The TCMC bike helmet – A full review

The TCMC bike helmet is a helmet designed for outdoor biking, cycling, etc. But what I really want to say is that it’s important to select a helmet designed for your type of riding. You need to know that the vast majority of helmets are designed for a very specific type of biking (motocross, road bike, etc.).

As such, when selecting a bike helmet, you definitely need to consider the type of riding you will be doing, the environmental conditions you will be riding in (sun, rain), the appropriate gear that properly fits your head, and not forgetting the most important aspect, that is budget. While this TCMC helmet is one of the best in its category and price range, it is not the most expensive nor the cheapest. I would personally qualify as top of the range without breaking the bank so to speak.

Why Choose a TCMC Bike Helmet?

TCMC bike helmets white black dual visor motorcycle

TCMC has put together a series of helmets for all types of riders. Whether you are a recreational rider, racer, or biker, there is a helmet to meet your needs. In fact, they have helmets for road biking, mountain biking, BMX, and even skaters. So this tells you that they know quite a bit about fabricating helmets and especially the safety aspect surrounding them.

All TCMC bike helmets meet rigorous safety, durability, and performance standards. TCMC uses a large set of in-house designers who focus on the latest technology to bring you the best in head protection. Every TCMC helmet incorporates superior comfort and ventilation features. And all of the helmets far exceed nationwide ANSI standards.

What are the features and benefits of TCMC helmets?

TCMC bike helmets have been designed with aerodynamics, a cooling system, and ventilation in mind. The helmet is also made from a lightweight material for comfort. The lighter the helmet, the better the comfort. Most of TCMC’s helmets come with very sturdy pads that do not absorb sweat or water.

Do TCMC helmets meet appropriate standards?​

The TCMC bike helmet is probably one of the very few helmets that have passed many accreditations and are DOT-approved, CE-approved, RoHS-approved, and anti-scratch. They have developed their helmets around an aluminum shell. They also use very high-quality ABS materials with superior thermoplastic molding technology.

What I really like about them, and you may say that I am repeating myself here, is that they’re very lightweight, yet with a sturdy structure that can transfer the energy from an impact away from the head more efficiently. I love the benefit of transferring the energy so that it reduces and prevents concussions. All in all, they are designed for a safe biking experience. The TCMC bike helmets even offer increased UV protection and improved aerodynamic design for safer riding. Again, I like the UV protection bit because I seldom use protective UV cream for my head.

Can I adjust the helmet to my head with the TCMC helmet?

The TCMC helmet has a unique feature that allows you to create the perfect fit for your head shape. Adjustable Velcro straps and padding adjust the internal webbing of the helmet. So let us add this feature to our long list of benefits: TCMC bike helmets are lightweight, durable, and sturdy helmets for all types of cyclist needs, but also adjustable.

What else do I need with the helmet?

I really think you need to get the gloves and goggles/glasses that go with it. I like to protect my head, but protecting your hands and your eyes is really important too. If you fall on the floor, you’ll not have scratches on your hand. At the same time, if you hit a brank, you’ll be covered by your glasses. Note that glasses can also protect you from getting some flies in your eyes, which is really sour when that happens. If you have all of these gears, you may also look for some protection for your knees and elbow. I think you’re now ready to enjoy biking/riding as your favorite activity.

An example of a TCMC helmet for kids

Best Youth Four Wheeler Helmet Youth Kids Motocross

You can get the TCMT Dot Youth & Kids Motocross Offroad Street Helmet. It is a really well-fabricated helmet, which my children use. I found them highly important for the safety of my kid, but also to teach them that safety is the most important factor when doing something risky. I taught them that we cannot control all the risks, but we can reduce them by taking preventative measures (I call that a mitigating factor).

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  • UV protection included in the helmet and goggles
  • Three different sizes: small, medium, and large
  • A ventilation system included in the helmet
  • DOT certified
  • Weight: 3.6 pounds


  • UV protection offers extra security on top of the other features
  • The ventilation system allows for easy use in the summers and winters
  • DOT certification means extreme protection from impacts due to an additional layer of lining
  • Lightweight
  • Not that expensive


  • Some customers have complained about the sizes being smaller than described

Summary – Why would you consider a TCMC helmet?

The TCMC bike helmet is specifically designed for active people who love being outdoors. This bike helmet comes in small, medium, and large sizes. It has a unique half-shell design that is height adjustable so that you can customize the fit for your head. The outer shell is made of hard-boiled polycarbonate to help protect your head from impact injury.

The inside lining has a moisture-wicking feature that will help draw sweat away from the skin to help keep you cool and comfortable. Great for cycling, cross-country skiing, snowboarding, skydiving, motorcycling, horseback riding, or as protection while performing your favorite outdoor sport.


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