Best Tape Echo Pedal Reviews

#1.CNZ Audio Tape Echo Pedal

The CNZ Audio Tape Echo Pedal is the best tape echo pedal because it has a great full tone, quality components, and is lightweight. Also, it offers one of the best values out there if you want a great all-around tape echo pedal.

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Best Tape Echo Pedal

#1.CNZ Audio Tape Echo Pedal

CNZ Audio makes one of the best tape echo pedals in the industry because it has a warm and full tone, a quality build, and a lightweight design. This pedal is great for both beginners and professionals. Well-seasoned guitarists can fine-tune the knobs to get the exact sound, while beginners can discover new ones.

This pedal copies your input notes with tunnel-like touch and then follows it up with a short and sharp reverb. It also includes level, regen, and time knobs. We like its mini size because it is easy to travel with and gives you plenty of room on your pedalboard. Also, the bottom of the pedal has a thick rubber pad.

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#2.Catalinbread Belle Epoch Tape Echo

The Belle Epoch does a really good job replicating the Maestro Echoplex EP-3. which is the most famous tape echo pedal ever. It has everything about the EP-3 in a small, maintenance-free pedal format. We like how it contains the same basic architecture for the audio path and mixer stages as the classic Echoplex EP-3 and even does a great job replicating the preamp.

The basic layout of this pedal includes an echo sustain knob, a mod knob, a rec level, a mix, and an echo delay knob. Also, we like how this pedal successfully rejects the delay time of the original EP-3. Finally, we just love the preamp, which is all-discrete and gives the same benefits as the EP-3 but with much better touch sensitivity.

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#3. Wampler Pedals Faux Tape Echo

The Wampler Pedals is a legendary faux pedal that contains the rigorously tested PT2399 delay chips along with the Faux Analog Echo and Faux Tape Echo circuits. This Faux Tape Echo pedal has a unique function and tone and the delay tone is as good as tape delay units. It also doesn’t have the maintenance, supplies, and hassle.

We like how this is mostly an analog pedal, with the delay line being the only digital part of the signal pathway. There is about 800ms of delay time available. Finally, we like how it is made of high-grade components, which all contribute to the pedal’s overall great sound and response.

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#4.NUX Tape Core Deluxe Tape Echo

We think the NUX Tape Core Deluxe is the best tape echo pedal because it does a superb job of replicating the real tape echo tone. The product has a very beautiful color and excellent consistency. Also, its subtle metallic shimmer is fascinating.

Just like the real tape echo, Tape Core has 3 repro heads that provide 7 different combinations of delay sounds. The natural sounds, decays, and modulations are created by NUX TS/AC Technology. You can also flip the switch to set the delay time up to 1500 ms and upgrade the tone bank via a USB port.

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#5. Rowin Digital Tape Echo Guitar

We like the Rowin Tape Echo Pedal because it helps you create an incredibly wide range of tape warble delay effects with a unique vintage sound. One of the standout features of this pedal is its amazing build quality and proportions, which helps save precious space on your pedal board. It is also quite lightweight to carry around on gigs.

This pedal includes the time dial, which controls speed, the regen dial, which controls the number of repeats you want, and the level pot, which controls the volume overall. Also, there are clear, normal, and reverse modes, which are set through a three-way toggle. This pedal offers great value and smooth action.

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