Best Oil Cooler For Harley Davidson Reviews

Harley-Davidson motorcycles are known for their power and performance. But what many riders don’t realize is that these bikes also produce a lot of heat. That’s why it’s important to choose the right oil cooler for your Harley.

There are a few things to consider when choosing an oil cooler for your Harley Davidson motorcycle. The first is the size of the oil cooler. You want to make sure that the oil cooler you choose is big enough to handle the amount of heat your bike produces.

Another important factor to consider is the type of material the oil cooler is made from. Some materials are better at dissipating heat than others. You’ll want to choose an oil cooler that’s made from a high-quality material that will help keep your bike running cool.

Finally, you’ll want to consider the price of the oil cooler. Below are five of the best oil coolers for Harley Davidson bikes that are easy to mount and, most importantly, compatible.

#1. Jagg 750-2500, Compatible with Harley-Davidson

If you are interested in the best oil cooler for Harley-Davidson, we highly suggest that you try out the Final Touch Products Oil Cooler. It is really good at removing engine heat and is pretty well made. Perhaps the selling point is that it is just really easy to install and anyone can do it. Also, we find it quite durable and will last longer than other brands.

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Best Oil Cooler For Harley Davidson

#1. Jagg 750-2500, Compatible with Harley-Davidson, 10 Row Black Horizontal Low Mount Oil Cooler System

When it comes to the best oil cooler for the Harley Davidson, we highly recommend you try out the Jagg 750-2500 Oil Cooler. It is made small in size, the price is right and is easy to mount. This cooler has a high transfer rate heat sink design that does a great job of removing engine heat when oil passes through the oil filter. In other words, it does its job properly.

We like how it is easy to install as well. To install, all you need to do is to push the cool collar over the air filter. This cooler grips the filter with no clamps or screws to vibrate loose. Overall, this is a quality oil cooler for the Harley and is beautiful and lightweight. You can tell the craftsmanship is definitely there and the quality is impeccable.

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#2. HDBUBALUS Motorcycle Oil Cooler Radiator Fit for Harley Touring

Next up, we have the HDBUBALUS Motorcycle Oil Cooler Radiator Fit for Harley Touring, which is the best oil cooler for Harley-Davidsons if you have very little space to cool your engine. It is definitely ideal for bikes that see parade duty and other low-speed or continuous idle situations on their bikes.

Like the oil cooler Jagg 750-2500 listed above, this one also takes about 10 minutes to install without any prior experience installing these. There’s not much else to say other than it will keep your engine nice and cool and lasts pretty long according to some long-term users.

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#3. FIASRAC Oil Cooler For Harley Touring

The Fiasrac Oil Cooler For Harley Touring is another great product that is the best oil cooler for Harley Davidsons because it provides a nice continuous flow of cooling air. This works even when your Harley is idling and cruising at low speeds. We find that this oil cooler is great for those who need to cruise at low speeds for long periods of time or when you are idle for a long time.

When installed, this oil cooler from Fiasrac can provide up to a 50-degree drop in oil temperature which is not an insignificant number. Like the previous two oil coolers, this one is also quite easy to install and is basically plug-and-play compatible without any splicing or rewiring. It cools worse in our opinion, but the durability is better.

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#4. YHMTIVTU Oil Cooler For Harley Touring

This Oil Cooler is definitely a nice little device that is the perfect complement to a highly modded Harley that tends to run a bit hot. The oil cooler works great when the engine oil temperature rises and is made with some pretty good craftsmanship. Although it is not as popular as the previously mentioned model, we think it works just as well.

The durability is not so bad as far as we can tell, but there have been so few people that have used this product that it is just hard to gather real data points here. Yes, we are aware that it is a gamble, but we think for the most part you should be alright. At least the installation is easy enough and it seems to cool very well and even better than the oil coolers above.

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#5. Billet Proof Designs Oil Cooler For Harley

Lastly, we have the Billet Proof Designs Oil Cooler For Harley, which is a nice custom product that is CNC machined from billet aluminum and anodized black. One of the biggest problems you tend to get with these oil coolers is that they are often handmade and not in a large controlled factory so the quality control is not really there.

Fortunately, with the Billet Proof Designs, everything works great and all of their batches result in the same quality level. We suppose they get enough orders to make this happen. Anyways, the Billet Proof Designs Oil Cooler is definitely a legit product and they have a great customer support staff and a large user base to back it up.

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Conclusion on the best oil coolers for Harley Davidson

In conclusion, these five motorcycle oil coolers are the best on the market and will keep your Harley running cooler and longer. Billet Proof Design has the best Cooler for Harley, while HDBUBALUS has the best Radiator Fit for Harley Touring. We feel the Happy Motor and One Moto have the best overall design.


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