Best Carbon Filter For Grow Rooms

best carbon filter

iPower 6 Inch Air Carbon Filter

The iPower 6 Inch is the best carbon filter for grow rooms if you want a pro grade filter that contains some of the most absorbent carbon on the market. Also, it does a great job keeping out all types of odor in any environment.

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If you have a grow room or a grow tent, chances are you are also looking for the best carbon filter or best charcoal filter. You need a professional grade filter in your growing ecosystem that will be able to handle the most nasty of odors. They also help clean air to promote better health.

While people mostly get carbon filters for grow rooms or grow tents for cannabis, you can certainly use it for all sorts of growing other indoor plants if they end up leaving a bad odor. Keep in mind that a charcoal or carbon filter will need to be installed with an inline fan system, which sucks in the air into the filter.

In terms of finding the best carbon filter for grow rooms, there are a bunch of factors that you should consider before honing in on your purchase. You should first and foremost determine the size of the filter you need and match it with you inline fan system. It goes without saying that bigger filtrations systems need bigger carbon filters.

Next, you need to consider life expectancy and obviously carbon filters with higher life expectancy is preferred. Keep in mind that many products will advertise a certain life expectancy but end up falling way short in real life.

Finally, you should look at the type of carbon used and the construction. Ideally you want a study and lightweight carbon filter that will last a long time. However, this is sort of the goldilocks situation and may mean that you need to pay up.

Best Carbon Filter For Grow Rooms

iPower 6 Inch Air Carbon Filter

best carbon filterWe think the iPower 6 inch is the best carbon filter for grow rooms if you want a pro grade filter that has great build quality. iPower is a leading manufacturer of grow light systems, and their carbon filters integrate very well with the other grow products they sell. The iPower 6 features Australian RC 412 Activated Carbon, which turns out to be one of the most absorbent carbons available on the market.

We also like how the iPower 6 is designed in a way so that it has 53% open area for increased air flow. This also allows you to use the iPower as an intake and exhaust filter. Additionally, you have a reversible flange and base, which can be removed to reverse the charcoal canister. This allows you to extend the useful life of the charcoal filter. Finally, there is an included pre-filter, which helps keep your place clean while brining you cleaner air. If you need different sizes, iPower has smaller and larger versions as well.

– Pro grade filter
– RC 412 activated carbon
– 53% open area for increased airflow
– Reversible flange and base

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Amagabeli 4” Carbon Filter

best carbon filterThe Amagabeli Carbon Filter is the best carbon filter for grow tents if you want a very green product that filters great. The selling point of the Amagabelli is that it is made of quality metal parts and reduces waste better than others. The inner and outer mesh is made of galvanized steel, which is incredibly durable and much more sturdy than aluminum. Additionally, it features a 55% open area, which resulting in an increased air flow.

In terms of odor control, the Amagabeli does a much better job than its competitors. It features a 4 inch carbon filter that is made of 1050+ IAV Australian virgin charcoal bed. This means you get lots of packed carbon and filters out 99.8% of air. Subsequently, this filter also eliminate all types of odor and pungent smells. It does a great job in filtering out the cannabis smell. Finally, there is a reversible smell filtration, which allows you to use the Amagabeli as both an intake and exhaust filter.

– Made of galvanized steel
– Great odor control
– 1050+ IAV Australian virgin charcoal bed
– Reversible smell filtration

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TerraBloom Premium Carbon Filter

best carbon filterWe think the TerraBloom Carbon Filter is the best carbon filter for grow rooms if you don’t mind pay up a bit for a premium device. The main reason you should pick this carbon filter is because it is made with top grade RC-48 Carbon from Western Australia. This means that you 15% more carbon per unit area than most of the standard carbon filters on the market. Terrabloom basically manages to machine pack the carbon granules more efficiently, which also results in better quality filtration system.

In terms of sizing, the TerraBloom carbon filters come in different sizes, so you need to figure out the proper size for your filtration system. Each carbon filter comes with 2 machine washable pre filters and a 90 day warranty. In terms of ventilation specs, it is rated up to 400 CFM and effective up to 24 months. When combined with a proper intake fan, you can effectively eliminate all the odors in your grow tent.

– 15% more carbon than most competitors
– Includes 2 machine washable pre-filters
– 90 day warranty
– Rated up to 400 CFM

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Finnhomy Carbon Filter

best carbon filterIf you want the best carbon air filter that is pretty well rounded, the Finnhomy carbon air filters are the way to go. These carbon filters featured 1050+ IVA virgin charcoal, which is one of the most absorbent carbons on the market. Additionally, the intricate machine packing creates a very high carbon density, which ultimately results in a 99.9% filtered air flow for your grow rooms, cannabis, and garden hydroponics.

In terms of strength and durability, the Finnhomy air filters shine on all fronts. It features galvanized steel, which is a much more sturdy material than aluminum, which is the most commonly used material in carbon filters. The Finnhomy also offers some of the most increased air flow of the industry. It has an inner and outer mesh with 80% open area, which is much higher than its competition.

– 99.9% filtered air flow
– 80% open area
– 1050+ IVA virgin charcoal
– High carbon density

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VenTech Inline Fan with Carbon Filter

best carbon filterIf you are looking for the best charcoal filter for inline fans, we strongly urge you to look at VenTech. This is a inline fan and charcoal filter combo, and provides great airflow from any environment from grow rooms to commercial spaces and personal rooms. We think for the price, you get an unbeatable combo of controller, fan, and carbon filter.

In terms of durability, we found the charcoal filter to last a good 4 months, which is pretty standard. This particular set includes a 4 inch carbon filter, but you can also get the 6 inch version, which has double the lifespan. All in all, the VenTech charcoal filter inline fan combo effectively eliminates almost all odors from the air of whatever room you are in. This can be particularly effective for eliminating the cannabis smell.

– Inline fan and charcoal filter combo
– Lasts about 4 months
– Eliminates most odors
– Can be used in all environments

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