Best Honey Dispenser – The Best Honey pot jars in 2024

When it comes to serving honey with class, nothing beats a classic honey pot. Whether you use it for everyday meals or special occasions, an airtight and stylish honey pot is essential for keeping your honey fresh and easy to dispense.

So, if you’re looking to buy the best honey dispenser, then look no further than the 5 best honey jars that you can use daily for dispensing your honey. These come with an easy-to-use lever system that allows you to easily serve out the perfect amount of honey.

#1. Glass Honey Dispenser Container by Hunnibi – Maple Syrup Dispenser Glass

If you are looking for the best honey dispenser, the Hunnibi Glass Honey Dispenser will definitely do the trick. This honey dispenser is built very durable, looks cool, and does a really good job of controlling the flow of honey and not leaving a mess. What more can you ask for?

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What is the Best Honey Dispenser – The 5 best honey pot products

Can I use honey dispensers for storing other things?

With their sleek glass base and easy-to-use dispenser spout, it is no surprise why honey dispensers have become a popular kitchen accessory in recent years. Many people wonder if they can use these dispensers for storing other liquids like chocolate syrup, maple syrup, or even other types of honey. Well, of course, yes that can be used for these. And for any other liquids too.

There’s only one thing you need to take off if you do choose to use your honey dispenser for other liquids. Make sure to clean it thoroughly between uses to prevent any cross-contamination.

How to use a honey dispenser?

A honey dispenser is a perfect addition to any kitchen for those who love using honey in their drinks or meals. With its easy-to-use design, dispensing honey has never been simpler. However, if you’re not familiar with using a honey dispenser, it can be a bit tricky.

But its use is so simple as follows:

  1. Fill the glass base with warm water.
  2. Set the honey dispenser on top and wait a few minutes for the honey to warm up.
  3. Slide the trigger-release top open, and serve the honey.
  4. That’s it, this is how you dispense honey without making a mess.

Note that you can use any honey in these dispensers, such as manuka, and some of the top Greek honey. Also, note that these pots may not be suitable for creamed honey.

What material should the honey dispenser be made of?

When it comes to choosing the right material for your honey jar, there are many factors to consider. The three most common materials are glass, plastic, and stainless steel. Each has its own unique benefits and drawbacks.

Glass is a popular choice for honey dispensers because it is clear, allowing you to see how much honey is left inside. It’s also easy to clean and won’t retain any flavors or odors from previous uses. However, glass can be fragile and may break if dropped or mishandled.

Plastic honey dispensers are often more affordable than glass ones and are also unlikely to break if dropped. However, they can scratch easily and may not last as long as their glass counterparts. They are also less classic and can transfer plastic chemicals into your honey when warmed up using the above technique to dispense honey.

Stainless steel honey dispensers offer durability that neither glass nor plastic can match. They’re also easy to clean and won’t rust over time as other metals might. But you won’t see inside the jar, which is a little annoying.

So, to conclude, the best material to use for your honey is a mixture of glass and stainless steel. The glass will contain the honey so that you can see it. The stainless steel will be used for dispensing the honey at the top of the pot.

#1. Hunnibi Honey Dispenser no Drip Glass Container – Best no drip honey dispenser

Hunnibi Honey DispenserWhen it comes to the best honey dispenser, the Hunnibi Glass Honey is most likely your best bet. This is a no-drip glass honey dispenser that stops messy honey leaks and gets honey instantly flowing.

All you need to do to get it going is to press the release on the handle to get it going. And simply let go of the release and the honey will immediately stop flowing with no trails.

We like the shape of the glass as well, as it looks like a perfectly shaped honeycomb. This one definitely looks pretty nice around the kitchen. And the glass is pretty durable as well and hard to break.

Lastly, we find washing it to be quite easy. The lid pops off easily and the honey doesn’t really stick too much on the inside, so just some dish soap will do.

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#2. NORPRO Honey Syrup Dispenser – Beautiful honey comb shaped honey

Next, we have the Norpro Honey Syrup Dispenser, which is the best honey dispenser for those who want something quick, simple, and effective to use to dispense your honey.

With this syrup dispenser, you can easily drizzle honey with a good flow without making a total mess. And it does so just much better than most of the other brands we tried.

Unfortunately, we were a bit sad to find out that it is made of acrylic and not real glass. The plus side of this is that it is much tougher for this acrylic material to break.

Also, we just want to say that we found it a bit awkward and difficult to fill up at first as you have to hold a finger over the outlet at the bottom. It is easy to get used to it after a while though.

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#3. Mrs. Anderson’s Baking Syrup Honey Dispenser – Honey jar with stand

If you want the best honey dispenser, we highly recommend Mrs. Anderson’s Baking Syrup Honey Dispenser. It is made for easy single-handed use and has a glass stand for convenience and a storage stand.

We think its standout feature is that the storage stand can be filled part-way with warm water to keep the honey soft and warm. Other brands don’t really have this feature.

We also like the inner stopper, which does a very good job of preventing drips and leaks. We can’t say the same with cheaper knockoff products that tend to leak honey quite often.

In terms of material, it is made from glass, silicone, and plastic. This combination of materials tends to be pretty prone to breaking. There’s also an ergonomic handle for comfortable usage.

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#4. Thunder Group GLTWSY014 Honey Dispenser

Glass honey dispenserThe Thunder Group Honey Dispenser is another great product that made our list. This is a nice and sturdy glass honey dispenser with a cast zinc top and a thumb-controlled spout.

We like it because it can be used for maple syrup and pretty much any liquid such as dressing and condiments. It is structured in a way such that all these liquids will come out without making a total mess.

Additionally, this honey dispenser is a clear step up from all of the cheap brands out there that will either leak, have something malfunction in a short period of time, or simply can’t pour honey properly.

We wouldn’t worry much about this product and fully trust this brand. It definitely holds up better than other brands in the long run.

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#5. StudioSilversmiths Beehive Honey Jar – Best honey jar with dipper

Honey potFinally, we have the StudioSilversmiths Beehive Honey Jar, which may not necessarily be a traditional honey dispenser, but for all intents and purposes acts as one.

The thing that stands out most when you see one for the first time is just the excellent craftsmanship and build quality. It is made of a crystal-type material and designed in this beehive shape.

We really like the ribbed design, which gives it a bit of a 3D appearance and works very well as an ornament in the kitchen.

More importantly, it stores a lot of honey and keeps bugs out. There is also a nice wooden honey serving spoon included which is a very nice finishing touch to this product.

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Final words on the best honey dispenser

Obviously, the best honey dispensers will depend on your personal preference and needs. The Glass Honey Dispenser Container by Hunnibi is great for those looking for a clear container to display in their kitchen.

The NORPRO Honey Syrup Dispenser is perfect for those who need a quick, simple, and effective to use to dispense. If you’re looking for something stylish, Mrs. Anderson’s Baking Syrup Honey Dispenser and Thunder Group Dispenser are good choices.

Overall, any of the above options are fine to dispense honey. They are all easy to clean with some warm water and can help avoid a sticky mess. Don’t forget that you can use any of the above jars to keep honey and syrup. And finally, most of them are made of glass, which is a plus when compared to plastic squeeze bottles.


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