Best 120mm Case Fan

best 120mm radiator fan

Cooler Master Blade Master 120

The Cooler Master Blade Master 120 is the best 120mm case fan because it has excellent craftsmanship and performance. Cooler Master always produces the best cooling components, and this product is no exception. It is a premium case fan that has strong airflow and a silent operation.


If your computer components are high-performance, they will produce a lot of heat and a 80mm/92mm case fan may not provide enough cooling. In that case, you may need one 120mm case/radiator fan or more to do the job. But there may be too much energy consumption and noise if you use a regular 120mm case/radiator fan.

As we know, the PWM function can reduce both energy consumption and noise while keeping a nice balance between strong cooling and low noise output. So, if you want to find the best 120mm case/radiator fan, you should look for fans with the PWM function.

Also, to judge whether a case fan is good or not, you should find out the maximum airflow or speed of the product. Usually, a case fan with low airflow or speed can’t be good, and you shouldn’t waste your money on it.

The next thing you should find out is the noise level. If the maximum noise level is under 20dBA, this product can be a good pick. But don’t forget to check the cooling performance, because such a product definitely has weak airflow if it doesn’t have PWM function.

Also, the service life expectancy and the price are important. You can know not only how much you can save if you buy the product, but also how quality is it. To save your time and energy, we tested dozens of popular products on the market and picked 5 out of them. They are the best 120mm case fans on the market, with great performances and reasonable prices. You can’t be wrong if you go with any of them for your computer.

Best 120mm Case Fan

Cooler Master Blade Master 120

best 120mm radiator fan

The Cooler Master Blade Master 120 is the best 120mm radiator fan because of its performance and quality. The Cooler Master is very experienced in producing cooling components, and this product is another master piece produced by this company. If you have got a Cooler Master Blade Master 120, you will get the best cooling performance will the lowest cost which will last for a long time.

One good thing is that to cool your computer components, the Cooler Master Blade Master 120 produces powerful airflow. This product has amazing fan speed which is 2000rpm, and that’s almost twice the regular speed of a standard 120mm fan. Thus the maximum airflow is 76.8CFM, and your computer components get the best cooling.

The PWM function allows this fan to work at 600rpm and sound like a whisper. Additionally, the PWM function seems to be not so necessary since the maximum noise level of this product is only 19dBA. The secret of its low noise output is the anti-vibration rubber pads around the edges.

Another good thing is that the Cooler Master Blade Master 120 has been designed to be simple and easily mounted. Just like other 120mm radiator fans, it can be mounted with simply a screwdriver. You can even do it at home without any instruction.

Additionally, this 120mm case fan has 40,000 hours of service life expectancy. Considering its price, the Cooler Master Blade Master 120 is good value for your money.

-strong airflow & quiet cooling operation
-PWM function
-easy installation
-good value for your money


Noctua NF-F12 PWM

best 120mm Case Fan

The Noctua NF-F12 PWM Cooling Fan is definitely the best 120mm case fan on the market because it is a premium case fan with the best workmanship. The Noctua is a very well known company which has focused on cooling components for many years. Just like other Noctua products, the Noctua NF-F12 PWM has a nice balance between strong cooling and noise.

The first thing you should know about the Noctua NF-F12 PWM is its cooling performance. The maximum speed is only 1500rpm, which seems to be low compared with other case fans. But the airflow it produces is up to 94.2 cubic meters per hour, and you can hardly find a stronger 120mm case fan on the market.

Better yet, this strong case fan has a quite low noise level at 22.4dBA when working at full speed. The reason that the cooling operation can be so quiet is the SSO2 bearing, which has better stabilization, precision and durability. Also, as the Noctua NF-F12 PWM is a 4-pin PWM product, it can be more or less silent when running at lower RPMs.

Another thing you may be happy to know is that you don’t need to worry about its installation. It’s easy and you can do it by yourself. Even better, the product comes with everything you need for mounting, including a Y-cable as you may want to install multiple case fans in your computer case.

Additionally, the Noctua NF-F12 PWM is really durable. It has a super long service life which can be over 150,000 hours. Also, the manufacturer has guaranteed its quality with a 6-year warranty. There is no need to hesitate, and you should try the Noctua NF-F12 PWM. We are pretty sure that you will like it, and you may even become a fan of Noctua products.

-silent cooling operation
-auto speed adjustment
-easy intallation
-super long warranty


Corsair SP120 PWM High Performance Edition

best 120mm case fan for gaming

If you love computer games, you definitely have heard the name of Corsair. This company produces the most stylish and high-performance products for every game player. The Corsair SP120 PWM High Performance Edition is designed to be the best 120mm case fan for gaming, providing the best cooling performance for your computer components.

When talking about cooling, the most important thing is the airflow. The maximum speed of the SP120 PWM High Performance Edition is 2350rpm. It produces a very strong airflow which is 62.74CFM when running at full speed. This product has better cooling performance than standard case fans, because it’s designed for top game players who need super strong cooling for their computer components.

One pf the biggest downsides is that the noise level of this product at full running speed is 35dBA, which is still quite audible. To reduce its noise, this product has added the PWM function so it can automatically slow down when your computer does not need much cooling. Additionally, the PWM function also reduces the energy consumption. Since the cooling is super strong, and the noise has been basically controlled, the Corsair SP120 PWM High Performance Edition is still the best choice for game players.

One big positive which we which should mention is the ease of installation. With simply a screwdriver, you can mount it in your computer case and you hardly fail. There is no need to call for an expert since you can do it at home. Finally, the manufacturer provides a 2-year warranty to ensure the quality of this product. You won’t lose anything, and this product definitely worth the try.

-super strong cooling
-PWM function
-easy installation
-2-year warranty



best 120mm case fan with PWM

The ARCTIC F12 PWM PST CO is the best 120mm case fan with PWM function. That means this product has not only a good balance between strong cooling and noise reduction, but also a lower energy consumption. Additionally, you will certainly be impressed with its performance and workmanship.

The fan speed of this product is up to 1350rpm, pushing 90.1 cube meters of air per hour. It performs slightly better than other products on the market according to the cooling. But it takes big advantage in its noise level, which is only 0.3 sone at full speed. In other words, this 10mm case fan is quiet as a whisper.

As we mentioned its workmanship, the manufacturer has chosen the best for the ARCTIC F12 PWM PST CO. The Japanese Dual Ball Bearing of this product is super durable, so that the life span of this fan can be up to 5 times longer than its competitors. Also, the impeller and the fan blades are specially designed to improve the airflow and reduce the noise.

Additionally, the ARCTIC F9 PWM PST CO is easy to install. You can install it in two ways: blowing warm air out of the case, or drawing cool air into it. You will get better cooling as you can choose either way of the installation according to the temperature of your room.

-PWM function
-strong but quiet cooling operation
-great workmanship
-two way installation


Thermaltake Riing 12 Radiator Fan

best 120mm LED radiator fan

The Thermaltake Riing 12 Radiator Fan is the best 120mm LED radiator fan with high-static pressure. It’s a strong cooling component and has nice appearance. You can’t go wrong if you have got this radiator for your computer. The first thing you should know about this product is its cooling performance. This fan can run at up to 1500rpm, while providing 2.01mm-H2O of air pressure and 40.6CFM of airflow. Also, there is no need to worry about the noise, since the maximum noise level is just 24.6dBA, which is audible but not annoying.

This product is fairly a standard 120mm radiator fan, but it has special designs and parts that make it more reliable. The hydraulic bearing can lubricate itself when working, providing more smoothness and a longer life span. Also, the low-noise cable can reduce the noise level from 24.6dBA to 18.7dBA.

Additionally, the LED is quite bright. You may love its effect if you mount multiple Thermaltake Ring 12 Radiator Fans in your computer case. There are 6 colors available and you can easily find your favorite.

-stable cooling performance
-high-static pressure
-low noise level
-multiple colors of LED versions




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