Best Vitamin C Shower Filter

#1.Sonaki Vitamin C Filter Inline Shower

We think the best vitamin C shower filter is the Sonaki Inline Shower Filter. Sonaki is a very reputable brand in this industry and makes superior quality vitamin C filters that reduce chlorine, and bad smells, and make the water smell and taste great. It also has a pretty long filter life and comes with filter cartridge replacements.

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Why do you need the Best Vitamin C Shower Filter?

If you find yourself filtering drinking water from harmful chemicals and contaminants, chances are you are interested in doing the same with shower water. Unfiltered shower water can contain a bunch of chemicals such as chlorine and chloramines as well as bacteria and fungi that can be harmful to your skin and body.

With the aid of the best vitamin C shower filter, you can easily filter out unwanted substances, improve your mood, beautify hair and skin, and promote airway support. Vitamin C shower filters are exactly what they sound like. They are a filter made of a block of vitamin C or ascorbic acid. The water will run through this block and react with the vitamin C inside, which reacts with chlorine and removes it from the water.

This vitamin C filter also helps eliminate dandruff, frizz, and eczema and helps promote the general health of your hair and skin. For those who think this is just a myth, we encourage you to test it out by just placing some vitamin C tablets in heavily chlorinated water and what the chemical reaction takes place. The best vitamin C shower filter is known to remove up to 99.9% chlorine and chloramines, which is way better than most of the other shower filters on the market.

Best Vitamin C Shower Filter

#1.Sonaki Vitamin C Filter Inline Shower

For those who are looking for the best vitamin C shower filter, your search ends with the Sonaki Vitamin C Filter. Sonaki is a huge name brand in the vitamin C filter industry and clearly makes the most premium products. Their vitamin C filters are the best and reduce up to 99.9% of chlorine and chloramines in shower water.

Additionally, we love how this filter attaches easily to most shower heads and best of all you don’t need to adjust showerhead height. This inline shower filter by Sonaki is designed to filter about 5000 liters of water or about 3 months’ worth of usage. The inline filter has a chrome finish with a brass and durable resin inline filter assembly.

We like the fact that the filter housing is see-through so you have a visual indication of when to change it out. Finally, you get three spare vitamin C filters and a wrench to change out filters.

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#2.UBS Vita Fresh Shower Filter

The UBS Vita Fresh Shower Filter is the best vitamin C shower filter for those who want a filter with pharmaceutical food-grade vitamin C. This basically means the filter quality is spot on and neutralizes chlorine in your shower water. It also released vitamin C into your shower water, which will help improve the condition of your skin and hair.

This unit comes with 3 replaceable cartridge filters that have up to 10,000 liters of usage or six months. We like that each filter has a simple design that is see-through so you know when to change the filters. Also, the UBS vitamin c filter is incredibly easy to install and can be placed on mounted and hand-held shower heads. Additionally, there is no loss in shower water pressure, unlike other vitamin C filters.

Finally, it contains a special natural DOLKI ceramic ball, which makes water molecules smaller and helps energize the water to improve hydration.

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#3.Aqua Home Group Luxury Vitamin C Filter

For those who want the best vitamin C shower filter with a showerhead, the Aqua Home Group Luxury Head and Filter is a great option. This is basically an entire healthcare shower system made with a premium metal finish and internal filter vitamin C cartridge.

The vitamin C filter makes the water smell fresh and sweet as well as removes chlorine, heavy metals, sulfur and chlorine smell, and bacteria and germs. Also, it filters water to reduce dry and itchy skin, dandruff, and eczema. There is actually double filtration in this shower head and filter system.

The first filter is a 10-stage general water filter and the next filter is the replaceable vitamin C filter. The vitamin C filter lasts about half a year and definitely does wonders on the skin. Also, it makes the water taste great and you can even drink it. Overall, this shower head and filter by Aqua Home Group has a premium design and feel. Its filtering quality is impeccable with its double filtration system.

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#4.Invigorated Water Vitamin C Shower Filter

If you are in the market for the best vitamin C shower filter, the Invigorated Water Filter may be the right one for you. The standout feature of this vitamin C shower filter is its ability to help you save water and increase water pressure at the same time.

This is due to the 180 tiny laser-cut cone-shaped water holes with forced water through the head. Also, the vitamin C block inside does a great job of ionizing and softening hard water, which improves the skin. We like the fact that you get 4 replacement vitamin C blocks in this set. Each vitamin C block should last about 1 month.

Additionally, this shower filter fits most standard connections and can be easily installed with tools. Overall, we think it does a great job of removing chlorine and that chlorine and sulfur smell from water. This is also a nice little gift to give family and friends as everyone is always in need of a need shower filter.

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#5.HotelSpa Fusion Vitamin C Shower Filter

The HotelSpa Fusion Vitamin C Showerhead and Filter are a great little all in one high power shower and filter. It has a nice little design and includes 7 different settings for water pressure. This set includes a handheld showerhead with a refillable vitamin C cartridge, five feet of flexible stainless steel hoses, and one year’s supply of food-grade vitamin C refills.

We also like how there is an angle-adjustable overhead bracket that puts the showerhead in any position. The vitamin C filter works as advertised and does a great job of neutralizing the chlorine in the water. After a month or two, the vitamin C filter will need to be replaced with additional vitamin C powder that is included in the set.

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