Best Glue For Styrene

You need to think twice before you can fin a reliable adhesive that will hold styrene plastic together. In essence, working with styrene can be tricky since it’s a lightweight and flexible material. However, if you find the right glue, your project will come together without any problems.

Below, we have reviewed some of the best glues on the market. These are specifically designed to work with styrene. You can safely chose one of these glues which shall avoid you wasting time or money trying different products out

Now you can just focus on constructing a model, craft a display, or make other types of art and decorations as you have five of the most reliable adhesive (below) that will bond styrene quickly and effectively is key.

#1. Plastruct Bondene Cement for Styrene

If you are interested in the best glue for styrene, we think that the Plastruct Bondene Cement is a great industrial product with incredibly high bond strength.

It has the strongest bond out of any other styrene glue we’ve seen so far and the bond is incredibly durable. The only issue is that it is made of heavy-duty professional use and has heavy fumes, so be careful when applying.

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Best Glue For Styrene

#1. Plastruct Bondene Cement for Styrene

When it comes to the best glue for styrene, we highly recommend that you try out the Plastruct Bondene Cement For Styrene. This is a specific formula made of styrene and forms a crazy strong bond. This stuff is basically industrial strength and intended for professional to semi-professional use. It is by far the strong bonding styrene glue we have tested on the market that is commercially available.

What it does is that it dissolves a thin layer of plastic and reforms them together, forming almost a permanent uniform bond. The downside is that it is toxic and has heavy fumes. You kind of have to know what you are doing before getting into this. We suggest you practice a bit first before applying it. The bond is pretty instant and it cures in around 30 minutes.

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#2. Tamiya Cement Glue For Styrene

Next up, we have the Tamiya Cement Glue, which is the best glue for styrene in our opinion because it is incredibly easy to apply and just has that Japanese industrial bond strength. What we really mean is that it is made in Japan and the Japanese tend to be very meticulous about the details. This cement glue works very well on styrene, has a high bond strength, and will run into crevices.

Furthermore, we like it because it gives you excellent control over small pieces and does not leave a mess everywhere. It is extra thin so it dries pretty quickly and you can never really overapply. The only real downside of this glue is that it kind of smells bad. But you can’t have it all and this is definitely something we are willing to live with.

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#3. IPS Weld-On #3 Glue For Styrene

Another great option when it comes to the best glue for styrene is the IPS Weld-On #3 Glue. This is a powerful industrial strength adhesive very much like the Plastruct Bondene mentioned above.

So the real talking point of this glue is that it has an incredibly fast setting time. You get a working time of only about one minute, a fixture time of two minutes, and a full cure time of 24 hours.

Also, the bond gets stronger over time and in about 24 hours you will get about 80% of the bond strength. It dries very clearly with a water-thin consistency. And everything is actually made pretty easy with the easy-to-use applicator bottle with a needle. The only issue with most of these glues is that they can contain some toxic compounds and may release harmful vapors.

So when you use these, you better use them in a well-ventilated area. You also are best to where a mask and ensure that children are not around.

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#4. Testors Liquid Cement Glue For Styrene

The Testors Liquid Cement Glue For Styrene is a nice option when it comes to using something that is not that toxic and will get most of the job done.

While it is not as strong as the above-mentioned brands, for most people it won’t even matter. Not everyone out there is necessarily looking for the strongest glue for styrene. Some people just want convenience.

And convenience is definitely what Testors offers. It is a relatively easy and mess-free glue to apply and the clean-up is pretty easy as well.

There’s also this precision applicator which gives you lots of detail. If you just need a simple glue for styrene that doesn’t wreck fumes and harmful vapors everywhere and are willing to trade off some bond strength, this is the glue for you.

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#5. Faller Expert Plastic Cement

Lastly, we have the Faller Expert Plastic Cement, which is definitely a brand that most people haven’t heard of and we are lucky that we discovered this German-made glue.

We consider this a nice little hidden gem and is pretty much on par with the Testors Liquid Cement mentioned above. It is a small and light quick fix styrene glue that is very non-invasive.

So it doesn’t have wild fumes or a terrible smell. It applies very easily and precisely through this metal tip nozzle that makes it such that it doesn’t clog. It also does a good job of bonding quickly. We think where this glue really shines is the fact that it gives you a very high level of control over your application, which is something other glues just can’t replicate.

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