Best Men’s Body Wash

best men's body wash

ArtNaturals Essential Bath and Body Wash

The ArtNaturals Body Wash is the best men’s body wash if you want an 100% natural formula that has anti-fungal properties for the feet. It has a great fragrance and is long lasting. This works perfect for those with sensitive skin as well.


best men's body washIf you do a lot of sports or go to the gym, chances are you need the best men’s body wash. A body wash is a type of soap specifically designed for your body and has the right pH content for your skin. Although all types of soap work in the same way, we would only recommend using body wash for the body and not the face or hair, because those areas are more sensitive.

There is special soap called shampoo and face wash for your hair and face respectively, and those substances have been engineered to the sensitivity and oil levels of your scalp and face respectively. In the end, body wash is just soap coupled with fragrance and a deodorizer. Sure, you can use shampoo as body wash, but it is very hard to find shampoos out there that have deodorizing effects and smell masculine. What about bar soap compared to body wash? They are pretty much the same thing: just soap with a scent. The problem we see with bar soap is that it can get dirty fast and can’t really be shared without the risk of spreading germs.

Think of body wash as bar soap in liquid form. Also, different people have different skin sensitivities and in general body wash tends to be a lot lighter on your skin than bar soap. You are probably also wondering how body wash works. Simply put, the body wash releases compounds that attach to water at one end and fat and dirt at another end. This system all just flushes away when you rinse off. So basically all body washes all clean in the same way and al work just as well. In the end, picking the best men’s body wash really comes down to what kind of scents you like and what type of skin you have.

Best Men’s Body Wash Reviews

ArtNaturals Essential Bath and Body Wash

best men's body washArtNaturals is the best men’s body wash for those who want to use a 100% natural wash for the body and foot. It has anti-fungal ingredients, so it is perfect for the feet. It is also a natural antiseptic and kills germs on the spot. It has a nice combination of natural substances like tea tree, peppermint, various oils, aloe extract, jojoba, and eucalyptus. Yes we know, it sound all fancy, but what it basically means is when you wash your body with these vitamins and minerals, good things happen to your skin.

Your skin will be softened and moisturized and there will be no filmy residue. It works great for those who actively do sports and sweat a lot as it has germ killing properties. It is also great for those with athlete’s foot and jock itch as it eliminate the bacteria that causes the itchy dry inflamed skin. When you put it on, it foams up in a fragrant lather and leaves your skin hydrated and washes off very easily. It is gentle and great for sensitive skin. It has a nice fresh manly scent and is nothing too strong. It will last you quite a while as you don’t need too much of it to work in a lather.


Dove Men+Care Body and Face Wash

best men's body washThis is the best men’s body wash for those looking for a cheap economic solution that works great on the body and face. Dove Men + Care is a brand that everyone recognizes and is a body wash amazingly doubles as a face wash too. While most body washes maybe too harsh for the skin on your face, the Dove Men + care is specifically tailored to accommodate for the sensitive skin on your face and to remove the dirt and bacteria in your pores.

If you have acne on your body, this is a pretty good wash for that as well. Don’t worry, there is no salicylic acid in this formula, so you won’t have dried out skin afterwards. This stuff comes out as a gel but quickly turns into a foam as you rub it. This foam lather is ultra-light and should leave you skin hydrated and smooth. The scent is pretty good as it smells like something between a neutral scent and a strong manly scent. Let’s just say it is a bit spicier than the typical dove soap.  It also has micromoisture technology, which is great for those with dry skin as it helps lock in your skins moisture. And the best part is it is usually dirt cheap online. Out of the big brand names, we trust Dove in terms of men’s body washes.


American Crew Men’s 24 Hour Deodorant Bodywash

best men's body washAmerican Crew makes the best men’s body wash if you want a very manly deodorant bodywash. This formula was made for those who do a lot of fitness and sports and sweat a lot. It is long lasting and controls odor all over your body. We think people buy this for that sharp crisp strong smell. It has a very distinct spicy scent and the best comparable is one of the scents from Old Spice. We are not going to lie, it does smell a bit medicinal and herbal, so for those who want a more fruity smell, definitely look somewhere else.

The American Crew men’s body wash has a 24 hour deodorant protection, so it is essentially like putting deodorant all over your body. While most of it washes off when you rinse off, it leaves a thin layer that both kills germs and bacteria and has anti-perspirant properties that prevents you from sweating too much. As you know already, sweat from exercise is a breeding ground for germs and odor, so you need a treatment that prevents you from sweating too much if you want to smell fresh all day. All in all, we find American Crew Men’s body wash to be the perfect soap for those who like a strong medicinal spicy smell that many women like and one that stays on your body for a long time.


Choosing the Best Men’s Body Wash

best men's body washBody wash is a special type of soap that is specifically tailored to accommodate the sensitivity of the skin on your body and leaves a great fragrance. Some even work as deodorizers, which have anti-perspirant properties and also kill odor causing bacteria on your skin. All body wash work in the same way because soap works in the same way. Soap compounds bonds with oil and dirt on your body on one end and water on the other end.

When you wash off the soap, the soap washes off of your body, dragging along with oil and dirt. Some body wash have deodorizing anti-bacterial ingredients, but the efficacy of these ingredients is kind of negligible since most of the germs and bacteria has already been wash away from your body. Without body wash or bar soap, you couldn’t possibly wash away all of the dirt, oil, germs, and bacteria because these things don’t bind with just water alone.  That being said, finding the best men’s body wash is still quite challenging given all of the different brands out there. We have highlighted some things to think about and consider when shopping for body wash for men.

Scent: Let’s be honest, nobody care too much about how one body wash kills more germs than another. Most people buy body wash based purely on scent. The best men’s body wash will leave you smelling masculine and the scent will linger on for a long duration of time. We understand that everyone has a different preference for fragrances so it is difficult to say a certain scent is the best.

However, there are some generally agreed upon scents that more people tend to gravitate towards and these are the ones we will be recommending. We find that the more popular scents tend to be those that give off a spicy smell instead of a fruity smell, which is more for women. Some body washes have menthol or mint attached, which will give you a cooling feeling. Some people like this and for some it is annoying, so maybe try it out first before buying a menthol wash.

Skin Type: When looking for the best men’s body wash, it is important to also consider your skin type, which can be normal, oily, dry, or sensitive.  For those with dry skin, you probably shouldn’t use a strong body wash as it maybe too harsh for your skin and dry it out even more. You may need to look for body washes with moisturizing ingredients in order to add essential oils to your skin. If you have oily skin, then you will definitely need a strong body wash that will remove as much oil as possible.

For those with sensitive skin, the choices are not so obvious or simple. You will definitely need to find a mild cleanser and one that is anti-allergenic. If there are samples of body washes out there, we would try them find first before committing to a full size bottle. We do not recommend using body wash on the face since it could dry out the skin. To clean your face properly, we recommend using the pore strips.



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