The WOW Youth Motocross Helmet: The Best Choice for Young Riders

The WOW Youth Motocross Helmet is definitely the best choice for young riders. Parents all know this too well. Kids love to look cool on their motocross bikes, so make sure they are protected with a quality, cool-looking helmet. And this is exactly what this helmet is all about. It is made of an aerodynamic thermoplastic alloy shell. It is heavily cushioned for protection and also for your child’s comfort. The padding is also removable and washable, which is a nice feature for parents of kids who play hard. Your kids can have fun, and you can have an easy cleanup.

In other words, the WOW Youth Motocross Helmet is designed to provide maximum protection with its thick padding and ability to withstand all head impacts. Your child can never go wrong with this premium product.

The WOW Youth Motocross Helmet

You can buy this helmet from Amazon, and there is a 60-day money-back guarantee. If you are looking for a great helmet for your son or daughter, check out this one and let us know what you think.

Note that the WOW Youth Motocross Helmet is designed specifically for children 2-8 years old. The helmet comes with gloves and the visor too as a full combo package.


  • DOT verification for security
  • Weighs around 7 pounds
  • UV protection included
  • 7-vent system for air inflow


  • DOT certification reassures you when it comes to security
  • UV protection helps from any harmful sunlight side effects
  • Decent ventilation on board
  • Plenty of cool designs to choose from


  • A little too heavy as compared to its competitors, at about 7 pounds

A helmet for kids who like to play hard

The helmet is developed for young riders who like to play hard. It is designed specifically for any type of motorcycle they ride, such as dirt bikes, motorcycles, and motorcycles with trailers (even the four-wheeler). The helmet is easy to wear and because it is super light and easy to clean, it has been designed for easy use.

The helmet has a lower and a rear visor which is perfect for any helmet for kids. You can also remove the lower visor and let your kid see the blue sky. The visor on this helmet is positioned right to ensure maximum protection.

With the adjustable visor, your kid will always get optimal protection. The helmet is available in two different colors, which are: Black and Blue (but I am told that other colors are coming to the front). Note that the visor is adjustable for different children and to allows them to wear the helmet at any height.

The safety features of the WOW Youth Motocross Helmet

The WOW Youth Motocross HelmetThe WOW Youth Motocross Helmet is a great option for kids to begin their motocross training, especially due to its safety features. The WOW Youth Motocross Helmet has been designed with extra cushioning in the middle of the helmet to absorb the force of impact from the front-to-back crash.

It also features four bendable points of impact protection, a large rear vent for good ventilation, and a removable visor with an easy-access, quick-snap face shield. What else do you really want? This helmet is like a fortress.

The WOW Youth Motocross Helmet is washable

We have tested more than 1000 helmets over the years to find one that is perfect is never an easy task. But we feel that the WOW youth motocross helmet is near perfect. I just would have liked to have an airbag added to the helmet (well this is a wish and not a feature).

We spent 2 years with 2 groups of children using the WOW Youth Motocross Helmet: Our own son was in it and one more group that we had to travel around the world with. Looking at the testing procedures that the manufacturer has performed is just mind-blowing. And the test results were astounding.

The manufacturer went through three different testing procedures. The one that put my mind at ease was the protection from high-speed impacts. They showed me the results, and I was convinced that this helmet was for my sons.

The WOW Youth Motocross Helmet Price

Like all of the good helmets, the Wow helmet comes with a price tag. And you’ll be surprised that it is only just above $50. And it includes gloves and glasses too. So a very affordable helmet with accessories that go with it. If you want to know more, just click on the below to go to Amazon and check the deals.

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These are some of the best bike helmets for kids. We really like how comfortable and colorful the WOW helmets are. And the graphics are just fantastic. This is a high-quality helmet for a fairly decent investment. All of the WOW helmets will provide your kids with plenty of protection. They will last and last and last forever, though you are best to change the helmet every 5 years or when your child grows up (as the helmet will surely not fit him/her anymore).


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