Best Fabric For Roman Shades

#1. Nicetown Roman Fabric

For those who are interested in the best fabric for Roman shades, we highly recommend that you try out the Nicetown Roman Fabric. First and foremost, we just really love the cream color as it adds a nice look to your room. It holds up well over time, doesn’t look cheap and the price is right. What more can we say?

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Best Fabric For Roman Shades

#1. Nicetown Kitchen Roman Fabric

If you are in the market for the best fabric for Roman shades, we highly recommend that you try out the Nicetown Fabric. It offers a good balance of quality and price. We really like it because it hangs pretty flat when lowered and when you draw it up, it goes up quite evenly. Also, it happens to be quite good-looking and does a good job of not staining.

Additionally, clean-up is quite easy and all you need to do is to dust it off a bit. The cream color in our opinion is quite nice and subtle and it does a decent job of blocking out sunlight. Overall, we would say that the quality is pretty good. It seems to hold up well over many years according to most users we surveyed. More importantly, the color does not fade or change.

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#2.Furniture Fresh Stone Fabric For Roman Shades

Next up, we have the Furniture Fresh Stone Fabric For Roman Shades, which is the best fabric for Roman shades if you are going for more of a stone grey look. First of all, we would say that these shades are pretty good at blocking out sunlight, so if you don’t want too much light exposure, these shades are great.

Next, the fabric is quite strong and thick and actually has a nice thermal lining to keep cold air out in the winter and cool air in during the summer. Lastly, we find it extremely easy to manage and it doesn’t really collect dust as the dust just tends to glide off. So essentially it is pretty much self-cleaning.

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#3.Chicology Jamaican Antique Gold Fabric

Another really good option when it comes to the best fabric for Roman shades is the Chicology Jamaican Antique Gold Fabric. We just really like the look and feel of this fabric. First and foremost, the gold fabric really brings out some color in your room. And it is definitely not annoying cheap shiny gold either. Instead, we think it looks quite classy.

We also really like how the Chicology fabric feels. It has natural woven fabric that is really gentle to the touch and yet it manages to maintain structural integrity. You can also try out the Jamaican Truffle Color if you prefer a darker non-gold color. Our only complaint is that over time the fabric will shed a bit.

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#4.Calyx Interiors Cloud White Fabric

If you are looking for that plush cloud white off-white color, the Calyx Interiors Fabric is a great addition to your Roman shades. We like it because it is quite the cheap and practical alternative to many other brands. It is professional looking and won’t break the bank at all. Best of all, it gives you a good amount of light control.

While its quality isn’t exactly on par with some of the other more expensive brands, most people won’t even be able to tell the difference, especially if they don’t touch it. And we just really like the subtle shade of off-white. It is just enough to give you plenty of privacy and is definitely not see-through like some of the other brands.

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#5.Achim Grey Fabric For Roman Shades

Lastly, we have the Achim Grey Fabric For Roman Shades, which is the best fabric for Roman shades for those who like a checkered pattern. Furthermore, we find that the price is pretty agreeable and the material is pretty decent quality which is both light and durable.

This fabric gives you a nice soft light filter and can easily be lowered and raised without tangling or jamming up. Overall, the shade is pretty nice and fits pretty nicely. Just keep in mind that it is pretty thin so it will definitely let through plenty of light.

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