Best Youth Four Wheeler Helmet in the Market

ATVs or youth four-wheelers are motorized bikes made for kids to ride outdoors. They are smaller than the regular quad bike and serve a great purpose for an outdoor activity that children usually look forward to eagerly. These four-wheeled motorbikes are compact and are a great way of teaching them how to ride a bike early on.

But just like with any other activity introduced to a little child, several safety precautions are necessary before it can be considered suitable. If you ever plan to get a youth four-wheeler for your child or already have one in your house, then you need to make sure that it’s not without proper youth four-wheeler riding gear, and certainly, the most important piece of safety equipment is a helmet. If your child is traveling at relatively high speeds in an open-top vehicle and is the sole driver, then it’s extremely important to have them wear protective headgear.

#1. TCMT Dot Youth & Kids Motocross Offroad Street Helmet

This helmet has everything you need. It is very safe, has a high number of positive reviews, is very light, comes in a number of colors, and there’s no other helmet that has had so much good feedback from users. It is a reliable, affordable, easy-to-use toolkit for young bikers. This helmet comes from a reputable brand and it does everything that a traditional youth helmet is supposed to do like protecting your children, and yet still able to provide a sense of freedom on the bike. It will last for years to come as long as your care about it and is very easy to use.

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The 5 Best Youth Four-Wheeler Helmets You Can Buy

There is a myriad of options to choose from when it comes to buying a child’s four-wheeler helmet, but we narrowed it down to the very best of options to make sure your kid is good to go when they sit on their bike!

#1. TCMT Dot Youth & Kids Motocross Offroad Street Helmet

TCMT brings a lot to the table with its DOT-certified helmet. It has all the cool looks that your kid will absolutely love, all the while keeping the standard of security intact. The helmet is adequately lightweight and comes with a set of gloves and goggles, so you get the whole deal in one box. The price isn’t too high as well, which seems great with the other riding gear as well.

It pretty much does everything that a traditional helmet would do like to prevent skull fractures when you fall and has a cool look to it. It is really easy to use, light and transportable when traveling. This is easily one of the best options you can come across in the world of youth 4-wheeler helmets. It has excellent safety features that make sure your kid is going to be safe at all times, along with providing decent looks with its design that’ll surely attract your kid’s attention. A great product, to say the least!


  • UV protection included in the helmet and goggles
  • Three different sizes: small, medium, and large
  • A ventilation system included in the helmet
  • DOT certified
  • Weight: 3.6 pounds


  • UV protection offers extra security on top of the other features
  • The ventilation system allows for easy use in the summers and winters
  • DOT certification means extreme protection from impacts due to an additional layer of lining
  • Lightweight
  • Not that expensive


  • Some customers have complained about the sizes being smaller than described


This is easily one of the best options you can come across in the world of youth 4-wheeler helmets. It has excellent safety features that make sure your kid is going to be safe at all times, along with providing decent looks with its design that’ll surely attract your kid’s attention. A great product, to say the least!

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#2. Typhoon Youth Kids Off-Road Helmet

Typhoon has a superb helmet under its sleeves, and it doesn’t compromise in any department, except maybe in pricing. It looks rugged and colorful, exactly catering to the appeal of most kids of the age of riding.

It has all the safety precautions you’ll need, so you can let your kids ride worry-free. Moreover, Typhoon does a great job of keeping the helmet as light as possible, so it doesn’t put pressure on your kids’ necks.


  • Weighs 2.75 pounds
  • Sizes available from Youth XS, to Youth XL
  • DOT certified
  • Adjustable visor
  • Exhaust vents installed on the helmet


  • Is pretty lightweight
  • DOT certification means it has been tested for safety
  • Exhaust vents allow for air inflow
  • Comes with goggles and gloves
  • Looks like a real motocross helmet


  • Might be a little expensive as compared to its competitors at $72.99


The Typhoon four-wheeler helmet and riding gear for kids is a must-have choice if you want to buy a secure helmet that’s been verified by the proper authorities. The only complaint we have about it is its price being slightly higher.

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WOW Youth Motocross Helmet

#3. WOW Youth Motocross Helmet

WOW have some crazy shark designs going on in their collection of helmets, and you should be assured your kids are going to love these helmets in the first interaction itself thanks to the variety of colors it offers.

It not only provides good looks, though, as it has all the other important features that are necessary for a helmet made for kids’ motorized activities.


  • DOT verification for security
  • Weighs around 7 pounds
  • UV protection included
  • 7-vent system for air inflow


  • DOT certification reassures you when it comes to security
  • UV protection helps from any harmful sunlight side effects
  • Decent ventilation on board
  • Plenty of cool designs to choose from


  • A little too heavy as compared to its competitors, at about 7 pounds
  • No supporting gear is included in the box, and that too at $49


If you don’t need the extra gear, and only need a helmet, then the WOW youth helmet is surely a great option to go for. It has all the necessary safety boxes ticked and looks appealing as well. However, it might be a little too heavy, and at $49, you might find yourself better options in the market than this.

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#4. ILM Youth Kids ATV Motocross Helmet

ILM is known to be a respected company when it comes to manufacturing youth helmets for riding purposes.

Apart from the usual security benchmark cleared, ILM helmets have significant inner padding that allows added comfort and doesn’t weigh much, which makes for a pleasant riding experience.

They also house a lot of design options that you’ll have a hard time choosing for your child.


  • Weight: about 2 pounds
  • DOT-certified and tested for safety measures
  • Small to X-Large sizes are available
  • Heavy rain and dirt-proof visor installed


  • Extremely lightweight which makes it easier for your kid to wear for longer periods
  • The visor helps keep your child’s eyes and face protected from rain and dirt
  • DOT certification means that you have nothing to stress about regarding safety
  • Additional, removable padding allows for all the comfort in the world while riding
  • Lots of designs to choose from


  • No goggles or gloves included in the deal
  • Some people have complained about the colorization of the visor


All in all, ILM is known to make high-quality youth helmets, and the price point speaks for it. They have unique matte-finished helmets that look sleek and minimal but also have ones at the opposite spectrum, with graphics filling up the entire headgear. You will be satisfied with the usability of ILM’s helmets for sure.

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#5. Razor Full Face Youth Helmet

Razor, even though without any proper safety certifications, brings a decent youth four-wheeler helmet to the market with its Full Face model. It looks modern and will surely appeal to children of a wide range of ages.

It’s considered to be one of the lightest youth helmets on the market, which is undoubtedly a plus point


  • 17 vents to allow air in and out
  • Weight: 1.8 pounds
  • Ergonomic interior padding


  • Extremely lightweight
  • Allows a lot of air ventilation
  • Additional padding allows the head to sit comfortably


  • A lot of customers have complained about it being cheaply built, allowing no safety upon impact
  • Doesn’t include goggles and gloves in the deal
  • Not for motorized sports


The Razor Full Face helmet seems to look the part and be the part as well to some extent. However, it has been the target of criticism in the safety department.

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What is a Youth Four Wheeler Helmet?

It may come as a surprise, but there is a whole market for youth four-wheeler helmets, and there is a whole lot of variety as well. That doesn’t mean it’s just for showing off to the world that you have extra equipment and all. No, because youth four-wheeler helmets are just as important for your kids as regular helmets are important for bicycle or motorbike riders. These helmets come in many shapes and forms, all serving their purpose of protecting the children riding their four-wheelers on the road or any other platform.

But you shouldn’t make your way to the nearest store and just grab onto any small-sized helmet that you can find. There are lots of things to consider before making your purchase for a child’s youth four-wheeler helmet. We’ve compiled a list of things that you will need to consider before buying a helmet, so you’re well informed before you make your move.

Things to Consider Before Buying A Youth 4 Wheeler Helmet – A Buying Guide

These are all basic aspects that go into a helmet that you should look out for when shopping for it. There are some helmet-specific things and some general information you should become familiar with.


Before buying a helmet for your child, you should know what size you want to buy for him/her because that’s one of the most important things. You can’t buy a helmet too big, because it’ll significantly lessen its protection against impact, and you obviously can’t buy a helmet too small because either it won’t fit, or it’ll be too tight on your child’s head which is never good. Each helmet has different sizes, mostly small, medium, and large, so you can see which size is going to work best for your kid.

Along with the dimensions, also make sure the helmet you’re buying isn’t too heavy for a child because it can affect the neck region if worn for too long, and that can be dangerous in itself in the long run.


As an adult purchasing for your child, you should be and probably are well aware that kids are immensely driven towards the appearance of things more than their functionality. Your child probably doesn’t care about whether or not the youth four-wheeler helmet is fully secure and safe for them, or even about all the additional features that go into it. The main selling point is definitely going to be how the helmet looks. You will find youth girls’ motorcycle helmets and ones for boys on our extensive list, so you can figure out which one will be the most suitable for your offspring.


Now, this is easily the most important and crucial feature to be considered while buying a youth 4-wheeler helmet for your children. Safety and security are the main reason you buy a helmet and other protective gear to make sure your child can learn in an open environment without risking anything. You may think that, well, if the discussion is about helmets, then isn’t every helmet on the list safe and secure? Helmets on their own do provide you added safety from any impact from crashing, but some helmets come with extra features that make sure your kid is strapped in for good.

From harder outer shells to extra padding on the inside that allows no impact to reach in, these helmets have it all. So, make sure you find the one that’s the most secure to use, because if not, then what’s the point of getting a helmet in the first place?


Apart from the basics of the helmet being ticked off, you might want to look out for any extra features or additions in the deal that will benefit you. Some helmets on the market will also include other youth four-wheeler gear in the deal, like gloves and goggles, to make sure your child is completely safe while riding a bike. Goggles and gloves, although not as important as the helmet itself, can be needed in a lot of situations, such as protection from sunlight and from having your hands wounded from a fall, respectively.

So, if a deal has these things included, then make sure you go for it, so you won’t have to spend extra dollars on buying other accessories as well.


Now, of course, it’s important to get all the necessary equipment for your kids to make sure they are completely safe and secure from any mishaps. However, it’s still difficult to be able to afford it all due to the sheer high prices of products. Keep an eye out for the best deals you can find and see whichever one works best for you and your kid(s). You might find better ATV helmets at lower prices than ones that charge you a ton of money for basically the same thing or less.

In our review, you’ll find the five best youth four-wheeler helmets and riding gear, and you can see for yourself which ones are suitable for your needs.


This is also another critical factor you need to keep in mind before buying your helmet, much like any other product. After knowing all about the features that are involved in youth four-wheeler helmets and what works best for safety, you also need to know if it is up to the mark as it’s advertised. You’ll know if the helmet is the real deal by reading reviews about it online. These could come mainly in the face of customer reviews, with you going through the feedback of people who’ve tested the helmets on sites like Amazon.

Or, you could read reviews on websites and blogs, and you can get professional feedback from people in the business. Both ways are effective and will help you make up your decision, and we’re here to do the same. In the above, we’ve gone through 5 of the very best helmets for children and mentioned them in our in-depth review; so, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered when it comes to reviews!


Frequently Asked Questions

It’s only natural that you have some questions about four-wheeler youth helmets before buying them, or even after you’ve bought one. We have got most of your queries covered in our FAQs section.

How to Find the Right Size?

Measure your child’s head properly as per the instructions and find how many inches it is. Once you’ve noted it down, make your way to the page of the youth four-wheeler helmet you want to buy, and see what sizes they have listed down. According to the exact measurement of your kid’s head in inches, you’ll find corresponding sizes ranging from small to large (in most cases). Make your pick from those sizes. Make sure you focus on the size in inches, rather than just buying a small or medium-sized helmet.

Can I Design My Helmet?

If you have bought a motocross youth helmet recently and want to paint over the design of your own, then it’s possible for you to do so. These helmets don’t have any sort of disclaimers that disallow customers from painting over them, so you don’t have to worry about it. However, do make sure you’ve researched well enough about the paint you’re using and the paint that’s already on the helmet from the original design. Mixing the wrong type of paint can cause an unwanted reaction.

How Long Will My Helmet Last?

Well, in most cases, if you’ve bought from a reliable company, your helmet is probably here to stay for quite some time, but it’s better if you make sure that you get a new piece every five years or so. This time period is irrespective of the fact that impact or scratches might damage the helmet. This is because the materials used in the helmet initially are bound to deteriorate and get weaker as time goes on, and that’ll make it more dangerous for your kid to continue using it. So, make sure you change your piece from time to time!

How to Clean My Helmet?

Well, the outer and the inner parts of the helmet need to be cleaned differently due to the difference in materials. For the exterior shelling, just clean the dirt off with plain old water and a cloth, and you can spray some plastic cleaning agent in the end if you like your helmets shiny (not recommended for matte helmets).

The inner padding can be removed and washed by throwing it in a washing machine. Some parts on the interior can’t be removed and will likely get some dirt and sweat on them. Use a soap or detergent with water to clean that up too.


Meanwhile, all the helmets mentioned in this review are great in their own regards, some stand out from the rest due to their extensive features, be it regarding safety or comfort. In our opinion, the best youth ATV helmet is probably a battle between TCMT DOT Youth helmets and Typhoon crossroad helmets. Both of these options come with DOT certification and great inner padding for that extra comfort. Their ventilation systems are commendable and allow plenty of air inflow in the helmet. They both also come with goggles and gloves.

However, if we were to choose one, then it probably would have to go to the TCMT DOT Youth helmet. They slightly edge out Typhoons with their extra UV protection on their riding gear and all the features at a much lower price point of 40 dollars. You won’t be able to find a better deal than this!


Overall, it’s clear that you should get your kids a proper riding helmet, even if they just ride a bicycle, and with the help of our review, we hope you can find yourself the best pick possible!


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