Best MIG Wire Review

Inefil 0.030 Inch on Carbon Steel MIG

The Inefil Carbon Steel is the best mig wire for those who want a reliable name brand they can count on. These wires are for carbon and carbon manganese steels with tensile strength up to 510 MPa and require a shielding gas. They are highly feedable and very easy to work with.


Why do you want the Best MIG Wire?

If you are a welder, chances are you have done and will be done with MIG welding. MIG stands for Metallic Inert Gas and is a welding process where an electric arc forms between a continuous wire electrode and the welding pool. This wire is fed through a welding gun and joins two base materials together.

A MIG wire serves to bridge the gap between two surfaces, which are usually uneven. The wire is melted and joins two pieces of metal together to form a sturdy frame.

The best MIG wire for you really depends on the type of project you are engaged in. We recommend you get a collection of various sizes to accommodate all types of projects. If you have a heavy-duty project, it is probably a good idea to use a thicker wire. On the other hand, smaller projects and workpieces require a thinner wire.

Also, keep in mind the welding machines also come in a variety of sizes and well feed the wire at different rates depending on their amp range. So both the welder amp range and wire feed speed range are limiting factors on your MIG wire thickness.

The next important feature to consider besides size is the type of material being used. It is generally good to match the MIG wire material with the material being welded. Many of the popular MIG wires on the market are made of carbon steel. Finally, you need to consider the small details such as porosity, feed-ability, bead appearance, tensile strength supported, single or multi-pass welding, general ease of welding, and whether or not shielding gas is required.

Best MIG Wire

  1. Inefil 0.030 Inch on Carbon Steel MIG
  2. Hobart H305406-R22 Carbon Steel Wire
  3. Lincoln Electric MIG Welding Wire
  4. Hobart H381806-R18 Aluminum Welding Wire
  5. WeldingCity E71T-GS Flux-Core MIG Wire

1. Inefil 0.030 Inch on Carbon Steel MIG

The Inefil MIG Solid Wire on carbon steel is the best mig wire in the industry. It can be used for carbon and carbon manganese steels with tensile strength up to 510 MPa. The standout features of these MIG wires are that they have low spatter and no porosity. Also, they are highly feedable and really easy to work with. This tends to be a huge problem with the lower quality wires that are inconsistent in wire diameter.

These mig wires can be used for single-pass or multi-pass welding and work in a variety of welding applications such as automobile body repairs, tanks, boilers, and steel structural works. You should also know that it needs to be used under the shield of Argon or CO2 as a shielding gas is required. The size is 0.03 inches and the net weight of the wire is 10 pounds. Inefil sells stainless steel wire as well if you are welding stainless steel.

– Low spatter
– Works with carbon and carbon manganese
– 0.030 Inch size
– 10-pound net weight

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2. Hobart H305406-R22 Carbon Steel Wire

When it comes to MIG wires, Hobart is a name you can trust in the industry. This carbon steel wire gives you nice porosity-free welds with powerful deoxidizers. It comes in three sizes, but for this review, we will focus on the 0.030-inch size. You should also use this wire with a shielding gas mixture, preferably argon, and carbon dioxide.

The key thing to realize here is that Hobart has been making electrodes and wires for a very long time. And if they have anything but an inferior product, these wires wouldn’t be selling for such a long time. We spoke to a few industry experts who basically say that these wires are an industry standard. They are pretty heavy-duty and will last longer than the rest of the competition. Also, they are extremely easy to weld with.

– Great brand name
– 3 sizes to pick
– Heavy duty
– Easy to use

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3. Lincoln Electric MIG Welding Wire

Best MIG WireFor those who want the best mig wire, the Lincoln Electric MIG welding wire is certainly a great choice. This wire is perfect for medium to heavy mill scale base material. In terms of sheet metal, it can work with a tensile strength of 380 to 485 Mpa. Additionally, it supports short-circuiting, axial spray, and pulsed spray in all positions.

We really like this wire because it is highly suitable for applications where you need a reliable and consistent wire feed. This wire is uniform and copper coated. It is held in a spool and doesn’t get tangled up. Finally, we should mention that Lincoln Electric makes some of the best welding equipment in the industry, so we definitely

– trust their wires.
– Great for medium to heavy mil-scale material
– Reliable and consistent
– Very durable
– Feeds easily

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4. Hobart H381806-R18 Aluminum Welding Wire

For those with MIG welders and who want to weld aluminum, the Hobart Aluminum welding wire is the best mig wire for you. This is an all-purpose aluminum welding wire that contains silicon additives. Silicon additives help to drastically improve the fluidity of the weld pool and it makes sure your final product is less prone to cracking. We think a reason this wire is so popular is because it has a nice and bright weld finish.

In case you are wondering, Hobart offers this mig wire in a few different sizes, so be sure to pick the size that you need. Overall, we would say that Hobart makes some very high-quality wires. They are made very strong and feed well. Also, they are very consistent and made with precise engineering. This means that the wire thickness is 100% uniform throughout the spool.

– Contains Silicon Additives
– Improves fluidity of weld pool
– High quality
– Uniform design

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5. WeldingCity E71T-GS Flux-Core MIG Wire

If you can’t be bothered with welding protection gases, the WeldingCity MIG Wire is the best option for you. This is a cored gasless 10-pound spool of mig wire. Rest assured that the quality is premium and the price is very reasonable for what you get. Just keep in mind that this wire should be used in a welder with a flux-core welding setup.

The best part of the WeldingCity mig wire is that it can be used without the need for shielding gas. This is a huge convenience and makes these wires stand out above and beyond the competition. We should also mention that they are very strong and durable and performs flawlessly. It is easy to feed and definitely makes a good weld.

– Does not need shielding gas
– Strong and durable
– Value
– Used with flux core welding setup

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