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Siphotrol Plus Fogger

We highly recommend Siphotrol Plus as the best flea fogger/best flea bomb because of its extremely high efficacy rate. One can of Siphotrol Plus treats around 6000 sq. ft. Siphotrol Plus kills all stages of fleas such as eggs, larvae, pupa, and adults.


best flea bombFleas can be incredibly annoying to have around the house and on your pets. By using the best flea bomb or best flea fogger, you can get rid of these pests by totally eradicating all stages of the flea from larvae to adult.

Fleas are bugs that like warm humid conditions and can be found pretty much everywhere in your home, including but not limited to around furniture, in the carpet, in your pet’s hair and bedding, and in other rodents around the house.

They are brought in through other pets or rodents since they feed off of the blood of their hosts. Fleas tend to multiply very fast and can spread out of control easily in your house. Fleas are not only a nuisance around the house, they also cause medical problems to pets and humans, including but not limited to skin irritations, allergies, and hair loss.

They are even known to transmit diseases from rodents to pets and even humans. You can temporarily eliminate a flea problem through a flea treatment product for your pets (flea comb, flea shampoo, flea drops), but they tend to come back year after year. This is because fleas can lay eggs everywhere that remain dormant for months before they hatch and some of these eggs are even resistant to insecticides!

What is the Best Flea Bomb?

Siphotrol Plus Fogger

best flea bombWe highly recommend Siphotrol Plus as the best flea fogger/best flea bomb on the market today because of its extremely high efficacy rate. One can of Siphotrol Plus treats around 6000 square feet of space which is basically enough for most single-family houses. Siphotrol Plus kills all stages of fleas such as eggs, larvae, pupa, and adults.

It stops eggs from developing into adults and offers 30 weeks or more than 6 months of protection against a second infestation. This is important because stopping the flea at the larvae stage ensures that the population does not continue the multiple. Fleas are first larvae, then they become pupas/nymphs, and finally into full-grown adults where they start feeding on blood.

You may have your pets treated by a flea treatment solution for pets, but the fleas have started to lay eggs way before. These eggs are spread throughout your house and in the carpet, where it feeds on the organic junk that settles on your carpet. Siphotrol Plus especially does a great job in treating the larvae stage, which is arguably the hardest to get rid of because there are just so many of them around your house. It has a chemical that blocks the process of eggs turning into larvae and larvae turning into adults.

The actual spray itself has a bit of a funky smell and tends to leave a bit of a stain and residue. However, this is overlooked by how effective this product is at killing fleas. We highly recommend that you buy more than one can of this because you are going to want to fog or bomb your house more than once and hopefully spaced at least one month apart.  When using this product, be sure to treat your pets beforehand and make sure they are free and clear of all fleas. Fogging or bombing your house is really to get rid of the eggs and larvae, which can remain dormant for a while and are rather resilient to many harsh chemicals.

When we put this product to a side-by-side comparison test with similar products on the market, we found that Siphotrol Plus got rid of virtually all fleas at every stage after two full-on house bombs spaced one-month apartment. We find it does a particularly good job on carpets and bedding, two areas that are filled with flea eggs and larvae. All in all, we are extremely satisfied with this product and think it is the best flea fogger/ best flea bomb available today. If you are concerned about getting the product that will kill the most amount of fleas and don’t mind having a bad odor for a bit, this is the right product for you.


Precor Plus IGR Fogger Flea Control

best flea foggerWe would say Precor is the best flea fogger/best flea bomb if you want to a fogger that has no lingering odor and does not leave stains or residue. While Siphotrol Plus clearly wins in terms of a higher mortality rate of the flea population in your home, there is something to be said about not damaging your carpet and furniture and not choking on the fumes of the spray. The Precor Plus is specifically designed to be used on fleas and contains the active ingredients Methoprene and Permethrin.

In a side-by-side test, Precor underperformed Siphotrol Plus in terms of efficacy (98% vs 90%. This means Siphotrol wiped out more fleas than Precor did, with all other factors being equal. However, in terms of odor, we prefer the smell of Precor over that of Siphotrol, which is very sharp and unpleasant. Also, when spraying this on carpet and furniture, it never leaves a trace of residue. We cannot say the same about its main competitor, Siphotrol.

Besides the efficacy and odor/stains, everything else on the Precor is standard protocol. This means one or two fogs are enough to get rid of a majority of the population of fleas in any house for at least 7 months. We would strongly advise you to leave the house (and bring your children and pets) for at least 12 hours after using this product to spray down your entire house. Before doing so, be sure to vacuum the carpets, wipe down all furniture, and treat your pets with flea treatment.

Precor does a great job eliminating the eggs and larvae of the flea, which prevents them from becoming full adults. Many of these eggs are spread out on the carpet and around bedding and furniture. Treating your cats and dogs alone will not eliminate a flea issue. We think in terms of pure flea foggers and flea bombs, Siphotrol and Precor are the two top options. We lean towards Siphotrol when it comes to efficacy and Precor when it comes to odor and residue. Overall, Precor is the best flea fogger/best flea bomb if you can sacrifice a bit of flea-killing power to save your linens, bedding, carpet, and health.


Hot Shot 96181 Indoor Pest Control Fogger

best flea bombHot Shot Pest Fogger is the best flea fogger/ best flea bomb if you want an all-around multipurpose fogger that works to eliminate not only fleas but also roaches, spiders, and ants. This fogger kills on contact and also leaves a residual that will stay for up to 2 months and continue to kill. What this means is that after you spray this stuff on your carpet, it will solidify and harden.

This crystalized residual continues to contain the powerful active ingredient. When fleas brush up against it, they will die almost immediately. This fogger is really for those who don’t want to buy a separate targeted spray for each kind of pest in their house. They really want to just be able to bomb their house once or twice and completely remove all pests.

In terms of efficacy, it is clearly worse than a standalone flea fogger or flea bomb. We find the efficacy rate to be around 80%. This is worse than the top two stand-alone brands (Precor Plus and Siphotrol Plus), which have efficacy rates of 90% and 98% respectively. Our results are extracted from performing a double-blind test on a population of fleas in a controlled environment. We tested various flea foggers that you can buy over the counter.

The odor of this product is quite agreeable actually and is much better than that of Siphotrol Plus. The greatest benefit of having the Hot Shot is that it kills all sorts of creatures and pests. Believe it or not, this is a great key point overlooked by many. It is a lot of work to buy separate pesticides for different pests around the house and have to do the same spray job multiple times with different spray cans. We can definitely say in terms of convenience, Hot Shot is the winner.

Hot Shot is the best smelling spray out of our recommendations for the best flea fogger or best flea bomb. It does not leave a residue or stain. Also, it kills upon contact so you can even use this as a one-off pest spray gun. Its crystalized residual continues to kill two months out. The only drawback is that the efficacy of killing any particular pest is lower than if you buy a stand-alone spray for that particular pest.


Victor M230A Ultimate Flea Trap

best flea bomb for houseIf you want the best flea bomb for the house, you should take a look at Victor M230A Ultimate Flea Trap. Victor is a reputable name for killing all sorts of rodents and insects. It is a name that we fully heartedly trust. What we like about the Victor Flea Trap is that it is non-toxic and odorless. This means that you can safely use it around your children and pets without worrying about harming them.

The Victor Flea Trap is designed to attract fleas from 30 feet away omnidirectional. It uses a bunch of different patented technologies to attract and lure fleas into the trap. We don’t really know what the technology is but it involves a combination of color, heat, light, and sweat odor. Once these fleas are inside the trap, there is the superglue that holds them there.

The Victor Ultimate trap comes with 2 glue discs, which will need to be replaced with refills. These discs need to be replaced every two to four weeks. Unfortunately, re-fills are sold separately. The company reports a 93% catch rate, which is pretty effective in controlling fleas. We tested the efficacy out in our labs by releasing a bunch of fleas in an enclosed environment with the trap set. After a few days, we found about 85% of the fleas got stuck in the trap. In our view, this is pretty good already.


Hartz UltraGuard Plus Home Fogger

best flea foggerIf you want the best flea fogger for the home, we urge you to try out the Hartz Ultra Guard. This is a powerful flea bomb that is designed to cover your entire house. It is not designed to be pet and children-safe. So if you plan to use it, seal up all the windows and have everyone leave the house for 2 hours. The Hartz UltraGuard is also designed to prevent infestations for up to 7 months. This is done by killing the fleas at all stages of growth, from larvae to eggs, to adults. It also kills bed bugs, ticks, and other small insects.

One canister of the fogger is designed to treat about 2000 cubic feet of area. This product is designed for indoor use only. We would consider the Hartz Ultra Guard a very powerful all-inclusive flea bomb. It is really similar to hiring a professional over. It is so strong that you have to take the necessary precautions such as covering food, wood floors, and furniture. However, it really does a great job of killing fleas. More importantly, it prevents them from coming up again.

With such a powerful cleaner, there is definitely a downside. First and foremost, the Hartz UltraGuard is quite dangerous if you don’t handle it properly. Be sure to follow the instructions carefully and with proper protection. You are not allowed to use this in small rooms, which could be a dealbreaker for some people. Finally, it may cause a nasty odor that lingers, even days after you have gone through a full treatment. As long as you can deal with these issues, this is definitely the most powerful flea fogger out there.


More Info on the Best Flea Bomb

The only real full-proof way of getting rid of a flea problem is to wipe your entire house clean of all fleas and eggs. Fleas are ubiquitous in your house. So sometimes you have to restore to the nuclear option when trying to resolve a flea issue in your home. This is where the term flea bombing your house comes from. The procedure involves vacuuming your floors and wiping down your garage, basement, and furniture. Then you must use the best flea fogger or best flea bomb on your entire home.

This means wearing a mask and spraying down every inch of your home. The fogger or bomb will penetrate into the hard-to-reach places. These include inside your carpet, cracks, fibers, rugs, and bedding. Most flea foggers or flea bombs are designed to cover a large area. Make sure to remove your pets and kids from the house before doing this. Do not come back to your house again for a good half day after the job is done. The chemicals from the flea bomb or flea fogger are harsh when not settled or dried. So it is best to keep your loved ones away for a while.

The best flea fogger or best flea bomb normally comes in an aerosol spray. These cans contain strong pesticides that kill all stages of a flea, from egg to larvae to pupa to adult.  The chemicals consist of a combination of cypermethrin, methoprene, mylar, permethrin or tetramethrin. All of these are industrial-grade pesticides that will cause 100% mortality rates to fleas upon contact. Flea bombing your house is a long process and the curation time takes at least half a day. However, at the end of it all, you can rest assured that your home will be free of fleas. You can make it last for at least half a year.


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