waist ratio. We really think Depend has this market segment in control and manufacturers the best adult diapers for those who do not want to wear underwear on top of their adult diapers. These “diapers” are meant to look like real underwear and they also wear like real underwear. The fit is quite nice (although not the best) and it is comfortable. It also feels great on the skin and its cotton like material is soft and durable. While many adults get turned off by the thought of wearing “diapers” Depends line of products can help you mentally overcome that barrier. When you put these on, many of your friends will not even realize you are wearing diapers.

Just like the men’s version, for the women’s edition the absorbency levels are quite high as well as the odor control. It is a bit pricy, but we think this is a way better solution than medication or staining your pants everyday. You should seriously consider switching over to these if you are a women, because they make you feel really confident in public, which is in our opinion kind of the whole point of wearing adult diapers.



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