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best spiralizer

Paderno World Cuisine Spiralizer Pro

If you want to best spiralizer, best vegetable spiralizer, or the best spiral slicer you want to get the Paderno World Cuisine. It is the most popular spiralizer on the market and the brand that revolutionized these gadgets.


You can use the best spiralizer, best vegetable spiralizer, or the best spiral slicer to shred vegetables into thin slices. Often spiralizers are used to created meals that are tailored towards a no carb vegetable diet like the Paleo Diet or Atkins Diet.

Although every spiralizer is created different, the basics of operating one are very similar. You simply insert your vegetable of choice into the spiralizer and crank the handle. The blades in the spiralizer will cut the vegetable up into spiral shaped pieces.

You can change the blade on many spiralizers to change the size and shape of the spirals. Spiralizers can go by many different names such as vegetable slicers, vegetable spiralizers, spiral slicers, Spirooli or Paderno. They can be used to create tasty dishes where vegetables are replacing carbohydrates. A very popular dish you can make with the spiralizer is zucchini pasta, which can have a similar consistency to real pasta when cooked right.

You can also make garnishes for sushi with carrots and radish, curly fries, onion rings, and many other amazing recipes. If you are looking for the best spiralizer, best vegetable spiralizer, or best spiral slicer you have to consider the following features: the durability of the spiralizer, the number of blades and how well they work, and the ease of operation. It helps to have a spiralizer that won’t jam or break when you use a bit of force. Additionally, it is nice to have many options for blades types as well as having nice sharp blades to cutting through harder vegetables. Finally, you want a spiralizer that is easy to use, to assemble and to clean.

Best Spiralizer Reviews

Paderno World Cuisine Spiralizer Pro

best spiralizerIf you want to best spiralizer, best vegetable spiralizer, or the best spiral slicer you want to get the Paderno World Cuisine. It is the most popular spiralizer on the market and the brand that revolutionized these gadgets.  There are many great features about this vegetable slicer.

First of all, it has a world class build made of abs plastic and stainless steel blade. When you use this spiral slicer for the first time you will immediately be able to tell it is made of expensive materials.  It also has a lifetime warranty to prove that the company is fully behind the quality of its product. There are four different blades to choose from and each one is unique and useful. The blades are all very sharp and well made.

One blade is a fine shredding blade that creates medium sized cuts for vegetable spaghetti and whatnot. There is a chipping blade for making thicker cuts. Another blade is straight/accordion and creates ribbon style cuts to shred cabbage for coleslaw. Finally, Paderno includes a new blade called the Angel Hair Shredding Blade which creates angel hair vegetable pieces.

The Paderno is extremely easy to use and to assemble. This spiralizer pretty much comes working out of the box and does not require any electricity to operate. The Paderno is made to be compact and comes in a box for easy storage. There are rubber suction feet below so it stays in place and little compartments for the different blades. To assemble it, you simply remove the hood and insert the pads in place upright. To use the vegetable slicer, you simply insert your blade of choice in the machine and place your favorite vegetable in between the two pads and turn the handle.

The finished spiral pieces will fall out the other end, which can be collected using a bowl. Washing the Paderno is really easy as the leftover vegetable pieces don’t really get clogged or jammed in the blades and fall off really easily. Paderno is definitely is best spiralizer, best vegetable spiralizer, and the best spiral slicer if you want the best quality. It is an essential item to have in some serious chef’s kitchen.


Benriner Turner Slicer

best spiral slicerIf you are looking for the best spiralizer, best vegetable spiralizer, or best spiral slicer and want a quality product made in Japan you should look into the Benriner Turner Slicer. As we all know, Japan products tend to be very high quality so you can count on this one having expert craftsmanship. It comes with 4 blades that can sharp enough to slice through everything from carrots to fruit.

These blades include a turning blade, a fine blade, a medium blade, and a course blade. Changing out the blades are quite easy with a flick of a switch. Compared to the infamous Paderno Spiralizer, we find that the blade selection is a bit worse. Paderno’s blades are a bit sharper and we like the selection of shapes more. Benriner blades are a bit more dull and lack variety in various shapes. However, the difference is not significant so we would still recommend this product if you want something different.

What really makes the Benriner spiral slicer shine is in the overall design and ease of use. It is simple yet effective.  Using the Benriner is as easy as putting a vegetable in the machine and turning the handle. The entire gadget just feels more sleek and the process of turning the handle is seamless and effortless and gives a professional looking spiral slice without any broken pieces. Although the machine itself is quite ugly, this is a case where function is better than form.

The build feels better and the blades are rigged on more firmly. It is also pretty hard to break this thing and the plastic definitely doesn’t feel cheap. Cleaning the blades and the machine is quite simple and switching out the blades just requires you to loosen a screw. All in all, the Benriner is the best sprializer, best vegetable spiralizer, and the best spiral slicer if you prefer a durable well-built device.


Vespiral Nano Blade Spiralizer

best spiral slicerIf you want the best spiralizer, best vegetable spiralizer, or the best spiral slicer that is portable, there is no better choice than Vespiral Nano Blade. The Verspiral is made very simple and only has three parts: the actual spiralizer itself, a cap to help jam down the ends of your vegetables, and a small brush to help you clean.

One of the appeals of getting this spiral slicer is that it is small and portable, so you can take this with you to other people’s house and cook. Operating the gadget is easy: you simply insert the end of a vegetable into the spiralizer and manually turn yourself.

You don’t have to use too much pressure because the blades are quite sharp and easily shred the veggies. And don’t worry about accidentally hooking your hands to the blade. There are safeguards on the device to prevent that from happening.There are two blade options, small and wide, that you can adjust on the spiralizer. Although we would like more blade options, we can’t really be asking too much from a portable device.

The Vespiral Nano Blade is quite a sharp blade. Although it is not as quick at spiralizing vegetables as a proper spiralizer like the Paderno or the Benriner, the sharp nano blade is fast enough that we didn’t really mind. It also comes with a nice cleaning brush just in case some veggies get jammed inside, although it really happens. You can also wash this in the dishwater if you are lazy. Although it would be pretty hard to break this thing, Verspial still guarantees you for life that it won’t break.

We really think this spiral slicer is a nice handy thing to have around the kitchen and it comes at a really reasonable price. The only real limitation is that it can only produce two types of spirals, so if you want more blade options you should look into the Paderno or Benriner. Nevertheless, the Verspiral is the best spiralizer, best vegetable spiralizer, and the best spiral slicer if you want a cheap and small device that gets the job done.


Mueller Spiral Ultra 4-Blade Spiralizer

best spiralizer

The Mueller Spiral Ultra 4 is a rare spiralizer that works from the top down. The handle is at the top instead of on the side like with most spiral slicers. You load your veggies vertically and not horizontally. This means that it uses the force of gravity to help you shred your vegetables. It also means you have to exert a lot less force in order to have healthy veggie pasta.

In terms of quality, it is definitely made of high quality materials. The Mueller Spiralizer is made of BPA free pro grade ABS and has great resistance to cracks and breaking. In other words, this is definitely not cheap plastic.

It is designed to handle a lot of pressure since there will be times that you exert extreme force on the unit. In terms of blade quality, you get four different types of 420-grade German quality stainless steel blades. Basically this means that the blades are quite sharp and can easily make spirals, ribbons, and noodles.

You get a lot of value with the Mueller Spiralizer. You get four steel blades, 4 cup container, a mandolin vegetable holder, juicer attachment, grater, and a recipe e-book. That’s right – a juicer, mandolin, and a grater. You get all of these in one package. These means you get to save more space in your kitchen cupboard and save money on having to purchase these devices separately.

The Mueller is made in Austria and made with sharp European engineering. Operating the device is very simple. You simple insert your blade of choice and crank the handle to make various spiral cuts. You can also attached the citrus juicer, mandolin, and cheese grater. All pieces fall down to a 5 cup container, where it can be stored. There are four suction cup feet below the unit to hold it in place while you exert force. Best of all, this unit is electric, so you can take this with you camping.

All in all, we really like the Mueller Spiralizer as an all in one combo device. It spiralizes very well due to the way it is set up vertically. You don’t have to work too hard for your spiral slices and they conveniently collect into a container below. However, lots of other spiralizers also work just as well. We think the deal breaker is the included accessories. We feel compelled to add the Mueller to our list because we just can’t pass on the free mandolin slicer, grazer, and juicer.


Brieftons 5-Blade Spiralizer

best spiralizer

If you want the best spiralizer with ultra sharp Japanese grade blades, you should check out the Brieftons 5-Blade Spiralizer. It goes without saying that this unit comes with 5 interchangeable blades that are some of the sharpest in the industry.

Each blade is made with Japanese 420-grade blades that are reinforced with ABS plastic. It is designed to operate seamlessly and never jams. We would agree with these claims and agree that the best part about these blades is that they slice effortlessly. With the Brieftons, you no longer have to worry about applying pressure and forcing vegetables to cut and spiralize.

If you want to get into the specifics, here is the breakdown of the 5 different blades. First, you have the angel-hair blade with is a 2mm ultra thin blade to make veggie pasta. The next set up is a 3mm wide blade for finely shredding things. Then there is a crudely shredded 6mm wide blade for wider style pasta. You can also make ribbon like pasta and 6mm and 10mm wide curly fries style cuts. With these 5 blades, you can make quick and easy low carb meals with fruits and vegetables.

The Brieftons 5-Blade is a manual wound spiralizer that is horizontally mounted. This means you place your fruit of vegetable horizontally between the blade and the pad that is attached to the handle. To operate the device, all you need to do is to crank the handle. Additionally, you need to slide the handle closer to the blade as you shave off more of your fruit or veggie. This spiralizer can handle objects of all sizes, including extra-long veggies. It can take a maximum of 10 inches in length and 7 inches in width.



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