Best MIG Welding Gloves Reviews

Lincoln Electric Traditional MIG/Stick Welding Glove

The Lincoln Electric Traditional are the best MIG welding gloves because they have high performance in protection, comfort, and durability. They are perfect for MIG welding as they provide full flame and heat resistance. To make them better, the Lincoln Electric gloves are very budget-friendly.

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Why do you need the Best MIG Welding Gloves?

MIG welding is a welding process using a strong electric arc to heat the workpiece metals. MIG welding is much easier to learn than TIG welding, so it’s still the mainstream welding method. However, TIG welding is more versatile as you can weld many different types of metals.

Since MIG welding can weld thicker metals, it produces much more heat, electric arcs, and molten metal, making the welding process more dangerous. It goes without saying that you need to protect yourself during any sort of MIG welding and this calls for a high level of protection.

First and foremost, most of the MIG welding gloves are similar as they are cotton-lined and Kevlar stitched, so you should pay more attention to the leather parts of the gloves. Cowhide is recommended because it’s very durable and solid and has the proper thickness to block heat. Goatskin is also a good option because it’s tough but softer. Some premium gloves may use deerskin for the best dexterity, but they are usually expensive.

Second, MIG welding gloves should be thick. You may love the sensitive feel of those thin TIG welding gloves, but it will quickly turn into suffering from heat in the process of MIG welding. It’s hard to find the balance between dexterity and protection, so TIG/MIG welding gloves may not provide enough heat resistance as professional MIG welding gloves.

Finally, it’s better to have finger and wrist reinforcements. Since MIG welding has a high operating temperature, your fingers need extra protection. Also, you need longer cuffs to prevent the splashing molten metal from coming into your glove.

Best MIG Welding Gloves

  1. Lincoln Electric Traditional MIG/Stick Welding Glove
  2. Miller 263344 MIG/Stick Welding Gloves
  3. John Tillman and Co MIG Gloves
  4. Revco Industries BM88L BSX BM88 MIG Welding Gloves
  5. QeeLink Welding Glove

1. Lincoln Electric Traditional MIG/Stick Welding Glove

When looking for the best MIG welding gloves, you need something that provides full protection, while maintaining comfortable and affordable. The Lincoln Electric gloves are our top pick for these reasons. They are made of traditional cowhide with very a balanced performance. Thus, they are suitable for all types of welding.

First of all, the Lincoln Electric gloves provide nice heat and flame resistance. They are made of quality cowhide which perfectly blocks fire when welding and all the stitchings and linings are fire resistant. To prevent the molten metal from splashing into your gloves, the gloves are quite long and have 5-inch cuffs which perfectly cover your wrists.

The next strong point of these gloves is their comfort. They are large, so you can easily put them on and never feel too tight. You don’t need to worry if you have smaller hands, because the sock lining inside the gloves can fill the space and add friction. Furthermore, it adds extra comfort and blocks heat.

Finally, the manufacturer adds value to these gloves with durability. Each glove is a solid piece with strong sewing, so it won’t crack after long-term usage in hot environments. In addition, thumb pads are added in high-wear areas, increasing glove life.

It may not be a real defect, but the Lincoln Electric gloves do not have as much dexterity as TIG-welding-only gloves. Considering that they provide above-average performance at a good price, they are our top pick.

– Full protection
– Nice comfort
– Solid and durable
– Good price

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2. Miller 263344 MIG/Stick Welding Gloves

When discussing the best MIG welding gloves, Miller is a brand name that is always mentioned. The company has produced a series of welding gloves for different demands, and each product has very high quality. The Miller Arc Armor MIG is their premium series and worth a try. Although these gloves usually have above-average prices, they are definitely worth the money.

What we like about the Miller Arc Armor is that they are perfect for high-temp MIG and stick welding. They are designed for safety, and as a result, they have nice heat and electric arc resistance. As they are thick and tough, they even provide a bit of cut resistance.

Furthermore, the Miller gloves are made from premium materials. The manufacturer uses quality cow split leather, making the gloves very durable. Besides that, unlike regular MIG welding gloves, the Miller gloves do not use cotton but 100% wool as their lining, making the gloves very comfortable. Finally, the Kevlar thread is perfectly flame-resistant and has good strength.

The best feature of the Miller gloves is their dexterity. They have an ergonomic design on the finger parts, allowing them to be very flexible when used. They are the perfect gloves if you have the right budget.

– Premium gloves
– Heat and electric arc resistant
– Wool lining
– Ergonomic design

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3. John Tillman and Co MIG Gloves

For people who are in need of MIG welding gloves but do not have much budget, the John Tillman and Co Gloves are a good option. These MIG Gloves are standard MIG welding gloves adding reinforcements, making the gloves safer and more durable without increasing cost.

The gloves are made of cowhide split leather and flame-retardant cotton. Basically, wearing these gloves is cooler than wearing all leather, and you won’t get burnt as they have proper thickness.

To make the gloves better products, the manufacturer has made many efforts in the details. The forefinger is seamless, so the feel can be more sensitive. Moreover, the back is elastic, allowing the gloves to perfectly fit your hands. Finally, the gloves have fleece lining, adding more comfort to the gloves.

– Standard MIG welding gloves
– Proper thickness
– Considerable design
– Comfortable

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4. Revco Industries BM88L BSX BM88 MIG Welding Gloves

The Revco Industries BM88L BSX BM88 MIG Welding Gloves are good gloves for welders. They are quite durable as they use tough cowhide on the back parts, and also comfortable because the palm and finger parts are made of soft pigskin.

Basically, these gloves are standard issues MIG welding gloves. However, they have a special feature that they are waterproof. Also, this means that they are easy to wash and clean. This is also the reason it makes our list, as you have to deal with the washing and cleaning issue with other gloves.

Additionally, these gloves have high performance in protection, comfort, and dexterity. In terms of durability, the manufacturer adds reinforcements to make the gloves stronger. But they may have shorter glove life because the leather has different elasticity, leading to a higher risk of future cracking.

– Using two types of leather
– Standard MIG welding gloves
– Waterproof
– Durable, comfortable, and dexterous

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4. QeeLink Welding Glove

The QeeLink gloves are the best MIG welding gloves for those who want quality gloves that are heat and flame resistant for all types of welding. It is made of high-grade US split leather, which is a fancy way of saying it is very durable and won’t break on your job. We like the fact that these gloves are also softer than most, which is always important when you are wearing them for a long time.

Another fact we should mention is that the QeeLink gloves have a flexible design, allowing for easy operation. This means when you hold things, your gloves won’t feel stiff which allows a better grip. The liner is cotton, making it comfortable when wearing these gloves. The canvas cuffs also add comfort and protect your wrists from heat.

The good thing is that these gloves can be widely used in other work and home tasks. However, you may feel hot if you do MIG welding for a long time. If you are ok with that, these gloves are great for the price.

– Flexible design
– Great comfort and nice protection
– Versatile
– Good price

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