Best Patch Cable For Pedalboard Reviews

best patch cable for pedalboard

Donner Guitar Patch Cable 6-Pack

The Donner Guitar Patch Cable is the best patch cable for pedalboard if you want high quality, reliability, and low capacitance. With these guitar pedalboard patch cables, you also get great signal transparency and noise rejection.


Why do you want the Best Patch Cable For Pedalboard?

As a musician, you are in the business of optimizing sound given the constraints of your budget. Every guitarist and bassist has some sort of setup involving pedalboards and effect pedals. it is pretty simple to just plug in cables between your amp, guitar, and the various effects pedals on your pedalboard. If you just randomly start plugging things in without planning ahead, things will work but you are definitely not optimizing.

All of your equipment form a circuit connected by cables and wires. Common sense tells us that the shorter this circuit, the less total time a signal will travel for a complete route. In other words, by minimizing the amount and length of cables, you can easily decrease signal travel time.

And why does signal travel time matter? Well, for those who have never tried, a guitar setup with 40 feet or cable sounds quite different from that with a 10-foot setup. As your signal travels farther, you start losing clarity at the top end. Eventually, your tone will become muddy and lose lots of definition. Just like things look blurry from far away, sound and “blur” as well with a long travel distance.

Luckily, there is a solution and it is called the patch cable. With the best patch cable for pedalboards, you can create the shortest possible distance between your equipment while preserving max audio performance. In a sense, the pedalboard patch cable is the cheapest and easiest fix to make your sound take a quantum leap. With the best equipment and a terrible cable setup, you may get a bad tone.

So when shopping for the best pedalboard patch cable, what kind of things should you look for? First and foremost, you should look for quality. Quality cables are not necessarily correlated with price. Be sure to read lots of user reviews to figure out whether or not a particular set of patch cables are have good build quality.

Finally, be sure to find a good name brand, as they tend to spend more time on quality control and quality assurance. This also leads to long-term durability, as ideally, you want the best pedalboard cable kit to last a long time. And you definitely don’t want them to malfunction during a live show.

Best Patch Cable For Pedalboard

  1. Donner Guitar Patch Cable 6-Pack
  2. Planet Waves Classic Series
  3. GLS Audio Pedal Board Patch Cable
  4. Pyle Audio Guitar Pedal Board Patch Cable Kit
  5. LyxPro Guitar Patch Cable

1. Donner Guitar Patch Cable 6-Pack

best patch cable for pedalboard

The Donner Guitar Patch Cables are a must-have for linking effect pedals on your pedalboard. This is the best patch cable for your pedalboard if you want something with very high quality and low capacitance. With very low capacitance, you tend to get pure signal transparency.

Also, you get a great noise rejection and amazing clarity, due to the high purity 90% spiral copper shielding. Although there is a moderate hiss from time to time, this is kind of expected out of any patch cable.

In terms of durability, the Donner Guitar Pedalboard Patch Cables have all gone through intense testing to make sure they meet international standards of quality, clarity, and accuracy. These patch cables also have a cross-linked polyethylene dielectric, which turns out the be pretty heat resistant. This also means that it will not shrink as easily as plastic.

Overall, these are some of the finest patch cables in the industry. They are well constructed, durable, long a long time, transmit almost pure signal without significant losses, and have noise cancellation.

– High-quality
– Low capacitance
– Great noise rejection
– Pure signal Transparency


2. Planet Waves Classic Series

best guitar pedalboard patch cable

For those looking for a consistent tone, the Planet Waves Classic series is the best guitar pedalboard patch cable for you. This is a trusted brand in the guitar supplies industry and is used by many professionals. The key to Planet Wave’s success is in its technology, which has low capacitance and top-quality construction. This means your signal will be basically pure without any loss.

Also, the Planet Wave has one of the highest life expectancies on the market, so you will never have to replace it once you purchase it. The durability and shelf life are further extended by the dense shielding and molded strain reliefs, which help keep the noise down. Finally, the cable remains conductive and in operational condition given its nickel-plated plugs and oxygen-free copper. They are also shielded, meaning there is minimal signal interference from static or 60 Hz hums from single coil pickups.

Furthermore, the Planet Waves Classic patch cables are right-angled, which makes them great to be used on a pedalboard. They also have molded plugs, which help extend the overall life of the cables.

– Nice consistent tone
– Top-quality construction
– Low capacitance
– No loss signal


2. GLS Audio Pedal Board Patch Cable

best patch cable for pedalboard

If you want the best patch cable for pedalboard with high-quality rubber jackets, the GLS Audio patch cables are the way to go. Although the patch cable kit for the pedalboard is rather expensive compared to others, there is certainly a good reason behind it.

First of all, they are heavy-duty noise-free cables with premium insulated copper conductors that are nicely shielded. They are hand wired and soldered with high-quality ends. You should get the point by now: everything is high quality and you can definitely feel it when you put your hands on them.

With this set of 6, you should have more than enough to connect 7 pedals. Also, getting everything set up with the GLS patch cables is a breeze. Even audio beginners can easily install and set up a fully connected pedalboard system in no time. Although you can get pedalboard patch cables for cheaper, you pay a slight premium for brand name, reliability, quality, and ease of installation. The last thing you have to do is ask yourself if this is worth it.

– High-quality rubber jackets
– Heavy duty
– Noise-canceling
– Easy to install


4. Pyle Audio Guitar Pedal Board Patch Cable Kit

best pedalboard cable kit

If you are into a do-it-yourself kit that allows you to custom wire your entire, Pyle Audio designs one of the best pedalboard cable kits on the market. The entire point of this kit is that it provides you with 10 feet of cable and a bunch of universal 1/4-inch connectors for making straight or right angles. Additionally, there are no special tools required for assembly as most of the steps are just screw-on.

We like how easy it is to set up the entire pedalboard cable kit. It includes the cutting tools and everything necessary to set up the cables. In particular, we really like the fact that you can make cables of any length and set up the connectors straight or right-angled. This added flexibility separates this DIY pedalboard cable kit from the rest of the stock competition.

In terms of sound, we think it’s quite good and didn’t really notice a huge difference between these name-brand precut patch cables. We admit, it can be a bit intimidating at first to cut your own cables out, especially if you rely on them for live performance. However, we think everyone should give the Pyle Audio pedalboard cable kit a try.

– Do it yourself kit
– All tools included
– Easy assembly
– Cable length depends on your liking


5. LyxPro Guitar Patch Cable

best pedalboard cables

If you are looking for reliable patch cables for your pedalboard, the LyxPro Guitar Patch Cable may be your answer. These cables have everything going for them. Here are some of its stats: conductive PVC inner shield, gold-plated connectors, 22 gauge OFC conductors, and 99% braided shielding. In plain English, this means that the LyxPro cables transfer signal very smoothly and is crystal clear. Also, there is a lot of built-in noise rejection.

Next, with the 22 AWG Oxygen-Free Cooper, or OFC for short, the LyxPro cables are quite durable. They have gold-plated contacts that are heavily corrosion resistance. Remember, corrosion is the number one reason connectors and cables stop working. LyxPro is also very flexible in terms of color and length. You can get 6-inch cables all the way up to 10 feet in a variety of colors.

– Very reliable
– Crystal clear signal
– Comes in a wide selection of colors and lengths
– Durable and long-lasting



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