Best Plasma Lighter

best plasma lighter

Saberlight Sparq Plasma Lighter

The Saberlight Sparq is the best plasma lighter for those who want a cool lightsaber looking plasma electric lighter that is fully windproof. It charges via USB and can last longer than traditional butane lighters. It is also safer and non-flammable.

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Build Quality

best plasma lighterIf you want a butane free electric way of creating fire, you may be interested in the best plasma lighter. Plasma lighters are also known as electric lighters and windproof lighters because they just run a burst of electricity through some electrodes to create an arc of current that cannot be blown out. These electric lighters run off of a charge and many of them get charged through an USB port. A cool thing about these plasma electric lighters is that they can be used upside down, whereas a standard butane lighter will definitely not work. Plus they don’t really contain anything flammable, so it is also a safe device. Plasma lighters are different from butane lighters in that they generate a small single or double arc made of plasma instead of fire. Without getting into too many details, they basically work by generating an electrical arc between a pair of ceramic electrodes, and this arc is a plasma conduit that turns out much hotter than a regular flame. The plasma arc is then maintained by a lower voltage. Like butane lighters, plasma lighter have options for coverage and intensity of flame as well. For most users, a single arc plasma flame is more than fine. However, if you want more coverage and a wider flame area, you may want to get a plasma lighter with a double arc. There are plenty of electric and plasma lighters on the market. These windproof lighters can be cheap and functional or cool looking, functional, and pricy. It really depends on the type of plasma arc you are going for, the quality of the lighter, the design, and the ease of recharging it. We have put together a buying guide below to highlight some of the details you should consider before committing to the best plasma lighter for your needs.

Best Plasma Lighter Reviews

Saberlight Sparq Plasma Lighter

best plasma lighterIf you want the best plasma lighter with a cool design and great efficiency, you should definitely look into the Saberlight  Sparq. This plasma lighter is a double arc lighter that uses free form plasma energy that arcs over the diodes. The selling point of the Saberlight Sparq is that it lights things much easier than other plasma lighters because there is nothing in the way. Traditional plasma arcs are tiny, narrow, and usually form between two columns that end up obstructing the object being lit up. Meanwhile, the Saberlight Sparq is free form, meaning there is nothing obstructing the arcs and it forms a bit of a semi-dome structure. This way you can freely light up anything without having to zap it at various angles. Also, this thing just looks cool, with its light saber like design. The power ignition button has a blue LED ring around it, which is definitely a crowd pleaser. And of course, the Saberlight Sparq is very safe to use, recharges in just an hour and can be used continuously for three hours, and is both waterproof and splash proof. It has a great build quality and doesn’t feel or look cheap. We think it is the best plasma lighter if you want an efficient electric lighter that also looks really impressive.


Tesla Coil Lighters USB Rechargeable Windproof Arc Lighter

best plasma lighterIf you are looking for the best plasma lighter that looks like a regular butane lighter, the Tesla Coil Lighter is the way to go. This plasma lighter has an arc length of 5mm, which is well within the normal range of its competition. The Tesla Coil is quite light and fits easily into your pocket at 3 x 1.75 inches and weighing in at only 3 ounces. You recharge this lighter via USB and a full charge can last for anywhere from 100-300 uses depending on how long you let the arc stay each time. There is a nice little safety feature we like as well as the lighter won’t light up with the lid closed, so you can rest assured that it won’t light up in your pocket. Also, the trigger button is far enough away from the plasma arc that you can’t possibly accidentally touch it. Unfortunately, it does make a high pitched noise when you turn it on, but it isn’t too loud or annoying. The entire unit is made pretty solid and none of it feels cheap. It has never stopped working on us as the parts are made very durable. We even tried emerging this thing in water and then trying to use it after it has dried out. It worked perfectly. There are many styles to choose from and we definitely like the gun metal design the most. The Tesla Coil Lighter comes with a nice carry pouch as well when you are on the road.


SPPARX Arc Lighter, Dual Arc Electronic Lighter

best plasma lighterIf you want the best plasma lighter that is a very popular choice online, you should get the Spparx Arc Lighter. This is a dual arc electronic plasma lighter that is windproof, waterproof, and does not require any kind of gas or anything flammable to run. While there are many plasma lighters on the market, we think the Spparx is near the top of the pack in terms of build quality and performance. This lighter is very durable and still holds a charge if you try to beat it up. You can drop it on the ground or drop it in water but still have it working perfectly fine later.  The Spparx also has a long battery life and lasts up to 300 charges on a full charge via USB. This plasma lighter is made of strong zinc alloy and does not break apart like this cheap plastic lighters found at a gas station. More importantly it looks nice and is definitely a centerpiece for conversation. Many people will be amazed that you have some sort of light than doesn’t produce a flame and instead comes out as an plasma arc. The Spparx has a nice sleek design and fits right in with your iphone. There are 5 different colors to choose from and the price is very reasonable for what it does. You will never have to buy another butane lighter again.


Best Plasma Lighter Buying Guide

best plasma lighterThere are many types of plasma lighters on the market and there are those that are more suitable for a particular type of user. 99% of these plasma electric lighters are also windproof and can be used upside down and even in the rain. You won’t be able to blow out the plasma arc, even if you tried. One of the main reasons why people use these lighters is to be able to properly light something up in distress conditions. Another good reason to choose a windproof lighter over a butane lighter is that it is much safer and is not flammable. You can put them in your pockets without feeling like they could catch on fire. Finally, they can potential hold more charges than a traditional butane lighter so you can lights things up more often. One of the drawbacks is that you have to recharge it once in a while via USB or power adapter, so if you forget to bring the adaptors on a trip, you may be out of luck. Also, since plasma lighters only produce a small plasma arc, you have to literally touch the plasma lighter itself to light something up. You can’t really be lighting things for a distance, whereas you can also hold a flame from a butane lighter up and light things from quite far. Before you commit to the best plasma lighter for your needs, you need to be aware of some of the features available. Please see below for some features.

Plasma Arc Type: You have single and double plasma arcs. Both are flameless and are fully windproof. The difference between them really is a matter of preference as having double plasma arcs doesn’t significantly increase the coverage area enough to justify having one over another. The key point here is that an electric plasma arc must be short because it would require a very big lighter to make electricity jump from one node to another for long distances. Keep in mind that if you do end up getting a plasma double arc lighter, you may run out of juice sooner.

Build Quality: Another thing you should look into before buying the best plasma lighter is the general design and build of the lighter. While all plasma lighters work under the same physics principles, they can vary based on efficiency and durability. Some plasma lighters work better than others can have more solid trigger keys that make it easier for you to create the plasma arc. The plasma arc tends to make a very loud squeaking sound and some plasma lighters are better at masking this noise than others. There are some plasma lighters that are designed in a cool way, such as a mini gun or a light saber. Other simply look like a regular butane lighter and even some look like cigar lighters. The material used to make plasma lighters can also be wildly different. You can general tell whether or not a particular windproof lighter is cheap by holding it in your hand and feeling out the weight and balance.

Performance & Ease of Use: You should be able to start a fire or light a cigarette easily with the best plasma lighter. Ideally, you should go with electric lighters that are lightweight, durable, and safe. The trigger should be easy enough to press down without too much force yet should not auto trigger in your pockets. The electric plasma arc should be wide enough to have enough area to light up a cigarette without you having to poke around at different angles. One of the most common complaints about electric lighters is that it is tough to get an even light because there is not enough area to light a cigarette in one go. This is even worse with cigars. The way around this is to just get plasma lighters with longer arc lengths.


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