Best H4 Bulb

#1.PIAA 15224 H4 (9003/HB2) Xtreme White Plus

The PIAA H4 is the best h4 bulb for those who want a great pair of halogen h4 bulbs that are long-lasting. These 110-watt bulbs (55 watts each) are 4000k bright white colored beams with a slight tint of blue. You get great depth perception and color recognition at night with these bulbs.

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Why do you need the Best H4 Bulb?

If you are into car headlamps, you may be interested in getting the best H4 bulb for your vehicle. H4 bulbs were first introduced in Europe in the 1970s and became a very popular headlight because it can do high and low beams in a single bulb. Its popularity grew in Europe and spread to the US, where they are used on motorbikes and autos. The most common H4 headlight is a high-intensity discharge halogen bulb.

This is a very fancy way of saying that it is extremely bright at night. And because H4 bulbs contain two filaments, you have the option of putting them in high and low beams. In terms of wiring options, these bulbs usually have a three-prong attachment. They can give off a variety of colors from white to yellow, blue, and violet.

They can also be common in HID and LED form which usually requires some sort of conversion kit setup. The biggest issue with H4s hitting the US market was an issue with compliance. The HB2 was created in 1989 as a more compliant version of the H4. There is also the 9003 bulb, which is basically the same as the H4 in terms of connection type but just has more tolerance. It is not uncommon to see bulbs labeled as H4/9003.

However, today, there are plenty of H4 bulbs approved for use in headlamps complying with the US requirements. The biggest issue you need to figure out is whether you want your H4 in halogen, HID, or LED as H4 is simply the connection type. Halogens are the cheapest but have the shortest duration. HIDs are very bright but cause glare and maybe be street-legal. LEDs are expensive and require lots of initial setup and conversion kits.

Best H4 Bulb

#1.PIAA 15224 H4 (9003/HB2) Xtreme White Plus

The PIAA 15224 Xtreme White Plus is the best h4 bulb for those who want a solid pair of halogen bulbs. These H4 bulbs are DOT-compliant and street-legal. Also, they are built with XTRA technology, which increases light output above the norms of a halogen bulb. This particular h4 bulb emits a 4000k bright white color beam for nice visibility and style.

It also has a slight blue tint to it which gives it enhances curb appeal. In terms of specs, you are looking at a system that provides 110 watts of light using 60 watts of power on a high beam. With the PIAA Xtreme White Plus, you get a significant upgrade over stock halogen bulbs. Your depth perception is augmented and you end up having better color recognition at night.

Also, these bulbs are quite durable for halogens and have a much longer useful life than stock bulbs.

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#2.Sealight X2 H4 LED Headlight

If you are looking for the best H4 bulb that is LED, the Sealight X2 H4 is for you. It has a patented safe beam technology pattern design, which does a great job of not blinding oncoming traffic. This safe beam pattern also results in no dark spots or shadowed areas. Additionally, these led bulbs use the latest high-quality CSP LED Chips, which increase brightness 3 times.

Finally, they are plug-and-play, which makes them pretty easy to install. We really like the fact that the Sealight X2 has a great heat dissipation design, which serves to maximize performance. In terms of specs, you have 80 watts of total power output with 40 watts per bulb. As for brightness, each bulb emits 11000 lumens or 22,000 lumens for the total set.

The bulbs are IP68 Waterproof and feature a 360-degree beam angle. In terms of shell material, it is aluminum alloy and the overall build quality and craftsmanship is superb.

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#3.Innovited AC 55W HID Xenon Conversion Kit

For those who want the best h4 bulb that is HID, the Innovited AC HID Xenon Conversion Kit. It has a universal fit, which is great for any car or motorcycle. Also, it has a pretty low profile as it is really slim which makes it a great fit. Also, these ballasts are waterproof sealed, dustproof, and shockproof which helps make a very protective environment.

The good thing about the Innovited AC 55W is that it comes in many available colors. You can have lumens from 3000K all the way up to 30,000K lumens. As the name implies, the power is 55 watts per bulb and the voltage is 12 volts. The average is 4.2 amps and the max current is 8.2 amps.

In terms of total shelf life, you can run these bulbs for 229 days continuously.

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#4. Lasfit H4 LED Headlight Bulbs

The Lasfit H4 are the best h4 bulbs for those who want an easy installation. This LED bulb has a CAN bus, which is a unique design. It has a true 50-watt crystal white light at 5,6000 lumens. Also, it features a high-speed mute fan for heat dissipation with a built-in 7,000 RPM TurboCool fan. This fan is super durable and ensures that these bulbs have 50,000 hours of total life.

We really like the fact that these bulbs turn on instantly with zero warm-up time. They are very small sized and suitable for most cars. The company reports a 90% fit on autos in the market. We really think the installation is an easy and seamless process. There are no cutting or wiring needed and has a driver built in.

Finally, these bulbs do not have glare and have a clear boundary improving safety without stray light.

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Best H4 Bulb

#5.OSRAM Night Breaker Unlimited H4

The OSRAM Night Breaker Unlimited H4 is the best h4 bulb for those who want up to 110% more light than standard halogen bulbs. These halogen h4 bulbs also offer up to 20% more white than stock halogen bulbs which are normally at 3600K lumens. Also, the company reports that you get to see up to 40 meters longer on the road.

And due to the robust coil design, these h4 bulbs offer a much longer life than most halogens. We like the fact that for the price, these bulbs are great for bang for the buck. They offer improved visibility and a significantly better response time. This also sets up the perfect condition for safe and fatigue-free driving.

Also, in terms of durability, these h4 bulbs last quite a while and don’t break due to dust, shock, or water.

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