Best Drugstore Lip Liner

best drugstore lip liner

NYX Cosmetics Lip Liner Set

The best drugstore lip liner is definitely NYX cosmetics, which makes a great line of high quality yet extremely affordable lip liners. These lip liners apply very easy and last for a long time. This set comes in 6 colors that cover a full range of colors.


best lip linerIf you use lipstick and don’t want to spend too much money, you are probably looking for the best drugstore lip liner. A primer is to foundation what lip liner is to lipstick. For those of you who don’t know, lip liners are also called lip pencil and is good for filling the areas on the outside of your lips before applying lipstick, thus giving it a smoother shape. This gives your lips a bit of an outline or boundary and prevents lipstick from bleeding outside of that boundary. You can also use lip liner as lipstick entirely and fill in your lips with it.

They are available in all of the traditional colors of regular lip stick and usually sold in pencil form that can be sharpened. You can also get invisible lip liner to create smooth lips. Generally, you should be using the best drugstore lip liner when you have thin or uneven lips, have lipstick that is shiny or rich in moisture, want your lipstick to last a long time, or even to replace lipstick entirely. They help prevent smudging, create awesome looking matte finishes, and make your lips look fuller. The next time you are at the drugstore you should definitely consider picking up some lip liner if you have not already done so. But please read our guide before you do so to get an idea of what to expect and how to pick the best drugstore lip liner for your needs.

Best Drugstore Lip Liner Reviews

NYX Cosmetics Lip Liner Pencils 6 Colors

best drugstore lip linerThis is the best drugstore lip liner for those who want a high quality set of lip liner pencils by NYX cosmetics. NYX products are known to be great value because they are high quality and very affordable. This set contains 6 colors that work well with most lip colors and skin tones. You have coffee, mahogany, ever, soft brown, pale pink and nude beige.  We are very confident you can use each of these colors with your lipstick collection.

It contains coconut oils to help keep your lips hydrated. We really like this set of lip liners because they apply easily and smoothly and do not smear. They really work well with any lipstick and enhances your lipstick. These last on your lips for a very long time and help prevent bleeding. The pencil is very easy to use and sharpens quite easily. Overall, this set of lip liners includes some great colors that blend well with lipstick and glide on very easily. They are extremely durable and great bang of the buck.


LA GIRL Lipliner Pencil – 17 Colors

best drugstore lip linerIf you want the best drugstore lip liner that comes in a crazy selection of colors, get the LA Girl Lip Liner set. It comes with 17 great colors that fit pretty much any lipstick and skin tone you have. The texture is very soft and these pencils do a great job of not smearing. This is the perfect set for beginners who are still trying to figure out what lip liner colors are good for them as there are a lot to try.

Also, it is great for those who like to change their lipstick colors a lot and want a lip liner set that is also adaptable.  In terms of quality, these pencils are agreeable. They are not incredible quality like a Mac but also not extremely cheap. They last for a decent amount of time and the color stays for a while without smearing. They are easy to apply and glide on. Also, they are cruelty free for those of you who care. All in all, with this set you get a great selection of colors, decent quality all at an affordable price.


Italia Deluxe Ultra Fine Lip Liner Set (Pack Of 12)

best drugstore lip linerThe Italia Deluxe Ultra Fine Lip Liner is the best drugstore lip liner for those who want a cheap set of lip liners that get the job done. This set comes in a pack of 12 and covers a full range of colors from browns, to purples, to reds, mattes, hot pinks, etc. These are full sized pencils, which are longer than typical lip liners and tend to draw thicker lines.

The color quality is great and produces rich creamy colors. They last a decent amount of time and are quite durable. We can’t say they are amazing quality like NYX or Mac, but for the price and color selection, you can’t really get much better. For the most part, most people won’t be able to tell the difference between these lip liner pencils and a brand name one. Let’s just say we had very low expectations going in to trying them out and they pleasantly surprised us.


Choosing the Best Drugstore Lip Liner

best drugstore lip linerThere are a plethora of lip liner brands out there and not a whole lot of information or reviews on them.  Most people choose lip liners from trial and error, which is really the only full proof way of honing in on the best. However, if you are new to lipstick game or want to know more tips, we have detailed some things to look out for when searching for the best drugstore lip liner.

For the most part, it will depend on the type of lipstick you are putting on and your price range. Lip liners have always been hanging out in your makeup bags, taking up real estate seemingly without a purpose. We all know it prevents bleeding and acts like a barrier but most people have not convinced themselves to make it part of their daily routines. Please see below for some tips and things to look out for.

Type/Material: The best drugstore lip liner can come in many different builds and materials. These include pencil liners, lip smudges, lip paint, and even permanent lip liners. The most common type is lip liner pencil, because it can be sharpened and applying very accurately. Lip smudge and lip paint are thicker liners and can be used after applying liner pencil. You can also tattoo on lip liners if you don’t want to go through the trouble of applying it everytime. Your lip type can also make a difference in the type of lip liner you choose. If you have small tight lips, you should be using a lip pencil can really bring out your lips.

Color: Selecting the perfect lip liner color is much harder than you think. There are some experts who claim that you should select lip liner color that is a few shades darker than your lipstick. Other expert warn to never do that as the contrast will look hideous. We believe that your lip liner color should never be darker than your lipstick and should be a bit dark than your natural lip color. However, if you want to play it safe, you should use a neutral natural liner. Also, the color of your skin as an important role in deciding what lip liner color to use. You should generally pick a shade that will pair well with your skin tone. Also, you should match your lip liner color to your outfit.

How to Apply Lip Liner

  • best drugstore lip linerFirst off you can clean your lips by using an exfoliating scrub and then a moisturizing lip balm. Most drugstore have exfoliating scrubs or balms for your lips. The key here is if your lips are cracked, dry, or have dead skin cells, it will be very difficult to apply lip liner smoothly on your lips. You should also wait for the balm or moisturizer to dry.
  • You can also prime your lips after this, which will help hold the lipstick in place. You can also use concealer or foundation. The point is, priming your lips will help hold the lipstick in place.
  • Next, choose the lip liner color. You should match the color of your lip liner with that of your lipstick and generally speaking, go a few shades lighter than your lipstick color. You may also want to sharpen your lipstick if you have not already done so. A sharper lip liner will allow you to draw more precise lines. You should also warm up the lip liner a bit by making some initial scratches on your hands.


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