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Using the best drywall primer over drywalls is one of the most common ways to freshen up your space. However, you might be wondering what is the top primer before applying your favorite paint color. There are many different options on the market and it can be difficult to decide which one will work best for your needs. If you’re unsure about what types of primers are available or want some advice on how to choose the right one, read on.

Note that drywall primers are mostly used as an initial unified paint before you apply your favorite painting color.

What is a primer and what does it do?

Primer is a liquid that looks like paint but has a higher concentration of solids and an adhesive binder in it. It is widely used to lighten the tone of a dark-painted room before applying new paint. But what people do not realize is that it also seals the surface. It also provides a smooth area for the paint to adhere to. In other words, a primer is more of a glue or sealant than actual paint and with the bonus of reducing the dark color of your room.

#1. Rust-Oleum Zinsser Gardz Drywall Primer

If you have damaged drywall that you need to re-paint, the Rust-Oleum Gardz is probably the most reliable drywall primer for you. This stuff is made to repairing torn paper and surface imperfections on damaged drywall and is just heaps better than the competition. It is also great value for your money.

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What are the Best Drywall Primer?

#1. Rust-Oleum Zinsser Gardz Drywall Primer

For those who want the best drywall primer for torn drywall, the Rust-Oleum Zinsser Gardz is a great option. Although it is also great for new drywall, it really shines at reapplying over old drywall. Perhaps its standout feature is that it just does a really good job in repairing torn paper on damaged drywall as well as eliminating bubbles. And of course, it does this way better than others.

Next, it goes without saying that this stuff is quite easy to apply, with a high spread rate and very fast drying formula. This makes applying it an easy and seamless process for amateurs. Finally, we just want to mention that this low odor drywall primer dries to a matte finish and creates a hard paintable seal over your damaged drywall.

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#2. KILZ Klear Multi-Surface Primer

Next, we have the KILZ Klear, which is one of the top drywall primer for those who have new drywall to prime and paint over. It is an alkali-resistant clear primer and sealer. We think this product stands out above the competition because it really does a good job in sealing the porous areas in drywall, making it more even and prolonging its lifespan.

Also, it is quite good at adhering to the drywall and to any topcoat/paint you want to put on it. And it dries to a transparent flat finish which is good for paint. Finally, this primer film is quite flexible and one gallon covers about 300 to 400 square feet of area, which is very nice coverage.

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Rust-Oleum Drywall Primer

#3. Rust-Oleum Drywall Primer

The Rust-Oleum Drywall Primer, as the name implies is specifically made for priming and sealing new drywall. It is also a water-based formula that is very easy to clean up with just soap and water. The reason most people like this particular drywall primer is that it won’t raise the nap on new drywall. It also sands quite easily, creating a very smooth surface.

And at the time of writing, this was one of the best value deals out there, especially if you are about to do a big drywall project. It really does a good job of keeping paint on. The only drawback is that some people say that it goes on a bit thinner than they expected. This means that you may have to go with 2 coatings.

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#4. Roman PRO-999 Rx-35 Drywall Primer

If you are looking to prime bare drywall with no paper bubbling, the Roman PRO-999 is the safest drywall primer option for you. We find it great for all sorts of drywall jobs and it does work great for damaged drywall. This drywall primer is great for skim coats, residual paste, popcorn ceilings, spackling, contractors’ flat paint, or mud joints.

Additionally, it dries with a slight residual tack and really does a good job in enhancing the adhesion of paint, topcoat, or any wallcovering. Overall, this is a very easy-to-apply primer that works wonders in terms of flexibility, durability, and performance. Our only complaint is that it is a bit of an off-brand.

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KILZ General Purpose drywall Primer

#5. KILZ General Purpose Drywall Primer

Finally, we want to add in the KILZ General Purpose Primer, which is actually quite great for drywall priming. As the name implies, it can also be used to prime any surface. This fast-drying latex primer and sealer just does a great job overall in priming all types of drywall, from new to even used torn and damaged ones.

Its standout feature is its versatility because it can also be used for surfaces other than drywalls. It can be top-coated in about an hour and dries rather quickly. So if you have other things to prime and paint over in your house and don’t know what kind of primer to get, this is definitely a very safe option.

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Pro 999 vs gardz Drywall Primer

The two drywall primers, pro 999 Drywall Primer and gardz Drywall Primer are very different products that serve vastly different purposes. Gardz Drywall Primer is a silicone-based product that is designed to penetrate deep into the pores of drywall, inhibiting the growth of mold and mildew. Pro 999 is a high-quality primer designed for use as a sealant and to protect your walls from water, fire, mold, and elements.

Both pro 999 Drywall Primer and gardz Drywall Primer are excellent products. Gardz drywall primer is an excellent product that reduces the drying time of your paint jobs while still being a cost-effective option. Note that Gardz’s Universal Primer is a liquid primer that dries hard enough to be used as a skim coat in many applications. This allows for smoother application and less time between coats.

Why use a drywall primer?

Whether you are remodeling your home, or just need to fix a small hole in your wall, drywall primer is an essential product. Primer helps to seal the surface of the drywall and makes it resistant to moisture and water. It also improves adhesion for paint or wallpaper. It can also help prevent dents and scratches on the drywall by improving its resistance to impacts. As an added bonus, it can help resist humidity damage if applied before hanging wallpaper.

So, no matter what kind of paint job you’re going for, it’s essential to start with a quality primer. Primer not only provides a sturdy base for your finish coat, but it also prevents your paint from sagging, peeling, and flaking off later on down the road. It is advisable to use a silky, thick, and durable drywall primer that can be applied to walls before applying any other paint or coatings.

Is paint primer necessary?

With all the latest advancements in auto paints, many people are wondering if paint primer is necessary and if it’s worth spending the extra money. There are many factors to consider before deciding whether or not paint primer is necessary and most people only apply this material when painting their house.

If you’re going from a very dark color to a very light color, then you’ll definitely need a paint primer before repainting your room.

Conclusions on drywall primer

The walls in your home are often the first thing you see when entering. A new coat of paint can change the entire vibe of a room. However, painting over old paint, wallpaper or even stains and gouges without using a primer is never a good idea.

That’s why it’s so important to use the best drywall primer for repainting to produce better results. In the above, we have provided some of the top brands and options available on the market that you could use for your next painting project.


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