Best Black Olives

Black olives are a must-have for any party and Mediterranean diet lover.

You have many different types of olives which can be divided into meaty, fruity, and briny.

But what you should know is that these olives get their signature flavor from the harvest process and the region they come from.

The taste is directly dependent upon the soil where the trees are planted, the quality of wind (it is the wind that helps the reproduction), the amount of sunshine, and the quantity of water they absorb.

Olives are often served as an appetizer or side dish, but they’re also canned for convenience and long-term storage.

Canned black olives can be used in many dishes to add a salty, savory kick to your favorite recipes.

Whether you’re looking to make a delicious salad or top off your pizza with something special, black olives are a great choice. Read on to learn more about why black olives should be part of your pantry staples.

No matter which type you choose, there’s no denying that black olives add an incredible depth of flavor to any dish – whether it’s pizza, pasta, salads, or sandwiches – making them a must-have pantry item for any kitchen.

#1. Mario Camacho Brineless Pouch Olives

Snack black olivesFor those who want the ultimate black olives that are extremely convenient to eat and very tasty, you should look into the Mario Camacho Brineless Pouch Olives.

Each pouch has around 80 calories and can be eaten on the go.

No more messy packing or loss of quality after opening and closing the jar a few times.

These black olives also taste pretty good despite not being in brine.

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Best Black Olives Condiments


#1. Mario Camacho Brineless Pouch Olives

We think Mario Camacho makes some of the best black olives in terms of taste and convenience.

We really like these olive pouches and think they are the perfect snack on the go.

These olives are produced in Spain and packaged without any brines or pits into individual 80-calorie snack-sized pouches.

We are pretty amazed at the quality given that they are not sitting inside of brine and freshness is pretty high. Also, none of the olives are deformed or mushed up.

On the taste front, while they are not at the top of the tasting chart, they come pretty close to the top.

But for convenience and freshness, we had to pick this brand.

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#2. Giusto Sapore Italian Black Olives

Italian black olivesWhen it comes to olives, you should definitely trust Giusto Sapore.

They have been in the business for years and know exactly how to pack the freshest, juiciest olives.

These are Italian black cerignola olives and handpicked with the utmost details. They are natural and non-GMO.

Giusto Sapore loosely translated means “just the right flavor” and we really do think these black olives have it down just right.

They are not too salty or overpowering and not too mild.

In terms of texture, they are nice and firm on the outside, but when you bite down, it fills your mouth with this creamy richness.

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#3. PEARLS Ripe Pitted, Jumbo Black Olives, 5.75 oz in a can

For those who want the best black olives but are also budget conscious, the PEARLS Ripe Pitted, Jumbo Black Olives are the way to go.

As you know, the PEARLS brand is well known, so it is definitely a trustworthy producer.

The reason these olives are so cheap is that they are California-grown olives and not imported.

However, in terms of taste, they are still pretty darn good. Not as good as imported olives, but still has great value.

Also, just note that these olives maintain their natural color because they have not been treated with ferrous gluconate.

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#4. Sanniti Oil-Cured Black Kalamata Olives

If you want a slightly different and interesting black olive taste, you should definitely give the Sanniti Oil-Cured Black Olives a go.

These olives are made from Kalamata olives in Greece. Their olives are hand-picked from the freshest olive trees.

Basically, the region it is grown in has extremely fertile soil and is great for growing olives.

These olives are lush and filled with flavor.

They have also been oil cured with sea salt, so they are gushing with a more creamy savory flavor and a bit on the saltier side.

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#5. Sunfood Olives, Black Botija

For those who want the unique taste of dried black olives, then the Sunfood Black Botija Olives are a great choice.

The manufacturing process is pretty thorough and meticulous.

The olives are first tree-ripened and hand selected to ensure freshness every time.

They are then sea salt cured and low-temperature dried, giving them a soft and tender texture. They are also packed with essential vitamins.

Finally, it is nice to know that these olives are organic, non-GMO, vegan-friendly, and kosher.

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Are black olives good for health?

As soon as someone refers to black olives and speak about their healthy effect on our bodies, they directly relate this condiment to being part of a Mediterranean diet. But they do not provide substance to their point. So are they really any health benefits associated with consuming olives?

Yes, Olives are great for your health, whether they are black, green, yellow (yes these exist), or even purple.

Basically, olives are rich in monounsaturated fats, minerals, and vitamins. They contain several important antioxidants that can boost overall health.

Consuming black olives has been proven to help lower cholesterol levels and reduce inflammation due to their high levels of healthy fatty acids.

Generally speaking, olives are an excellent source of dietary fiber ( that’s why they reduce your cholesterol and aid digestion). Research has shown that they can help improve heart health too.

But what we really like about this condiment is that they are rich in iron. Iron is essential if not critical for the formation of red blood cells and the transportation of oxygen throughout your body.

We also like the fact that they contain copper, calcium, magnesium, and potassium. These minerals do help to maintain healthy bones and muscles.

In summary, black olives are a nutritious food choice that can provide many health benefits.



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