Best Hard Wax Oil For Floors in 2024

If you are looking for the best hard wax oil for floors, then using a hard wax oil is a great choice.

This type of oil is produced specifically to protect your wood floor while still maintaining its natural beauty.

In the last few years, hardwax oil has become widely accepted by professionals and homeowners. The reason is that when applied, it penetrates deep into the wood surface.

Basically, this oil creates a protective barrier that will help keep your pine wood floor (or other wood) looking new for years to come.

Not only does it provide superior protection against dirt, dust, and moisture, but it also adds an attractive shiny finish.

In summary, such oil enhances the look of any hardwood floor such as wide planks, walnut wood, and white oak. It just protects it from wear and tear.

#1. OSMO Polyx Pro Hard Wax Oil For Floors – The Ultimate Hardwax Oil

For those looking for the best hard wax oil for floors, the OSMO Polyx Pro Hard Wax Oil For Floors is definitely a nice choice.

It is the gold standard of the industry and contains a unique combination of oils and natural waxes that makes your floors really pop out with a stain matte finish.

It lasts for quite a long time and is pretty good value for your money.

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Best Hard Wax Oil For Floors


#1. OSMO Polyx Pro Hard Wax Oil – For The Best Floor Finish

When it comes to the best hard wax oil for floors, the OSMO Polyx Pro is definitely the industry leader.

Basically, it is the original hard wax oil that all the other brands copy.

This hard wax oil has a clear stain matte finish and is made with natural oils and waxes.

It contains a unique combination of sunflower, soybean, thistle oil, and two natural waxes that is kept a secret.

Whatever it is they put in there, all we can say is that it definitely works and works well. Just apply it as thin as possible and wipe up the excess with a paper towel.

You will immediately be able to tell the difference between your old and new floors and the sheen and finishing will last longer than other brands out there.

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#2. Fiddes Hard Wax Oil Finish For Hardwood Floors

Next up, we have the Fiddes Hard Wax Oil For Floors, which is the best hard wax oil for floors if you want a nice natural blend of quick-drying oils and waxes that are quite durable.

Unlike many other hard wax oils, this one is specifically formulated for floors and other high-traffic areas.

It is therefore exceptionally durable and wear-resistant and better than its competitors.

We also like it because it has a quick-drying, natural satin finish that is also quite water-repellent which is quite nice.

This really comes in handy when you have children around the house.

The only real minor issue that we have with this brand is that it dries and cures almost too quickly. So you almost have to work really fast and efficiently.

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#3. Rubio Monocoat Oil For Floors – Get Wood Stain Finish

Another great product when it comes to the best hard wax oil for floors is the Rubio Monocoat Hard Wax Oil.

Most people get this because it does both colors and protects your floor in one step.

Like the Fiddes Hard Wax listed above, this product is also extremely fast drying and cures quickly, giving you superior protection wherever needed. But just note that it doesn’t dry as fast as the Fiddes.

We actually have a bit of a slower dry time which just means you can take your time to work and evenly spread this wax out without the fear of it drying out on your too early.

Lastly, this product gives you a nice matte finish that looks quite natural. It is definitely not for those who want a high glossy shine.

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#4. Tried & True Wood Finish Hard Wax – Traditional Oil

Next, there’s the Tried and True Wood Finish Hard Wax Oil, which is 100% solids and has no solvents or heavy metal driers.

It is a general-purpose wood finish that contains linseed oil and beeswax.

Our favorite feature is the fact that it has this nice subtle shine that doesn’t look or feel overdone. It is definitely not glossy and looks very professional. And it gets more durable as it ages.

We mostly like this product because it is just so useful around the house.

It is not just limited to floors as you can use it for tables, furniture, cutting boards, and anything wood really.

All in all, we think that it does a really good job of reviving an existing wood finish. While it may not last as long as the previous brands, you can just reapply it later.

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#5. Skidmore’s Premium Liquid Beeswax Wood Finish

Skidmore’s Premium Liquid Beeswax Wood Finish is another great wax for floors that has an all-natural non-toxic formula that really does bring out the grains in your wood.

It is made of liquid beeswax and contains no solvents, chemicals, or driers.

While it is meant to restore old furniture, we certainly think that it is great for wood floors as well.

We actually really like the durability of this wood finish and think that it does a great job of holding up against the elements. It even works all right on your outdoor wood decks.

Overall, we think that this is a fine product to try out and you should be pretty happy with the end result.

It is worth the gamble and is backed by a lifetime warranty.

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Frequently asked questions

Below we answer some of the most frequent questions we get asked about hardwax oil.

Is hard wax oil good for wood floors?

Hardwax oil is a great choice for wood floors. It’s in most cases a natural, non-toxic finish that provides a durable and protective layer on wood surfaces.

This type of finish is ideal for high-traffic areas, as it resists scratches and wear.

The hardwax oil finish also gives the floor an attractive, matte sheen that won’t show fingerprints or smudges.

Note that hardwax oil is easy to apply and maintain.

You just need a brush to apply it. And to clean the wooden floor, just use a damp cloth.

It is important to understand that hardwax oil is also water-resistant and can be used in wet areas such as bathrooms or kitchens without fear of damage.

Overall, hardwax oil is an excellent choice for floors due to its durability, protection, and aesthetic appeal.

What are the disadvantages of a hard wax oil finish?

While hardwax oil can provide an attractive, natural-looking finish, there are some disadvantages associated with this type of finish that should be taken into consideration.

One disadvantage of using hard wax oil as a wood finish is its high maintenance requirement. The surface must be regularly treated with a renewed coat of oil to keep it looking its best. This should be applied every 3 to 4 years to prevent any damage from occurring.

Obviously, if the hard wax oil begins to wear away, this will leave the original wood exposed and vulnerable to water damage. So best to apply what the industry calls a coat of hard wax maintenance oil.

Another disadvantage of a hard wax oil finish is that it can easily become scratched or scuffed over time due to regular use and cleaning.

How to clean hard wax oil floors?

It is very easy to lead hardwax oil floors. You just need to have a damp cloth and remove the dust, and dirt from the floor. That’s it. Nothing else.

How to apply hard wax oil onto your floor?

Applying hard wax oil to your floor is very simple. It is also a great way to do some physical work and to protect the natural beauty of your wooden floor.

There are many methods, but the below is the one we prefer:

  1. Select and buy your hard wax oil (see above for some options – You can always use danish oil if it is for a deck boat).
  2. Ensure you were protective and safety tools such as a mask and gloves.
  3. Get all the tools you need, this includes sandpaper, cloth, brush, or roller, and something to sit on if you want to perform this task while sitting.
  4. Now you can decide to sand a little bit the floor. You want to do this with 6 mm sandpaper (max an 8 mn though not the best). The aim is to remove any existing old finish and then refinish it with the new oil.
  5. Once the floor is fully sanded, you need to clean it with a humid cloth and leave it to dry.
  6. Now you are ready to apply the first coat of your chosen hard wax top oil. Don’t forget to make sure to use an oil wood that is specifically designed for floors.
  7. You should apply several thin coats of the oil, with a cloth, brush, or roller (we prefer a roller). Do not pour your oil onto the floor (seen this done so many times) and do not apply a think layer either. Just be gentle and apply thin layers one after the other for the best finish result.
  8. Allow each coat to dry and harden before applying the next floor oil layer.
  9. After all coats are applied, allow the floor to fully cure before walking on it or adding furniture back into the room. This process can take up to three days depending on the temperature and humidity levels in your home.
  10. Note that you should polish the surface with a dry cloth. Preferably a lint-free cloth.
  11. Of high importance, do not leave any excess oil on your wooden floor. Again, you need to remove any excess. If you leave this excess it will create a sticky surface with a rough finish.
  12. You’re done. That’s how you get nice hardwood floor finishes.

The above procedure will work for any natural wood, including dark oak (and any oak flooring like light oak), pine floors, wide planks, bare wood, and any other wood species you have at home.


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