Best Welding Caps Reviews

Revco Black Welding Cap

The Revco Black is the best welding cap if you want a high-quality functional cap for welders that is also stylish. The material is both soft and flexible yet maintains its shape well. Also, it is very comfortable even after extended periods of use.


Why do you need the Best Welding Caps?

If you do welding for a living or just as a hobbyist, chances are you have heard of welding caps. These are kind of goofy-looking caps that keep your hair out, are fireproof, absorbent, and prevent sweat from dripping into your eyes. They also cushion your head from welding helmets, which tend to be hard and uncomfortable. Finally, they protect your head from welding sparks. And turning it sideways makes it protects your ears as well. This is something a do-rag can’t do.

Of course, you don’t have to wear a welding cap, but these things have also become somewhat fashionable in the industry. They can be worn as regular hats during the daytime, as you don’t have to be a welder to wear one. The main thing that separates these caps from normal caps is that they are made of more comfortable and flexible material. They are actually quite functional and work just like do-rags in terms of keeping your hair and sweat in and fire out. Also, they tend to be a lot more durable than your standard run-of-the-mill hat.

Many of the best welding caps come with stylish designs while others are just plain tacky. We can’t really tell you which ones are the best looking, because it comes down to a matter of personal preference. However, you should generally be on the lookout for features like high quality and comfort. Most welding caps are one size fits all, but surely there are also welding caps that are adjustable. Be sure to look for welding caps that have good dexterity, as the most important thing when welding for a long time is comfort.

Best Welding Caps

  1. Revco Black Welding Cap
  2. Lincoln Electric Welding Cap
  3. Comeaux Caps Reversible Welding Cap
  4. Mutual Industries Welding Cap
  5. Lapco 6-Panel Welder’s Cap

1. Revco Black Welding Cap

We believe Revco makes one of the best welding caps in the industry. This particular welding cap is built with very high-quality 100% cotton. It also has a universal fit and fits most head sizes and shapes and will accommodate size 5 all the way to a size 8. It has a BSX Armor red logo at the front, which makes it a bit less plain than just a black welding hat. This cap is a welding cap, doo rag, and welding beanie all in one.

Another great thing we like about this hat is that it offers incredible protection. The material is made of thick cotton so it can definitely take a beating. Also, it is non-flammable so don’t worry about welding sparks flying on your hat. It fits well with most welding helmets if you do end up needing one. Finally, the material is quite soft despite it being thick, which makes it quite comfortable to wear for long periods.

– Made of high-quality cotton
– One size fits all
– Great protection
– Soft

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2. Lincoln Electric Welding Cap

Best Welding CapsFor those of you who want the best welding caps that show some American spirit, the Lincoln Electric ones are the way to go. This is an all-American welding cap with the graphics like an American flag. Additionally, it is all cotton and features air-cushioned insets on the inside to absorb sweat. It also features a high crown design, which aids in increased ventilation when you wear it. We think these are really great features to have.

Also, it is machine washable, but we recommend hand washing if you don’t want the color to fade. It is a one size fits all type of hat that should fit most heads. We should also mention that the seams are flat stitched, which gives you much better comfort when wearing it for long periods of time. Overall, this is a nice flexible welding cap and a great hat for the money.

– American flag graphics
– Absorbs sweat very well
– High crown design for ventilation
– Value

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3. Comeaux Caps Reversible Welding Cap

The Comeaux is the best welding cap if you want a simple functional hat that works very well. This particular hat measures 7.25 inches but you can get a variety of sizes and colors with the company. The key feature is that all of their hats are reversible, which means you can either get a different style or you can extend the life of your cap without having to wash or service it. Although we prefer the solid black color, you can definitely pick out the color of your liking.

We also like the fact that the hat is flexible and soft all around. You can almost just fold it up like a sponge and put it in your pocket, including the brim. The brim is quite soft yet durable enough to offer some nice protection. And in order to protect your ears and neck, the caps are medium crowned. Finally, just make sure you order the right size as there are many to choose from.

– Great style
– Reversible
– Brim is soft yet durable
– Medium crowned

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4. Mutual Industries Welding Cap

Mutual Industries makes the best welding cap if you are into something a bit outlandish. This particular hat we recommend is loud and proud and definitely makes a statement. However, if you don’t want something this bold, you can definitely get one of their more plain-looking welding caps. Just know that Mutual Industries is known to make some pretty funky designs.

A good thing to know is that all Mutual Industries welding caps are meticulously constructed with quality craftsmanship. They are all very comfortable, durable, and most importantly machine washable. We can definitely vouch for the durability as it features a rugged double-stitched card bill. Additionally, you have a cotton sweatband to absorb moisture and sweat. This particular model is a size 7 and 3/8 sized but Mutual Industries offers a variety of sizes.

– Funky design
– Meticulously constructed
– Machine washable
– Cotton sweatband

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5. Lapco 6-Panel Welder’s Cap

Lapco makes some of the best welding caps if you want a camo design. It is made with quality light fabric cotton sheeting, which is nice and comfortable. This particular model is a size 7 camo hat, but Lapco definitely offers other designs and sizes. We like the fact that it is sewn with Nomex thread, which gives it extra durability and protection.

When you put this welding cap on, you will know that it is made with a detailed design. The material is soft and flexible enough to wear a welding helmet over it. Plus, the camo design looks pretty cool. All in all, you can’t really go wrong with this 100% cotton welder’s cap.

– Size 7
– Sewn with Nomex thread
– Extra durability
– Soft material, 100% cotton

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