Best Hybrid Table Saw

best hybrid table saw

1. Grizzly G0715P Hybrid Table Saw

Grizzly is known to be one of the best hybrid table saw manufacturers. With the Grizzly, you get some of the best features of both contractor and cabinet table saws. This hybrid table saw combines the portability of a contractor table saw with the dust control of a cabinet table saw.


Why do you need the Best Hybrid Table Saw?

best hybrid table sawIf you can’t decide between getting a contractor table saw or a cabinet table saw, you should look into getting the best hybrid table saw. In the past, woodworkers could really pick between two types of saws: contractor or cabinet saws. Contractor table saws are mainly for those who want a portable and cheap solution to their woodwork needs.

This is suitable for those running a small home operation and hobbyists. A typical contractor saw is lightweight in the 250-350 pound range, which makes it relatively portable. The trade-off for being portable and affordable is a loss of power and some other essential features such as a small table size or poor-quality fences. On the other end of the spectrum are cabinet table saws, which are the big workhorses for any professional woodworker.

These large saws weigh over 600 pounds and carry large motors (3-5 Horsepower) capable of ripping through anything including 3-inch thick maple boards.  However, the price is typically at least double that of any contractor saw and requires some serious manpower to move around. Also, you need to wire a cabinet table saw into your wall for energy since the motor is too powerful to simply just be plugged in. In the past, woodworkers had to choose between one end of the spectrum or the other.

Best Hybrid Table Saw Review

  1. Grizzly G0715P Polar Bear Series Hybrid Table Saw ( Top Pick )
  2. Laguna Tools Fusion
  3. RIDIG R4512 Hybrid Table Saw ( Cheapest )

1. Grizzly G0715P Hybrid Table Saw

best hybrid table sawGrizzly is known to be one of the best hybrid table saw manufacturers. With the Grizzly, you get some of the best features of both contractor and cabinet table saws. This hybrid table saw combines the portability of a contractor table saw with the dust control of a cabinet table saw. It also features a slew of great features.

For example, it features a quick change blade guard with anti-kickback pawls. The Grizzly is also CSA certified so rest assured to meet all of the quality standards of a premium table saw. Its interchangeable riving knife protects you when you remove the blade guard and its serpentine belt and pulley system allows the system to be more quiet in operation and allows for more efficient power and energy transfer.

The Camlock T-shaped fence is great for ensuring top accuracy in your woodwork projects. The trunnion is mounted to the table as it is a hybrid table saw.  The Grizzly comes wired with 220 V but if you want to plug it into your wall directly you can also wire it to 110V. This thing clocks in at around 400 pounds and is 60 inches long, 36 inches wide, and 40 inches tall. It features a 2 HP motor that is super quiet. It has plenty of power for a weekend carpenter and is relatively easy to set up. The fence is often cited as one of the Grizzly’s best features. Overall, the Grizzly is the best hybrid table saw if you want plenty of power, decent dust collection, and a raving knife for safety.


2. Laguna Tools Fusion

best hybrid table sawLaguna Tools Fusion is the best hybrid table saw if you want the trunnion mounted onto the frame like a cabinet table saw. By doing this, the tabletop stays flat and adds to the precision of your woodwork jobs. It reduces the vibrations to basically nothing and definitely passes the nickel test, which is the true test of the vibration reduction of any professional table saw.

If you stand a nickel on the edge of a table saw and turn on the motor, the nickel should not fall due to excessive vibrations. The Laguna is different from most other hybrid table saws because other hybrid saws have the trunnion attached to the tabletop, which adds to vibration and thus overall precision.

Additionally, the Laguna Fusion has a slew of other nice features such as built-in wheels, a quick-changing riving knife, a precision fence with hairline readout, and fence storage. The push stick is also mounted on the rip fence for extra convenience. Because Laguna Fusion is a hybrid table saw, it takes the best features from both contractors and cabinet saws. It is easily mobile as in you can easily transport this from one place to another through the wheels placed on the bottom.

There is a 4-inch dust collection port on the left-hand side that works great. The Laguna Fusion is 10 inch saw that runs on 110 V at 60 cycles ( can be rewired for 220 V) and delivers about 1.75 horsepower. Don’t believe the 4 HP advertised specs – that is just not possible with this machine. However, 1.75 horsepower is plenty of power for most woodwork jobs.


3. RIDGID Professional Table Saw | R4512

best hybrid table sawIf you want the best hybrid table saw and you are on a budget, the RIDGID 10-inch hybrid table saw is your answer. RIDGID is one of the cheaper options when it comes to hybrid table saws. Furthermore, the R4512 excels in accuracy, safety, and dust collection, which are three important things to look at when deciding on a table saw. First and foremost, we want to talk about the integrated foot pedal system that makes it incredibly portable.

When you engage that foot pedal, the 260-pound hybrid table saw gets lifted up on its four wheels so you can transport it solo easily. When you are done moving it, simply reengage the foot pedal and you can lock the table saw back in place. In terms of safety, the R4512 has a dual-position riving knife, which is tool-free along with the blade guard and throat plate.

The throat plate is adjustable and has a nice magnet that holds it down. The fence is also really nice, holds decent, slides well, and allows 30-inch rips to the right.  It is also adjustable and also you get it true to the blade. The table is a 20-inch wide heavy-duty cast iron table. In terms of dust collection, we have no complaints: there is a funnel chute and a 4-inch dust port that hooks up to your dust collection system. In terms of general woodwork tasks, it will cut 3.25 inches of plywood at 90 degrees with minimal dust, which is powerful enough for most small tasks but obviously not as powerful as a cabinet saw.

The vibrations of the R4512 are kept to a minimum and it passes the nickel test, which means placing a nickel on its edge won’t topple it over when using this device. All in all, the R4512 is the best hybrid table saw if you want a cheap entry-level hybrid that gets most of your woodwork needs accomplished while maintaining decent accuracy and safety.


More Info on Hybrid Table Saws

Recently, hybrid table saws have started to emerge as the solution for those who can’t pick a side. The best hybrid saw will take features of both contractor and cabinet saws. They have motors typically in the 1.5 – 1.75 HP range, which means you can still use 110 Volts to operate them. The base is normally fully enclosed to help with dust collection and the motor is mounted inside the base. The best hybrid table saw is also heavier than a contractor saw, which means lower vibrations.

Compared to contractor table saws, hybrids table saws have a better drive belt system and often you have a choice between single or multiple v-belts and even serpentine belts; they also have better gearing than most contractor saws. Hybrids table saws can also have additional features such as cabinet-mounted trunnions or table-mounted trunnions. All in all, hybrid table saws are perfect for woodworking enthusiasts who want something in between a contractor and a cabinet saw at a price point and portability somewhere in between as well.


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