Best 92mm Case Fan

best 92mm Case Fan

Noctua NF-A9 FLX 92mm Premium Fan

The Noctua NF-A9 FLX 92mm Premium Fan is the best 92mm Case Fan because it provides outstanding cooling for your computer while keeping total silence. What makes it the best is its award-winning workmanship and super long service life.


Every computer needs a strong case fan for cooling its components. As the 92mm case fans have bigger sizes, they usually provide stronger airflow compared with the 80mm products. But it’s not wise to have a noisy case fan in your computer case, since you may not be able to focus on your task if the noise is too loud. So, it’s quite necessary to find out the best 92mm case fan which performs well in cooling but also keeps quiet.

As we know ,there are dozens of kinds of 92mm case fans on the market. To find the best, first you should find out the maximum airflow or speed of the product. These data points demonstrate the cooling effect of various fans. Basically, a case fan with low airflow or speed can’t keep the case cool, and may finally result in the damage of your computer components.

Secondly, you need to know the noise level of the case fan. If the noise level is under 20dBA, this product can be a good pick. If a case fan can’t be quiet when working at full speed, it should provide PWM function to allow it keep running at low RPMs when the case is cool, or it will make noises all day long and drive you mad.

Thirdly, you can know how durable the product is by finding out its service life expectancy. A regular 92mm case fan usually has a service life of 30,000 hours, while good ones can easily reach 90,000.

Finally, look at the the price. According to all features above and the price, you can easily find out which product is the best 92mm case fan for you. To save your time and energy, we tested dozens of popular products on the market and picked out 5 of them. They are the best 92mm case fans on the market, with great performance and reasonable prices. You can’t go wrong with any of them for your computer.


Best 92mm Case Fan

Noctua NF-A9 FLX 92mm Premium Fan

best 92mm Case Fan

The Noctua NF-A9 FLX 92mm Premium Fan is definitely the best 92mm case fan on the market. This quiet but reliable 92mm case fan is another premium product produced by Noctua, which is very experienced in developing and manufacturing of top-rated cooling components. Once you try a Noctua product, you will fall in love with its quality and performance and never go back to using cheaper competitors.

Perhaps the selling point of this product it that it has top of the line performance. When the temperature of the components is low, the PWM function allows the Noctua NF-A9 FLX to work at 1050rpm to reduce sound and energy consumption. Otherwise, this fan will automatically speed up to 1600rpm to provide strong cooling. Because of the anti-vibration frame and super smooth bearing, the whole cooling operation is almost silent even at full speed.

The Noctua NF-A9 FLX has been made thicker than regular 92mm case fans to blow away the hot air further. Also, the flow acceleration channels on its fan blades can increase the speed of the airflow, providing good cooling effects but with lower running speeds. This special design also enormously prolongs the running life of the Noctua NF-A9 FLX, making it the most durable 92mm case fan on the market.

Additionally, you don’t need anything about the installation. Just like mounting other case fans, the only tool you need is a screwdriver, and the whole installation won’t take more than ten minutes. Or you can choose the expert installation service, which we do not recommend since it’s really expensive.

Finally, we remind you that the Noctua provides a 6-year warranty of this product. There is no other company that can do such a guarantee.

– silent cooling operation
– auto speed adjustment
– easy installation
– super long warranty


Nanoxia Deep Silence 92mm PWM Fan

best 92mm case fan silent

If you want a silent computer, the Nanoxia Deep Silence 92mm PWM Fan is the best 92mm case fan for you. As it is advertised, this product is extremely quiet. Also, this stylish case fan has great workmanship and durability, and it can keep the silence of your workplace.

The first thing you should know is that the Nanoxia Deep Silence 92mm PWM Fan has very satisfying cooling performance. Although it operates at lower speeds than regular fans on the market, it still provides nice cooling. It uses two cables for different working voltage as 12V and 7V. When working at 12V, the Nanoxia Deep Silence 92mm can run at up to 1400rpm, producing 23.6CFM of airflow and keep your case cool, while the noise level is only 13.7dB(A).

As the 12V cable is for standard operation, you can use the 7V cable to further reduce the noise. Compared with its performance at 12V, the airflow is reduced by about 10% when working at 7V, but the noise level is halved. If the noise is your biggest fear, this fan is definitely your best choice.

There is no need to worry about the cooling if you have got this product. As we tested, the Nanoxia Deep Silence 92mm PWM Fan works just like those standard 92mm case fan. Better yet, it has lower energy consumption and super long running life as 80,000 hours. We highly recommend this product for its efficient energy consumption and quiet environment for work, study and entertainment.

– standard cooling
– super silence
– low energy consumption
– super long running life


ARCTIC F9 PWM PST CO 92mm Case Fan

best 92mm case fan with PWM

The ARCTIC F9 PWM PST CO is the best 92mm case fan with PWM function. The PWM function allows you to have strongest airflow when your computer components need immediate cooling. This also helps keep your room quiet when the temperature inside the case is not high. Not only do you get more cooling and silence, but also lower energy consumption. Installing an ARCTIC F9 PWM PST CO in your computer case would be a wise decision.

The ARCTIC products always has excellent workmanship and theARCTIC F9 PWM PST CO is no exception. It has been designed to minimize the noise level and make stronger airflow. The Japanese Dual Ball Bearing of this product makes this happen. It’s super smooth so that the fan can get higher speeds which can be up to 1800rpm. This premium bearing also reduces the noise level and the energy consumption of the product but prolongs its service life, making it a perfect 92mm case fan.

Additionally, the ARCTIC F9 PWM PST CO is easy to install, just like its competitors. But according to the way you install it, it can blow warm air out of the case, or draw cool air into it. This special design allows you to get better cooling performance as you can tailor your installing according to the temperature of your room.

– PWM function
– strong but quiet cooling operation
– great workmanship
– two way installation


Cooler Master 92mm Silent Fan

best 92mm Case Fan value for money

The Cooler Master 92mm Silent Fan is the best 80mm case fan because it’s super value for your money. The manufacturer Cooler Master is very much experienced in producing cooling components, this product is their flagship. You will get the best cooling performance will the lowest cost with the Cooler Master 92mm case fan.

As all Cooler Master products do, the Cooler Master 92mm Silent Fan produces powerful airflow to cool your components down. This cooling strategy is simple but really effective. It has been designed to be simple, long lasting and easy mounting, but it has never sacrificed its cooling performance. We say that because the sleeve bearing of the product is super smooth, allowing the fan to produce up to 32.53CFm of airflow. It also explains why the cooling operation is so quiet that its noise level is only 20.8dB(A).

Additionally, this 92mm case fan has 30,000 hours of running life, making sure that your computer components are always cool. Considering its price, the Cooler Master 92mm Silent Fan can’t be a wrong choice.

– strong airflow
– quiet cooling operation
– easy installation
– good value for your money


Noiseblocker XE2 92mm Fan

best 92mm Case Fan strong airflow

The Noiseblocker XE2 92mm Fan is the best 92mm Case Fan with super strong airflow. The maximum airflow of this product is 37.6CFM, which beats most of its competitors on the market. When working at full speed, the noise level is only 21dBA, which is almost unbelievable. Although this product is old, it is not widely known and accepted by the customers.

But we are pretty sure that it’s a nice choice, since it has great performance and workmanship.As the Noiseblocker XE2 92mm Fan is designed in Germany, the craftsmanship is superb. It has removed all unnecessary functions but keeps the a quiet cooling operation. According to the technical specs we talked above, it has much better running performance compared with most of similar products on the market.

Also, the Noiseblocker XE2 92mm Fan has a long service life which can be up to 80,000 hours. The quality of this product has been guaranteed with a 3-year warranty by its manufacturer. Furthermore, we can fully understand why the Noiseblocker XE2 92mm Fan won multiple awards in the past after rigorously tested it in our lab. The only bad thing is that this product does not provide PWM function. It’s not energy-saving, and it always works at full speed.

– strong airflow
– quiet cooling operation
– no PWM function
– long service life




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