Best Shaving Cream for men in 2024

Unfortunately, shaving is a regular part of most men’s grooming daily morning routine. And having the best shaving cream for your skin type is essential if you want the perfect shave without irritation or cuts.

There are many different types of shaving creams available on the market, ranging from unscented to fragranced.

When selecting a product, it is important to consider your skin type and any sensitivities you may have. That’s why finding an appropriate shaving cream can make a huge difference in the comfort and quality of your shave. We have researched many different types of creams, gels, and foams and have listed below the best ones available on the market.

#1. NIVEA Men Sensitive Shaving Foam

When it comes to the best canned shaving cream, we think the NIVEA Men sensitive shaving foam is the right one to pick.

It offers the best of both worlds in that it is both cost-effective and great at making your skin smooth.

But in addition to this, you’ll get a great silky skin.

I do not want to forget the bit about smelling nice, and you’ll get rid of skin irritations.

Basically, it truly gives you a nice clean shave that none other can rival.

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Why do you need the best shaving cream and gel?

The art of shaving has developed dramatically in the last decade from using hot water (instead of cold with skin cuts), to soap (irritating for your skin), and to finally reach the perfect shaving cream (reducing cuts, irritations, and enhancing the overall shaving experience).

In simple terms, shaving cream is used to help lubricate and protect both facial and body hair while providing a close shave. It plays a major role in softening the hair so that it can be shaved easily and with a low level of skin irritation.

There are so many different types of shaving creams. While choosing one you definitely need to check if the ingredients like glycerin, stearic acid, lanolin, mineral oil, and coconut oil are included. Our research shows that these ingredients have been selected to form a protective layer on the skin. They prevent irritations from razor blades while also helping retain moisture in your skin during and after shaving.

Note that the lather formed by these creams further softens facial hair for an easier shave experience as well as providing cushioning between the razor blade and skin to prevent nicks, cuts, or even scrapes.

Note that it is always better to use warm water to shave in addition to the shaving cream. Using warm water goes a long way in having a near-perfect shave.

Best Canned Shaving Cream


#1. NIVEA Men Sensitive Shaving Foam – Absolute best shaving cream for men

To be honest, Nivea is not a brand that a man would think of as being a great shaving foam.

And we did have our reservations too about this foam. But against all odds, we tried it, and loved it.

From the first shave to over 100 shaves, we definitely think the NIVEA Men Sensitive Shaving Foam is what you can find as the best canned shaving cream on the market.

This foam offers the best combination of performance, ease of use, and price.

This is designed for people with sensitive skin (like many of us have). However, it can be used with people of all types of skin types. We really like it because it really glides on super smoothly and is very fair to your skin.

Additionally, it is formulated with no drying alcohol, which means that it doesn’t make your skin wrinkled and dry afterward.

It also protects your skin from nasty shaving irritations, giving you a clean shave.

Finally, we just like the Nivea canned shaving cream because it smells nice and gives you a bit of a subtle cologne scent afterward.

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#2. Edge Shave Gel for Men

Edge Shave Gel for MenWe think the Edge Shave Gel for Men is a great shaving product for those who want a shaving gel that contains aloe.

The aloe does a great job of preventing nicks, cuts, and general skin irritation. We really think it has an “edge” over the competition in that it has a nice after-shave cooling effect that doesn’t leave your face feeling like it just got burned.

Next, we have to say, we really like the fact that it does a good job of moisturizing your skin which is important in preventing skin from turning dry and peeling off after a bad shave.

Overall, given that you use a proper razor, this canned shaving gel should give you a great razor glide and a nice clean shave every time. And you should get no razor burn if you use both a branded reputed razor and the edge cream.

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#3. Gillette Foamy Regular Shave Foam

Next, we have the Gillette Foamy Regular Shave Foam, which is another brand name in the industry that works quite well. It is a solid brand and the shaving foam works quite well.

If you order it online, it definitely saves you a trip to the local retail store, where it is likely more expensive. If you use Gillette products, this one should be perfect for you.

We think the Gillette Foamy is the best canned shaving cream if you are looking for one with great texture.

The foam is nice and fluffy and perfectly rubs onto your skin for an even spread. Also, it does a very good job in preventing skin irritation and promotes a very healthy and clean shave, no matter how long of a beard you have or how much hair is on your legs.

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#4. Aveeno Therapeutic Shave Gel

If you want a more artisan shave gel that is packed full of vitamins and minerals, we think the Aveeno Therapeutic Shave Gel is the right one for you. It also helps that it is recommended by many dermatologists. This shave gel combines the best of all worlds.

It contains moisturizing lubricants, Vitamin E, and oat, which basically all help to take care of dryness and moisturize your skin.

So this therapeutic shave gel is one step above the competition in that it really does help protect your skin from a bad shave and it packs your skin with the essential vitamins and minerals to grow.

Basically, it is like shaving and applying a moisturizing lotion all in one step. This is killing two birds with one stone.

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#5. Barbasol Thick & Rich Shaving Cream

Barbasol Thick & Rich Shaving CreamThe Barbasol Thick and Rich Shaving Cream is a premium shave cream for those who want a thick and rich formula that contains a soothing aloe. This is pretty good for eliminating red shaving bumps and will make your skin will super soft and smooth for days after.

With the thick and rich formula, it covers your skin evenly with a thick coating so you will never get uneven patches, which can result in an accidental razor cut or an uneven shave.

It is proudly made in the USA and comes at a bit of a premium due to its thick and rich formula. We think it is well worth it if you tried other canned shaving creams and they don’t quite work.

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What are the most common types of shaving cream?

  • Lathering shaving cream
  • Non-lathering shaving soap/cream
  • Hard soap
  • Canned shaving cream/foam

What do dermatologists recommend for shaving sensitive skin – The art of shaving

Shaving can be a tricky process, and no matter what technique you use, it’s important to choose the right products to ensure a smooth experience.

Dermatologists recommend that individuals looking for an easy shave should select the appropriate shaving cream or soap for a given type of skin. The more sensitive the skin, the more complex the solution (which includes warm luke water, a top razor that is expensive, a great foam or cream, and no use of soap).

When selecting a shaving cream or gel, it is important to consider the type of hair you have on your face or legs (most professional cyclers must shave their legs for safety reasons).

If you have sensitive skin, opt for a hypoallergenic product that will help reduce razor burn and irritation. Shaving creams with added moisturizers are also recommended as they provide additional lubrication that helps protect against nicks and cuts.

For those with coarse hair, look for thick shaving soaps that contain glycerin which helps soften facial hairs before being cut by the razor blade.


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