Best Portable Washing Machine

best portable washing machine

Haier HLP21N Pulsator 1-Cubic-Foot Portable Washer

The Haier HLP21N is the best portable washing machine if you are looking for a washer that has a good balance between performance, capacity, and portability. It has a capacity of 6 pounds of clothes, has the same settings as a normal washer, and is extra durable. It is portable enough to carry this around from one apartment to another.


best portable washing machineIf you are traveling and need to wash your clothes often, you may be better off investing in the best portable washing machine. Portable washing machines are designed to be lightweight and do not require hook up to a water drainage system. Many of the more portable designed simply require you to fill up the washing machine with water manually and drain it manually. Many are compact and light enough to be carried with one hand and so this is great for those traveling and staying in cabins, lodges, camping, and hotels with no readily accessible washing machine.

There are some models that even run on batteries, which is great for camping and places where you can’t find an electrical outlet. Most portable washing machines have some kind of water intake hose that you can attached to the opening of kitchen or bathroom faucets, making it incredibly easy to fill it up with water. All portable washing machines work more or less the same way. You fill it up with water either manually or via a faucet. Most are electrical based so you do need to find an outlet.

Then you load your laundry and put detergent inside. You then configure and start the machine just like you would do in a normal sized laundry machine. You may need to add in more water manually or via the faucet for a rinse cycle. Then you need to either dump out the excess water manually or via a tube into your kitchen and bathroom sink or toilet. For more information on choosing the best portable washing machine for your needs, please check out our buyers guide below.

Best Portable Washing Machine Reviews

Haier HLP21N Pulsator 1-Cubic-Foot Portable Washer

best portable washing machineIf you want the best portable washing machine that is powerful and handles a decent sized load, you should definitely look at the Haier HLP21N. This washing machine weighs in at around 43 pounds and has about one cubic feet of capacity. This is enough for a week’s worth of clothes from a single person and loads up to 6 pounds.

At 43 pounds, it is not the most portable unit on the market, but the trade-off is extra capacity. Also, there are 3 wash cycles and 3 water levels and all sorts of other control settings. It has cycle lights, operates quietly, and has adjustable legs so you can level it properly. So basically, it has control settings like any normal washing machine out there. In terms of speed and durability, we can’t be more satisfied.

The Haier HLP21N definitely doesn’t shake like it is having a nervous breakdown during spin cycles. We tried dropping this thing a few times and it absorbed the impact pretty well. In terms of getting water inside this unit, you can either manually dump water inside, use a hose, or attach it to a sink or faucet with an included adaptor. All in all, the Haier HLP21N is great as a back up washing machine at home in case others are using the main one or for those who frequently switch apartments. If you want something to take on the road for hotels or camping, we would go with something more portable.


XtremepowerUS Electric Small Mini Portable Compact Washer

best portable washing machineIf you want the best portable washing machine that is ultra-portable, you should consider the XtremepowerUS Electric Small Mini Portable Compact Washer. First and foremost, this thing is small, compact, and lightweight. It comes in at only 10 pounds and is 9x8x8 inches, making it about the size of a large trash can. It is made of plastic so it is definitely not the most durable or good looking of washing machines.

It is really designed for dorm room and people on road trips, since you can just stick this in your car effortlessly. In terms of getting water in there is an water intake valve that you can hook up to a faucet or you can just dump water in manually. Although it is advertised to wash 9 lb, we say it is more like 5 pounds. So this is a few t shirts, one or two pants, and some underwear and socks. You have to learn how much water to fill it up to based on the size of your load. We definitely would not fill this thing up to full capacity, as the motor can’t handle it. The XtremepowerUS Washer is extremely easy to operate as it only has one button control. You set the time you want it to wash and press start.


The Laundry Alternative Wonderwash Non-electric Portable Compact Mini Washing Machine

best portable washing machineIf you want the best portable washing machine that does not run on electricity or batteries, you should definitely look into the WonderWash by The Laundry Alternative Inc. This portable washing machine is unique in that it is operated by a hand crank. Now you are probably thinking that you don’t want to crank for an hour.

Luckily, your laundry will be done in a few minutes of cranking. This washing machine takes about 5 pounds of clothes and only weighs 5 pounds. This is probably the most portable unit we have come across. You can definitely take this with you on a camping trip, as it is only the size of a cooler.

With this washing machine, you no longer have to hand wash clothes, find a laundry machine, or deal with finding an outlet. And don’t worry, the crank mechanism is not difficult and anyone can do it. You are not supposed to crank it fast and after 20 or 30 cranks you are done. The one issue we found with the WonderWash is that it still leaves your clothes a little wet because there is not mechanism inside the machine to squeeze out the excess water inside clothes. But this just means that you have to hand dry them for longer. Don’t worry, your clothes won’t come out soaking wet but they are not completely dry either.


Best Portable Washing Machine

best portable washing machineAccess to laundry machines is tough when you are living in apartments and constantly moving every few months. If you have a large family or roommates, there could be times where the communal washing machine is occupied. Or if you are on a month to month lease, you don’t want to spend all that money to get a proper laundry machine, because after your lease ends, you won’t want to move around a giant machine. Perhaps you are on the road traveling for long periods of time and staying in hotels where there is no laundry machine.

We are here to tell you that there is a solution to all of these inconveniences and it is called a portable washing machine. These machines are quite small and often just 1-3 cubic feet and weigh in at 10-50 pounds or so. They hold roughly 10 pounds of clothes or so, so enough for a single person. These portable washing machines hook up to a faucet for filling up with water. You can always just dump water in manually or put a hose inside. Once the machine is finished washing your clothes, you can drain it into a sink or toilet. There are differences in portable washing machines and you need to make an informed decision based on design, cycle options, portability, and features. Please see our list of things to consider before honing in on the best portable washing machine for your needs.

Design/Portability: You want a portable washing machine with an ergonomic design. It should be compact enough so that you can fit it easily in the back of your car trunk. There should be good space inside the washing machine to fit a decent sized load without the need to cram in your clothes. The washing machine should be very sturdy and durable in order to hold its ground when it is in a spin cycle and not break apart if accidentally dropped while transporting.

When it comes to portability, you have many choices. It really depends on the size you want. For example, a washing machine that has 1.5 cubic feet of capacity will usually weigh in at 50 or 60 pounds. While this is not exactly lightweight, you can certainly carry it on our own without a struggle. Then you have ultra portable washing machines that weigh in at only 10-20 pounds or so. Usually these washing machines are barebone models and are stripped of most features. You probably have to fill and drain the water manually and the machine will be made of some form of cheap lightweight plastic. So in terms of size and portability, there is always a trade-off.

Cycle Options: This is where portable washing machines can get fancy. You have the more expensive brands that offer the same amount of cycle options and programmable options as a normal washing machine. You normally have settings for normal loads or delicates. The more fancy portable washing machines even have cycle options for warm water washing by self heating the water.

Features: Some portable washing machines have extra features that make them stand out. Some will be auto adjustable water levels. Some will conserve more electricity by being energy efficient. Some even run on battery, making them completely portable. You should always pay attention to the extra features when trying to pick out the best portable washing machine.


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