Best Creamed Honey in 2024

Creamed honey is one of the most delicious and texturally pleasing types of honey you can find. It has a uniquely smooth and creamy texture that regular honey doesn’t have, and many people prefer it because of its delightful taste.

This delicious and smooth variety of honey is made by controlling the crystallization process, resulting in a soft and creamy texture. Not only does creamed honey has a wonderful taste, but it also has numerous health benefits and can be easily added to any meal. For those looking for the best creamed honey, there are several varieties that can be found online or in specialty stores.

However, not all creamed honey are created equal – some are better than others. In this article, we’ll discuss what makes creamed honey stand out from the rest and how to choose the best option for yourself.

Best Creamed Honey

#1. Cox’s Raw Honey – Unfiltered Creamed Honey

For those who want the absolute best creamed honey, you have to give Cox’s Raw Unfiltered Cream Honey an honest try. We think you’ll be hooked immediately. This stuff tastes great and has the best texture out of all of the other creamed honey brands. Plus it comes from a very reputable source with very stringent manufacturing guidelines, so rest assured that it is coming from a safe and pure source.

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Best Creamed Honey

What is Creamed Honey?

Creamed honey is a delicious and versatile treat that has been enjoyed for a long long time. The creamed honey patent was filed by Elton J. Dyce in 1935 (see

It is essentially the same as raw honey, but with one key difference: it has been processed to control crystallization. This process involves blending the honey until it takes on a smooth, creamy texture that is easy to spread and use in a variety of recipes.

One of the benefits of creamed honey is its consistency. Unlike traditional honey, which can sometimes be difficult to spread or mix into other ingredients, creamed honey is soft and pliable, making it perfect for use in baking or as a topping on toast or crackers. It also tends to have a milder flavor than raw honey, which makes it popular with people who are looking for something sweeter but not overpowering.

Note that creamed honey has a large number of small crystals. These stop the formation of larger crystals, which are usually found in unprocessed honey. So the smaller the crystals, the better the creamy honey.

One interesting point is that it is glucose that crystallizes in the honey.  And the color of any glucose crystals is white. Importantly, in honey, glucose is natural so you get pure white glucose crystals. That is why creamed honey is always lighter-colored than any counterpart liquid honey of the same floral type (from a wildflower or cultivated flower, you’ll get the same result).

Is creamed honey healthier than raw honey?

No. Creamed honey doesn’t offer any additional health benefits compared to regular liquid honey. The quality or antibiotic value is nearly the same. So, the only main difference is that when you consume creamed honey, you’ll consume a thick and full-bodied texture. On the other hand, liquid honey will be more liquid.

How is creamed honey made?

Creamed honey, also known as whipped honey, is a delicious and unique type of honey that has become increasingly popular among foodies and those who enjoy natural sweeteners. And it is easy to make such creamy honey. In fact, the process of creating creamed honey begins with seed honey. Seed honey is simply crystallized honey that serves as the starter culture for the rest of the batch.

Once you have obtained your seed honey, it’s time to mix it with liquid honey. The ratio of seed to liquid will depend on personal preference and desired consistency, but generally speaking, a 1:9 or 2:8 ratio works well. Mix the two types of honey together thoroughly until they are well combined. This mixture will then be placed in a temperature-controlled environment where it can slowly crystallize into a smooth and creamy texture.

There are two main methods of making creamed honey:

    1. The Dyce Method requires pasteurization of the honey, and
    2. A technique using raw honey but not requiring pasteurization. There’s no real name for this method.

Is whipped honey the same as creamed honey?

If you’re a honey enthusiast, you probably have come across the terms whipped honey, spun honey, and creamed honey. And yes, all of the terms are used interchangeably. However, you need to know the truth is that creamed honey is not whipped. The term whipped is just used because the honey is stirred (or spun) till it becomes creamy.

#1. Cox’s Raw Honey – Unfiltered Creamed Honey

When it comes to the best creamed honey, we have to give it up to Cox’s Raw Cream Honey Unfiltered. It is one of the few reputable pure creamed honey brands out there.

This stuff comes from the very best high mountain clover and as the name implies, it does not have any crazy additives or flavors added. The honey comes from eastern Idaho and is locally sourced.

Overall, this particular creamed honey has a mild yet delicate taste. It has the perfect texture and really delivers a mouth-watering experience.

And it also has all of the benefits of liquid honey. Finally, we want to add that Cox has been in business for over 40 years and has definitely built up quite a reputation and brand name.

They are definitely trustworthy or else they wouldn’t be around for so long.

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#2. Gunter Cream Honey, 16 oz Whipped Honey

Next, we have the Gunter Cream Honey, which is the best creamed honey for those who are looking for a rich, creamy, and sweet alternative to Cox’s Creamed Honey.

This is 100% natural honey that is produced and packed in Berryville, Virginia. They follow strict manufacturing guidelines so rest assured that this is a very safe uncut product.

This creamed honey is very easy to spread and has a very nice taste. We find it a bit more creamy than Cox’s Creamed Honey but also sweeter. If you don’t like it too sweet, go with Cox’s brand.

Finally, we just want to mention that the jar it comes in is a bit hard to crack open so you may have to use some force. The good part of this is that it also screws on tight, making the honey last longer.

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#3. Desert Creek Honey Cinnamon Creamed Delicious Honey

Best Creamed Cinnamon HoneyIf you are into creamed honey with a twist of cinnamon, then the Desert Creek brand is probably the best creamed honey for you. Desert Creek also sells other flavors blended with creamed honey.

So as the name implies, the standout feature is that it has brown cinnamon mixed inside. The cinnamon flavor is not overpowering and really lets the honey do most of the talking.

Overall, we think this is a very high-quality product. We really like the fact that this company does not use heat-sealing technology on the jars to make sure that it does not damage the honey.

Instead, it is manually sealed so don’t be surprised when you don’t hear a pop sound when you open the bottle. This honey is easily spreadable and doesn’t need to be refrigerated.

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#4. Airborne Pure Clover Creamed Honey

The Airborne Clover Creamed Honey is a great-tasting creamed honey that is brought all the way from New Zealand. This is 100% pure creamed honey with nothing else added.

Airborne is a brand that has been around for over a century and definitely has a good grasp of the industry and has all of the right relationships. This results in them getting the better honey.

We really like how there is transparency on each jar, so you get the details such as pollen count, batch numbers, and active ingredients.

You can even trace the honey down to a certain area to a certain apiary. Furthermore, by varying the type of pollen that can be harvested from the distinctive flora, the honey made has a more distinct flavor profile, color, and even smell.

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#5. Trader Joe’s Creamed Clover Honey

Creamed HoneyFinally, we have Trader Joe’s Creamed Clover Honey, which is certainly a well-known option when it comes to food supplies.

This is pure unfiltered and uncooked creamed honey. This honey is naturally granulated and whipped to a cream such that it is very easy to spread under various temperature conditions. It has a smooth consistency and doesn’t make a mess.

The taste is pretty good but nothing absolutely outstanding. What we like are the reliability of the brand and thorough quality control. Since Trader Joe’s is a huge company, there’s good quality control.

So rest assured that this honey is truly pure and unfiltered and has gone through all the necessary tests. The only thing we really dislike is that it seems to be more expensive than other brands.

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How to make the best flavored creamed honey at home

Making creamed honey is simple, but time-consuming. However, do not let the fact that this is a time-consuming process deter you from having fun in making your own local product. Having said so, you need to know that the process for commercially made creamed honey does need about a week. And this process is all controlled including room and honey temperature.

Obviously, we do not have the equipment to control the full process for a week. So you need to accept that if you make a homemade product, you’ll not end up with a completely creamy solution when compared to commercial creamed honey.

Start making creamed honey with “seed” honey

The easiest way to make creamed honey at home for the first time is to start with commercially made creamed honey. This is what we call “seed” raw honey. If you do not have creamed honey, just choose one of the above ones which you can buy directly from the comfort of your home. You can also go to your local grocery store, they should have some products near liquid honey.

Now that you have your creamed product, experts recommended a ratio of 1:10. This means that for one part of creamed honey, you’ll need 10 parts of liquid raw honey (say 1 pound of creamed honey for 10 pounds of liquid). What you need to do is to mix these two kinds of honey. It is best to stir the creamed honey into the liquid honey (try to stir for a good 20 minutes at least). When done, set the mixture at the ideal temperature of 50F. You’ll need to stir the honey for a couple of days, each day. By stirring and resting the honey at the right temperature, you’ll start seeing the raw liquid honey crystalize, at first with small crystals and then the color will change.

Now that you have a fully crystalized jar, you’ll be able to use some of it as your honey to make new jars of creamed honey. The good news is that you’ll never need to buy creamed honey again. The bad news is that you’ll be working hard at stirring the honey for a couple of days and the end product may not be as homogeneous as the one you buy off the shelf. So if this does not disturb you, then please enjoy stirring your honey and do your own creamed solution.

Note, that you must use liquid honey that isn’t crystalizing. If you don’t, then this recipe won’t work. Also note that if you have large crystals in the honey, then the creamed honey will not be that smooth.

Can I use manuka honey to make creamed whipped honey?

Yes, you can use manuka honey to make your home-creamed honey. In fact, you can you any type of honey. For instance, you can use unfiltered honey, filtered honey, organic honey, raw wildflower honey, buckwheat honey, etc.

Any honey varieties, including your favorite delicious honey can be used. You just need to have seed honey available.

Final words on the best creamed honey

The five creamed honey discussed above have all been found to be of high quality. Cox’s Raw Honey is a great choice for those seeking unfiltered honey, while Gunter Cream Honey is perfect for those looking for a larger quantity.

Desert Creek Creamed Honey works as a Cinnamon honey flavorful breakfast or snack option. The Airborne Pure Clover Honey offers a fresh and pure taste, and Trader Joe’s Creamed Clover Honey is ideal for adding sweetness to any dish.

Overall, you have different sizes and the best flavored creamed honey listed above. We have provided you with a method to make your own creamed honey where you can use any raw filtered or unfiltered, honey. Note that these honey are all good for sore throat.


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