Best 200mm Case Fan

best 200mm case fan silent

Thermaltake 200mm Pure 20 Case Fan

The Thermaltake Pure 20 is the best 200mm case fan if you are looking for something that can keep your computer components cool without audible noise. It helps your computer to get better performance, and also provide you a quiet working space.


In recent years, computer components are quickly improving. As they are getting better performance, their energy consumption rises, causing the formation of increased heat. These components can’t keep working in hot environments, or they will be irreversibly damaged. That’s why you need to improve the cooling inside your computer.

Usually, you can add a 200mm case fan in the case to provide passive cooling. It will blow away the hot air surrounding the components and bring in the cool air from outside. Thus it keeps the components working in a cooler environment and improves their performance.

The bad thing is, there are dozens kinds of case fans on the market, making it hard to choose the best for your computer. Some of them are out-dated and may not provide enough displacement of air. Some may work well in cooling, but they make loud noises or are bad looking. It takes a lot of time to look for the best 200mm case fan if you are very particular about the details.

After rigorously testing in our lab, there are 5 products that come out on top. Compared with their competitors, these products have better performance and durability. They are all reliable brand name products and are good value for your money.

Best 200mm Case Fan

Thermaltake 200mm Pure 20 Case Fan

best 200mm case fan silent

Thermaltake 200mm Pure 20 Case Fan is the best 200mm case fan for people who need silence. This product is born to provide enough cooling while keeping the room quiet. It allows you to focus on the task without being disturbed by loud fan noise.

The Thermaltake 200mm Pure 20 Case Fan is hardly audible when it’s working at low rpm. The fan is 30 mm thick, so it can make stronger airflow and take more heat away from the components without adding the speed. Thus it can keep high performance while working quietly. If you like complete silence, this fan would be perfect for your computer.

On the other hand, the Thermaltake 200mm Pure 20 Case Fan can also provide excellent cooling effects when working at full speed. It spins around 1000 rpm when needed, keeping your case very cool. But just like most of its competitors, it may make audible noise after months of high speed running.

Additionally, this fan is quite durable. It is brushless and has sleeve bearings. The running life is up to 30,000 hours, which pretty much means it will never die on you. Finally, the LED version is also optional, but the LED may be a bit dim compared with similar products.

-nice cooling
-strong cooling with slightly audible noise
-long running life
-optional LED version


Cooler Master MegaFlow 200

best 200mm case fan for value

Cooler Master MegaFlow 200 is the best 200mm case fan for value. It’s the most popular product on the market and it has been proven to be effective, durable and easy to use. If you want a good 200mm fan with reasonable prices for your computer case, we highly recommend this product.

The Cooler Master MegaFlow 200 has been produced to provide quiet but high-performance cooling. The maximum speed of this fan is 700rpm. It can blow away 110 cubic feet of hot air out of the computer case in just one minute. In other words, it has twice the cooling efficiency of 140mm fans. But you can hardly hear any noise when the fan works with low rpm. Audible sound can only be heard when the fan is working at maximum speed and it is pretty quiet even at max speeds.

The Cooler Master MegaFlow 200 is also easy to install. It comes with the basic kits for mounting. All you need is a screwdriver and you can do the installation at home. It may take no more than ten minutes to mount it in your computer. You don’t need to worry if you have the LED version as it is easy to install too.

There is only one thing you should be aware of. If you have bought the LED version and you want to disable the LED, you will have to add a switch or cut the translucent wires, which is not suggested and may harm the fan. In other words, you better make sure whether you want the LED before your purchase.

-high performance
-low noise level
-easy to install
-optional LED version


Noctua NF-A20 PWM 200mm fan

best 200mm case fan

Noctua NF-A20 PWM premium-quality quiet 200mm fan is the best 200mm case fan on the market. The manufacturer Noctua is very experienced in developing and manufacturing high-performance cooling components. The Noctua NF-A20 PWM is the newest 200mm fan of the Noctua series. Compared with all its competitors on the market, this product has better performance, durability, value and ease of use.

This large 200mm fan has excellent airflow performance at a very low noise level. It features aerodynamic construction such as flow acceleration channels, so the airflow is much faster and takes away more heat per unit of time. This product can automatically control the speed via the 4-pin PWM fan header.

The fan will work at 800rpm maximum speed when the temperature is high, or it slows down to 550rpm to be quiet and highly effective after the components cooled down. It’s rated at up to 20dB at full speed and at about 10dB when running at lower speed level.

Additionally, the Noctua NF-A20 PWM is very easy to install. It has three sets of mounting holes of different sizes so you can replace the 200, 230 and 250mm fans with the Noctua NF-A20 PWM. Also, the super long screws allow you to mount this 30mm thick fan solidly. Furthermore, it comes with y-cable for running two PWM fans on the same header. If you still have problems with the installation, the instructions should help out a lot.

It should be mentioned that the quality of the Noctua NF-A20 PWM has been guaranteed with a 6-year warranty by the manufacturer. Also, the manufacturer provides nice customer service so you don’t need to hesitate to call them if you have any doubts.

-high performance
-auto speed adjustment for silence
-super ease of installation
-good quality and super long warranty


BitFenix Spectre Pro 200mm LED Case Fan

best 200mm LED case fan

BitFenix Spectre Pro 200mm LED Case Fan may be the best LED 200mm case fan on the market. It can keep noise at a low level while working at full speed. We recommend this fan because it has a great balance between performance and silence. You can’t really go wrong with this product.

The BitFenix Spectre Pro 200mm LED Case Fan can run at up to 900rpm if necessary, providing nice cooling effects. On the contrary, it produces sounds about 27dB, which isnot annoying, but still quite audible. As other products may produce much louder noises, the BitFenix fan is still a good choice for your computer. Additionally, the manufacturer provides versions of different colors to cater to people who like various looks.

You can choose blue, green, red and white. Also, the LEDs are quite bright, and the light will help you relax. If you are a game player, we recommend this stylish product to replace your old non-LED case fan.

-good performance
-slightly audible noise
-stylish LED versions
-good choice for entertainment


NZXT 200mm Rifle Bearing Case Fan

best 200mm case fan powerful

NZXT 200mm 37.25 dBA Rifle Bearing Case Fan may be the most powerful 200mm case fan on the market. This product is focused on providing the best cooling without regards to the noise level. If your computer is working in a hot environment, you better choose this fan and ignore its sound.

The speed of the NZXT 200mm Rifle Bearing Case Fan is up to 1300rpm, which is almost twice the regular speed of other 200mm fans. This fan allows you to have 282 cubic meters of airflow, and feels like an air-conditioner in the case.

On the contrary, this fan produces quite audible noises up to 37.25dB(A). The manufacturer is super honest as they even put the word “37.25dBA” in the origin name of the product. We have to say, 37.25dBA is not that bad. If the sound is acceptable, this fan would be perfect for your computer.

This product is not suggested to be used in personal computer, unless you don’t mind the loud sounds. We highly recommend it to be used in public computer rooms because of its high performance of cooling.

-super focus on cooling
-a bit loud noise
-honest manufacturer
-nice choice for public computer




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