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best morphe brushes

Morphe 12 Piece Black and White Travel Brush Set

These brushes are the best morphe brushes if you want a set of high-quality tools to do makeup on the go. This brush set contains the essentials to apply all sorts of makeup. Morphe brushes are the industry standard when it comes to quality, handling, and precision.


Why do you want the Best Morphe Brushes?

If you find yourself wearing makeup a lot, chances are you are also looking for the best morphe brushes.  For those of you who don’t know, morphe brushes are formally known as makeup brushes, but they have just become so popular that the brand name has “morphed” into the name for the entire set of makeup brushes and tools.

A makeup brush or a morphe brush is just a tool with bristles that help you apply makeup and face paint. The bristle can be made of synthetic or natural materials and the handle is usually wood or plastic. The point of a makeup brush is to help blend makeup into your skin better.

The best morphe brushes come in a variety of shapes and sizes: the brush tips are flat, round, angular, chiseled, tapered, etc.  The size and shape really depend on the area of the face to which you plan on applying it. You have morphe brushes for the general face area, the eyes, and finally the lips.

It is also important to consider the material used in these makeup brushes as they have an effect on the durability and application of makeup. Synthetic brushes are more durable and cruelty-free, but they are harder to control and blend makeup. Natural bristles are less abrasive to the skin but also break down much sooner.

Best Morphe Eye Brushes Reviews

  1. Morphe 12 Piece Black and White Travel Brush Set (Top Pick)
  2. Coastal Scents 22 Piece Brush Set
  3. USpicy Makeup Brushes 32 Pieces
  4. Morphe Elite Pointed Buffer Fluffy Eye Brush G2
  5. Morphe Blending Fluff Eyeshadow Brush – G13

1. Morphe 12 Piece Black and White Travel Brush Set

best morphe brushesIf you want the best Morphe brushes, you obviously have to go with the original brand that revolutionized the makeup brush industry. This 12-piece travel set is perfect for those who want the convenience of putting this set in their travel bags as well as the bare essentials to apply almost all kinds of makeup perfectly.

This makeup brush set includes a foundation brush, powder brush, blush brush, angled shadow brush, blender brush, concealer brush, detail shadow fluff, flat shadow fluff brush, lip brush, angle liner brush, chubby shadow brush, and a blender fluff. This should provide the right variety of tools for you to apply any type of makeup anywhere you want.

In terms of quality, you can’t really get better than Morphe brushes. The set comes with mostly sable bristles with a few synthetic bristles as well. With this travel set, you get the original travel holder and brushes – no fakes! What separates the morphe brushes from the copy and knock-off is the quality of the bristles, which last longer and spread makeup more evenly. The weight and handling of these brushes is simply perfect.


2. Coastal Scents 22 Piece Brush Set

best morphe brushesThe Coastal Scents brushes are the best Morphe brushes you can get for your money. If you want to maximize value and get the cheapest set for the best quality, this is the right one for you. It includes 22 pieces for at least half the price of proper Morphe brushes. This set is totally complete and you will never need another makeup brush in your life.

Each brush is fine-tuned to assist you with a very particular task, so for those who are very very particular about their makeup and what brush to you, the Coastal Scents 22 brush set is perfect for you. Now obviously, Morphe brushes will be of better quality and will help you apply your makeup in a more efficient way, but for the people who are value-conscious, you must ask yourself if it is really worth paying at least double for this upgrade in quality.

We are of the opinion that while the Morphe brushes are clearly better in terms of quality, handling, and overall precision, it does not justify the premium price. So for those who need a comprehensive makeup tool set that has decent quality and comes with a nice organizing case, the Coastal Scents brush set is the one for you.


3. Makeup Brushes 32 Pieces

best morphe brushesFor those who want a dirt cheap brush set, the USpicy makeup brushes are the best morphe brushes for you. With this set, you get 32 brushes, which is a bit of an overkill, but for those who want the exact brush for the exact occasion, this is perfect. These brushes are synthetic for a majority of the brushes, which means they last a long time.

But you are not going to lie, these brushes are definitely nowhere close to the handling and precision that real Morphe brushes give you. There is a reason Morphe brushes are much more expensive and the USpicy knockoffs are cheap. However, for all intents and purposes, we don’t think it matters that much, as most of the makeup is in the skill of knowing what colors to blend.

The equivalent example is that you can give a great artist any brush and he or she will still produce a great painting. Sure it may be tougher to get there, but the quality of the brush shouldn’t have too big of an impact on the quality of your makeup. We think it matters if you are a beginner, but then again, if you are a beginner to makeup, you should probably learn about the cheap brushes first before upgrading to proper Morphe brushes. All in all, the USpicy set provides a type of brush for every occasion and is great for those on a budget.


4. Morphe Elite Pointed Buffer Fluffy Eye Brush G2

best morphe eyeshadow brushIf you want the best Morphe eye brushes, the Elite Pointed Collection is definitely your best bet. While most morphe brushes come in a set, this one is sold separately. it is for those who know exactly what they want. With the Pointed Buffer Brush, you get the perfect tool to create the best eye makeup. This eye shadow brush is an essential brush to have in anybody’s makeup collection. They are great quality, affordable, and very accurate.

With the Morphe Elite Eye Shadow Brush G2, you can create the right amount of makeup coverage around your eyes. It allows you to blend in your makeup so that it is pretty much undetectable. This tool also helps you achieve more intense colors as well as get more precise coverage. We think as a professional makeup artist, this particular Morphe crush is a must-have. As an amateur or anybody in between, it is a great tool to learn on.

The bristles of this brush are soft and fluffy. They definitely don’t feel cheap or synthetic. The handle is quite sturdy and really gives you nice leverage. If you want to hop on the Morphe Brush trend and don’t want to splurge for an entire set, this is the brush to get. It is the best morphe eye brush on the market, hands down.


5. Morphe Blending Fluff Eyeshadow Brush – G13

best morphe eye brushThe G13 Morphe Brush is the best Morphe eyeshadow brush on the market. There really is no other competition. Other brands have tried to replicate this particular brush, but we think none can come close. This particular blending eyeshadow brush is delicate and precise. The G13 morphe eyeshadow brush has densely packed fibers that form an oval shape. This allows you to create really awesome blends and shades.

In terms of specifications, the bristles are five-eighths of an inch. The full length of the brush is a little under 6 inches. Those who have used it say that it is great for cream products and to blend shadows. It really helps pick up eyeshadow products easily and blends them well. And the head is small enough so that it can be highly accurate around your eyes.

Most users we talked to say that they really have nothing to complain about with this product other than the price. Yes, of course, Morphe brushes are sold at a premium to the market. However, you do also get a premium product in return. If you want the best morphe eyeshadow brush, the G13 is the clear winner.


What to consider before buying the Best Morphe Brushes – A Buying Guide

Morphe brushes are also known as makeup brushes and are a great tool to help you apply makeup evenly in various areas of your face. As you probably already know, there are many types of makeup brushes on the market, so it is very hard to fully understand the purpose of each one of them. It becomes even harder to fine-tune and pick the best morphe brushes for each type.

Morphe brushes differ from each other in the type of material used in the brush and the size and shape of the brush. Each type has a specific function when applying makeup. If you are new to makeup, we recommend you buy a set of morphe brushes, so that you can experiment with each style and figure out the right ones for you. We can outline a few types of morphe brushes that we like below.

Foundation Brush

This type of morphe brush has a rounded tip and is relatively flat. This is great for creating a base that is nice and even. It is also good for liquid application of foundation in which you use the brush to blend outwards.

Concealer Brush

The concealer brush is great for use under the eye and creaking soft finishes. It usually has soft bristles with long hairs for blending cream and liquid concealers. It is very flexible and can be used in many applications. When using this brush, apply a small amount of concealer and draw downwards.

Small Slanted Brush

This brush can be used on the eyes or the brows and is very suitable for multi-purpose use. You can also use it as a gel liner or an eye shadow. You can draw very fluid lines with the long hairs of this brush

Kabuki Brush

The Kabuki brush has a short stem and dense bristles, so it maximizes control and coverage. This type of brush is great for loose powder and dusting your face to get that perfect airbrushed look. We prefer these brushes over powder brushes because they offer more control.

Contour Brush

This type of brush has a slightly angled end and a fluffy tip. It is great for the hollows of the cheek. You can enhance your cheekbones by lining this up with your cheeks slanted with a small amount of bronzer.

Fan Brush

The fan brush is probably one of the most used morphe brushes. With this brush, you can blend away harsh lines, sweep away excess eye shadow, and get rid of any makeup errors. It is called the fan brush because it looks like a fan and is light and gentle on your skin.

Lip Brush

The lip brush is used mostly on your lips to fine-tune that perfect lipstick. You can also use a lip liner in conjunction with the lip brush to form a nice barrier around your lipstick. You can dab the lip brush into the lipstick and line your lips or fill in weak spots. It has long bristles and a rounded tip.

Stippling Brush

This brush is quite rare and is often used to apply all types of bases. It has a flat top and is used to blend foundation with its densely packed bristles.

Blusher Brush

The blusher brusher is used for blushers and bronzers and has fluffy hairs and a rounded finish. To apply, dunk this brush into your bronzer or blusher and use long strokes around your temples.

Powder Brush

If you want the matte effect, you should definitely get a powder brush, which has nice thick fluffy hairs. This type of brush is pretty good at distributing powder and presenting a nice even finish on your skin. You should put a small amount of powder on this brush and dust it around in shiny places on your face.


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