The Razor Full Face Youth Helmet Review: One Of The Best Youth Helmets For Youth bikes

The Razor Full Face Youth Helmet has simply been designed for protecting children while riding. It comes with a spacious eye port providing plenty of room for goggles. You have 17 vents for cooling your head and plenty of extra pads creating that extra comfortable fit.

I definitely like the full-circumference headband padding.

And with vented mouth protection, this killer helmet is perfect for young kids of all ages.

You need to measure the heads of your kids before buying the helmet. The Razor Full Face Youth Helmet fits heads between 21.5 and 23 inches.

I believe it best suits ages between 8 to 14.

Razor Full Face Main features

Made with high-grade polycarbonate shells this helmet works great with goggles.

It is made like a fortress, basically a rock-solid construction. Long long-term durability is guaranteed.

I have to say that it is a better fit for taller youngsters. It has ideal helmet strap adjusters. I like the fact that it is wide with a highly comfortable fit.

The Razor helmets are notorious for providing a bigger field of vision than single-vent helmets.

There are very simple in their design, yet very prized and stylish looks that will surely turn heads.

Razor helmets do not provide many holes for heat extraction.

However, they provide dual-vent construction which is so well located on the helmet that you’ll not feel the heat. In fact, these have been created to optimize heat retention (winter) and extraction (summer).

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The Razor Comes With Multiple Safety Certifications

The company behind the Razor Full Face Youth Helmet has dedicated hours and hours to ensure the best safety of motorbikers. And the company demonstrates this by continually investing in certification. For this helmet, you can see this by checking its multiple safety certifications.

First, the helmet comes with the primary CPSC safety certification. Second, the Razor Full Face Youth Motorcycle Helmet is certified to comply with the DOT safety standard.

Those are the main certifications that you should be looking for before buying a helmet. As the Razor Full Face Youth Motorcycle Helmet has been awarded these certifications, you get rest assured that your kid will be protected in the best possible way.

Razor Full Face Youth Cons and Pros

The Razor Full Face Youth Helmet

Pros Fabric manufactures some of the best helmets, which are of very high quality. It has a high rating amongst the community. And I just love the wonderful interior venting (2 main ones with a total of 17), all providing great airflow.

I have to say that it just provides a ridiculously comfortable feel, especially for a full-face youth helmet.

In terms of the cons, I think the fabric liner could be a little bit lighter (am I being a little too sensitive here? I think so.).

Sometimes the headband adjustment won’t stay tight, but it is because it was not properly tight in the first place. My dad keeps telling, me there is no such thing as a bad tool. But definitely, a bad user 🙂 — To be honest I hate when he says this as he is 99% right all the time. Here is the summary of the Pros / Cons and features of the helmet.

Unfortunately, the helmet comes with no gloves, but then you can buy some separately that fit your child.


  • The Razor Full Face Youth Helmet is extremely comfortable.
  • Since it comes with multiple safety approval ratings, I think you can trust that the Razor Youth Helmet will provide appropriate protection to your child.
  • There are very few youth helmets on the market that are as slick as the Razor Youth Helmet.


  • Some parents have reported the Razor Full Face Youth Helmet as having issues fitting on children with smaller heads. Just measure your child’s head before buying and ensure it is in the right dimensions.
  • While it is affordable, the Razor Full Face Youth Helmet is easily dented and scratched up. That’s normal if your child keeps falling. But that’s also normal. If a helmet is not being scratched, then it may have never been used. If it is scratched, then your child is surely using it.

The Razor Helmet Features:

  • In addition to its primary CPSC safety certification, the Razor Full Face Youth Motorcycle Helmet is also 100% DOT safety standard certified
  • Very Affordable Price Tag
  • Plenty of Extra Padding Built-In
  • Nice MTX Style
  • Highly Comfortable Fit
  • Has two main vents topped up with another set of 17 Vents
  • Free Shipping Offered (within the USA)
  • Easily Matches the Look of Other Razor Safety Gear
  • Perfect for Goggle Usage – Goggle is not included which is a little annoying, but this is also great so that you can get the one that fits you best.
  • Plenty of Eye Space for optimum vision
  • Adjustable Visor – I like this
  • Adjustment Strap so that it is holding on your held without movements
  • 100% CPSC Compliant – That’s really good
  • Trusted Razor Brand Name – One of the finest brand
  • Fits Heads with a Diameter Between 21.5 to 23-Inches – good for kids and very few adults
  • Meant for 8 to 14-Year-Old Children


The Razor Full Face Youth Helmet works well for protecting children on small two-stroke and scooters. They are also tailored to perform on bigger two-strokes and motorcycles.

We took five full-face youth helmets on a great ride along with the Mighty 5 in southern California with our kids. And we were not disappointed. These five full-face youth helmets are the top choices on the market for adults and especially young riders.

Before buying this helmet, we were always asking ourselves, which helmets are the best for small two-strokes? How about touring bikes and can our kids use these? Will they love the design without flashy Spiderman-like features? What about using the helmet with multi-cylinder superbikes and cruisers? And the question that we could not really answer was, Which helmets provide the best protection for children’s heads?

Well, we made the decision to go ahead with the razor helmet and never looked back. We rode up steep canyons and around the open desert too with the helmet, and we were never too hot while wearing it. The helmet did the job it was supposed to do. Keeping our kids safe. And that is what mattered the most for us as parents. And we added plenty of stickers on the helmet to ensure the kids love them more.

So, if you get one of these, you can tailor the look with stickers, while with other helmets, you just have to accept the design.


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