Best 140mm Case Fan

best 140mm LED case fan

Corsair HD140 RGB PWM

The Corsair HD140 is the best 140mm case fan because it is a premium quiet 140mm fan with high performance and great quality. You can hardly find another fan that is totally silent while providing strong cooling.


As computer components demand higher performance, they will produce very more heat. With the best 140mm case/radiator fans you can keep your computer nice and cool for long periods of time. No matter what game you play of what job you do, a computer with such cooling components will never fail.

In the world of computer component cooling, energy consumption and the noise can be big problems. If your fans keep working at full speed all day long, they will waste a lot of electricity and the noise can be endless. The key to the problem is the PWM function which allows fans to reduce both the energy consumption and the noise. Also, it keeps a nice balance between strong cooling and noise reduction. So, before you purchase anything, you should focus on case fans with the PWM function.

The next thing is to find a brand name fan with nice cooling and a quiet operation. Usually, a good 140mm case fan can produce 70CFM of airflow. Also, if the maximum noise level is under 20dBA, it should be a nice choice. It’s hard to find the balance between cooling performance and sound output, but with some premium products you may not need to face this problem.

Additionally, we need to remind you that the service life expectancy is important. A long lasting case fan usually has more stable performance. To save your time and energy, we tested dozens of popular products on the market and picked 5. They are the best 140mm case fans on the market, with great performance and reasonable prices. You should do alright with any of these choices.

Best 140mm Case Fan

Corsair HD140 RGB PWM

best 140mm LED case fan

When talking about cooling components, the Corsair is the company we have to mention. The Corsair produces the best products for game players, including the best 140mm LED case fan. We really like the Corsair HD140 RGB PWM, as it combines strong cooling, quiet operation and beautiful LED lighting.

First we talk about its LED lighting, since we all love games and want a stylish computer case to meet our visual demands. The 12 RGB LEDs are built directly into the frame and each of them is independent, making the fan look like a rainbow in the case. After using the Corsair HD140 RGB PWM, your computer case is no longer a boring box and becomes a vivid decoration in your room.

The next thing is the cooling, which is very important for the components. The running speed of the fan is between 600 and 1350rpm. This translates to up to 74CFM of airflow which is pretty strong compared with competitive products. The fan blades are adjusted to provide higher static pressure as 1.85 mmH2O, making the Corsair fan a stronger cooling component than other standard 140mm case/radiator fans.

Of course you can forget about the noise. As this product uses ultra-thin fan blades, its noise level at full speed is only 28.6dBA, and its PWM function can reduce the noise level down to 18. Basically, this fan sounds like a whisper when it’s working. Even after you mount 4 or 5 Corsair fans into your case, you won’t feel uncomfortable with the sound.

Overall, the Corsair HD140 RGB PWM is the best RGB case fan for game players. It comes with the lighting controller. By following the instruction, you can easily mount this stylish cooling fan in the case. Plus, you can’t go wrong buying it, because it’s good value for your money.

-independent RGB LED lighting
-strong airflow with high static pressure
-quiet operation and PWM function
-easy to use


Noctua NF-A14 PWM

best 140mm Case Fan

The Noctua NF-A14 PWM is the best 140mm case fan on the market because it is a premium quiet 140mm fan with high performance and great quality. The Noctua is a very well-known company which has focused on cooling components for many years. Like other Noctua products, the Noctua NF-A14 PWM has the best workmanship and design.

According to our testing result, the cooling performance of the Noctua NF-A14 PWM is outstanding. The rotational speed of this fan is from 1200 to 1500rpm, which is not very fast compared with other brand name products. But the flow acceleration channels of its fan blades allows the air flow faster, resulting in up to 140.2 cubic meters of displacement of air per hour.

But to our surprise, the operation of the Noctua NF-A14 PWM is super quiet. It uses Noctua’s AAO frame and 4 vibration-compensators to reduce the noise. When working at full speed, the noise level of this fan is only 24.6dBA. Better yet, it can be reduced to 19.2dBA if you use the Low-Noise Adaptor(L.N.A).

Of course it’s still audible, but the PWM function can slow the speed down to 300rpm and make the fan completely silent. As we’ve tested dozens of products, there is no other fan which can keep total silence while proving enough cooling for your computer like this one.

Although the Noctua NF-F12 PWM has a complex anti-vibration construction, it’s still easy to install. As it has standard 140mm mounting holes, it can be easily installed in your computer case. Also, it is perfect to be used on 140mm water cooling radiators. Additionally, each fan comes with a Y-cable which perfectly helps you to install multiple fans.

Finally, the Noctua NF-F12 PWM is super durable. The life span of this fan is over 150,000 hours which is almost double other products. Also, the manufacturer provides a 6-year warranty to guarantee its quality. While there are many great products out there, if we were to put a gun to our heads and pick one, it would be the Noctua NF-F12 PWM.

-silent cooling operation
-PWM function
-easy to use
-super long life span and warranty



best 140mm LED case fan quiet

It will be hard to find another LED case fan to replace the COUGAR Vortex CFV14HP PWM, because it’s the best 140mm LED case fan with a super quiet operation. The Cougar gaming produces computer components with high performance for every game player, and this fan is another masterpiece.

There is no doubt that this fan has a quiet operation. The maximum noise level of this product is only 19.2dBA, which almost can be called silent. Also, the PWM function allows it to keep silent all day long. Maybe you don’t mind the sound from your computer case, but it can be totally different if you use 4 or 5 Cougar fans to replace your old ones. We are sure that you will have better experience after using this product.

Also, the Cougar case fan is quite a strong cooling component. The maximum airflow is 70.5CFM, keeping your PC components cool like autumn. The fan blades are specially designed so that it can concentrate the airflow and bring greater pressure. You can attach the fan to your case or on a water cooling radiator, and the performance will be just as good.

Additionally, this product is quite easy to use. You can mount multiple Cougar fans in your PC case by yourself, if you follow the instructions. The whole installation will not take more than half an hour. Then, you will see the beautiful LED lighting and find out how strong the fan is.

-strong cooling
-super silent operation
-easy to use
-nice LED lighting


Arctic F14 PWM PST CO

best 140mm case fan with PWM

The ARCTIC F14 PWM PST CO is the best 140mm case fan with the PWM function. This product has a good balance between cooling performance and quietness. The manufacturer has shown excellent workmanship and design on this product. The fan speed of this product is up to only 1350rpm. So, it’s really incredible that this ‘slow’ fan can push 126 cubic meters of air per hour, which is 30% more than a standard 140mm case fan. Compared with other products on the market, this product has really strong cooling.

The manufacturer has chosen the best materials for the ARCTIC F12 PWM PST CO, making it a very professional cooling fan. The Japanese Dual Ball Bearing in this product is super durable, allowing this fan keep working 5 times longer than its competitors. Also, the impeller and the fan blades have very special designs so they can improve the airflow and reduce the noise.

Additionally, the ARCTIC F14 PWM PST CO is easy to install. The two ways of installation allow this fan blow warm air out of the case, or draw cool air into it. It makes no difference in mounting, so you can do it by yourself as well.

-PWM function
-strong cooling operation
-great workmanship
-two way installation


Phanteks PH-F140MP_BBK_PWM

best 140mm radiator fan

The Phanteks PH-F140MP_BBK_PWM is the best 140mm radiator fan with super durability and stable cooling. If you have got this radiator fan for your computer, you may not need to replace it for many years. The thing you should be concerned about the most should be its cooling performance. The maximum speed of this fan is 1600rpm. When running at full speed, this fan provides 1.62mm-H2O of static pressure and 68.1CFM of airflow. The performance of this product is very stable, because it uses a magnetic brushless DC motor to avoid the effects of resonance.

Also, you don’t need to worry about the noise. The noise level is 17-25.3dBA, just like a standard 140mm radiator fan. The PWM function allows it to slow down if the components do not need too much cooling, so that the noise can be reduced. So, most of the time you will have a silent computer if you use this product.

Finally, the Phanteks PH-F140MP_BBK_PWM has a very long shelf life which can be over 150,000 hours. Also, the manufacturer provides a 5-year warranty to guarantee the quality. This is definitely long enough to have long term peace of mind.

-stable cooling performance
-PWM function
-150000h life span
-5-year warranty




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