Best Toilet Plunger

best toilet plunger

1. Korky 99-4A Max Performance Plunger

The Korky 99-4A is the best toilet plunger for those who want great performance and a plunger that is very easy to use. You don’t need to apply too much force on this plunger in order to operate it. It seals airtight to pretty much any toilet drain hole.


Why do you need the Best Toilet Plunger?

best toilet plungerIf you have ever dealt with a clogged toilet, chances are you are looking for the best toilet plunger. Most toilet clogs are caused by things you throw in them, like toilet paper or other materials. Toilet plungers are designed to fix minor clogs while a drain cleaner is used for major clog-ups. However, you should also know that a majority of toilet clogs are in the toilet and not in the plumbing system, which is a much worst-case scenario.

Most toilets have a U-shaped pipe that traps and holds water. This trapped water is designed to block the pipe so dirty water or gases from the sewer and plumbing system can’t accidentally work their way up and into your home. After you flush, the water jets down with the force of gravity into the initial part of the U-shape, but it has to go against gravity to work its way up the other end of the U. Normally, the flush speed is more than enough for water, urine, and feces to make it up the U shaped pipe without any problems.

However, when you introduce other materials such as toilet paper and other household items, the added weight of the material may not be able to make it up the U-shaped tube and get stuck in there. All you need is for objects to get through the initial U-shaped piping as the drain system then opens up into a much wider pipe and eventually into the sewage system. For more information on how to pick the best toilet plunger, we have put together a buying guide below.

Best Toilet Plunger Reviews

  1. Korky 99-4A Max Performance Plunger (Top Pick)
  2. Windaze Piston Type Toilet Plunger
  3. Blue Donuts Aerated Toilet Plunger

1. Korky 99-4A Max Performance Plunger

best toilet plungerThe Korky 99-4A is the best toilet plunger if you want a plunger with max performance. This plunger has one of the strongest suctions out of all of the plungers we have tested. This is because the rubber head is especially large, so it draws in more air and forces more out. We found that the fit of the Korky 99-4A to any toilet design is amazing and likely contributes to the reason the suction is so good.

The design and shape allow for a more air-tight seal around any toilet drain and so you end up having to use less pressure and work to get the job done. And don’t worry, the head compresses easily, so you don’t have to have superhuman strength to operate the Korky 99-4A. This is one of the best-selling toilet plungers right now because it is simple, sweet, and efficient at unclogging toilets. The rubber head unscrews from the plastic handle so that you can easily wash the rubber. The plastic handle itself is quite sturdy and has a nice grip. The end of it forms a T like a shovel so that you can really get some leverage on it for those tough situations.


2. Windaze Piston Type Toilet Plunger

best toilet plungerThe Windaze Piston Plunger is the best toilet plunger if you are tired of traditional rubber cup-shaped plungers. The Windaze does not use suction and force to draw out materials that are clogged in your toilet. Instead, it is made of a flexible long rubber head that fits right into the drain hole. All you need to do is gently push it forward until it dislodges whatever material is stuck inside.

It is made with the right length so that it can reach most clogged materials in your U-shaped drain. There is a small likelihood that you have a deep clog since the drain pipe really widens up after a few feet of pipes. The WIndaze will get stuck occasionally, so don’t freak out. All you need to do is to pour some hot water in and the head will soften and pull out easily.

You can also try slowly guiding it out. We found that this plunger works 100% of the time since you are basically manually dislodging whatever got stuck in your pipes. With the Windaze, you don’t have to worry much about trying to stick things out and plunging with lots of force and causing dirty water to splash everywhere. There is even a hole at the end of the metal handle so that you can hand it up.


3. Blue Donuts Aerated Toilet Plunger

best toilet plungerIf you want the best toilet plunger with a nice holding case, you should consider the Blue Donuts Toilet Plunger. The selling point of this plunger is of course the nice metal container with a cool-looking matte finish. The metal container is a bit more than just there for good looks. It stores your plunger so that you don’t have to leave it on the floor or wash it immediately after use.

Also, it has some holes up top so that the plunger dries up faster. Both the container and the plunger are quite durable, but they certainly aren’t indestructible. In terms of performance, this plunger is pretty good. We are not going out there and saying it has the best fit or strongest pulling pressure, but what we can say is that it works most of the time. The rubber is flexible yet hard enough to create some decent suction. You may need a more powerful plunger for those deep clogs or even try out a drain cleaner. If you want a nice-looking plunger, this is probably one of your better options.


What to consider when choosing the Best Toilet Plunger – A Buying Guide

best toilet plungerEveryone should have a toilet plunger lying around the house. Unfortunately, most toilet plungers are designed terribly and don’t really maximize the suction power you need to really get those clogs out. We think the most important part of a toilet plunger is its ability to make an airtight seal near the bottom of the toilet.

A tight seal allows maximum force to pull water out of the U-shaped drain pipe. If there is a leak in the seal, the pull force can be greatly reduced and can end up just splashing dirty water everywhere.  With this in mind, please avoid cheap sink plungers, which are not designed to create a tight seal on a toilet. The best toilet plunger comes in a variety of sizes and shapes. We have put together a list of things to consider and know about when shopping for the right toilet plunger for your home.


There are normally a few different types of toilet plungers: cup, flange, accordion, and beehive. When most people think about toilet plungers, they imagine a cup-style plunger, which is basically a rubber cup at the end of a stick. These plungers are better suited for sinks, bathtubs, and showers. Next, you have flange plungers, which have an extension at the bottom that is designed to fit in the hole of your toilet.

These are great for toilets as it provides a tight seal on the toilet drains. You can also fold the flanged part up to turn it into a cup plunger. Next, there is the accordion plunger and beehive plunger, which are variations of the flanged toilet plunger. These devices have an extended bottom and offer more volume, so this translates into more suction. If you need additional suction power for toilets that are severely clogged, you should consider one of these plungers.


The base of any plunger will be rubber for a majority of plungers. This is because rubber is a very flexible yet durable material. It doesn’t attract too many germs and bacteria and really molds into the shape of your toilet bowl. Next, you have a variety of materials for the handle: metal, plastic, or wood. Metal handles are durable, but may be slippery. Plastic handles are cheap but offer more grip than metal handles. Finally, there’s the classic wood handle, which probably has the best grip but can give you splinters and can get dirty very quickly.


Most of the best toilet plungers come with some kind of holder or stand, which is always a nice thing to have. These stands offer a place to put your wet plunger after you use it on your toilet and even help your plunger dry out faster. The toilet plunger holder can even be a decorative piece. Additionally, some plungers have retractable handles so you can get better leverage over your drain. There are even some plungers that come with an air pump so that you can force air into the drain and double the chances of you unclogging your toilet.


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